Os Barbixas - Improvável - Só Perguntas (Bruno Motta e Marco Gonçalves)

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"Questions Only"!
Everybody plays. Starting with Marcão and Elidio.
They can only talk with questions.
If they say anything that's not a question,
or if they take too long, I'll ring the bell...
The player is out and another one gets in to resume the game.
Let's do this: I wanna know something that reminds you of your childhood.
Something from your childhood or something that reminds you of it.
- You can take your time... - Doll.
Doll. That's the theme of our "Questions Only", starting now!
Do you want to be my friend?
Why would I be your friend?
Don't you want to be friends with a hugging doll?
Why would I need hugs if I have Ken's car?
Are you a bimbo doll?
Low blow!
For God's sake, do you have this one with another hair color?
Can it be one from last year's sale?
Don't you see that my daughter asked for the other one?
What model does she want?
Do you know the one with straight short hair?
The sporty Chanel?
Do you have it?
Can it be the last year's?
Do you think she's gonna notice?
Don't you think it's worth the price?
Why is the package written in Chinese?
Do you have something against smuggling?
The doll was asking!
Fuck it, I don't speak Chinese!
- Damn! - I don't speak Chinese!
Are you alone in here, doll?
Could you make a move on me?
What song do you want?
Can't you see that I want you to flirt with me?
What is 'flirt'?
How old are you?
Can't you see I'm 18?
I can.
Are you having a good nap?
Am I hearing someone talking?
Is this neck for me?
Am I hearing someone talking?
Do you talk in your sleep?
Am I hearing someone talking?
Oh, you're cheating!
Cheating? I was asking questions!
Yes! They're all the same!
Will he feel it?
What is this pain?
Could it be really working?
What happened?
Which body part should I hit?
What is this drum noise?
Will he need this one?
What happened to me?
Will he be sorry to have left me?
It was you?
Don't you see the doll?
You used 'voodoo'?
Vooodoo shmoodoo!
- 'Voodoo shmoodoo'! - It's automatic, if you hear 'voodoo', 'voodoo shmoodoo'!
'Vooodoo shmoodoo'!
Elidio, you were cheating, I wondered if you were smuggled.
Right, because I wasn't asking questions.
- No, it's... - Read the game rules!
- The problem is to ask the same... - Read the game rules!
- I don't care! - Fight!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.