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We're going to begin this episode
with a story that has not yet gone away here in the States,
it's gained a lot of coverage.
Even on Media Monarchy I got a ton of hits on this story yesterday,
which is always a surprise about what people will key into.
We'll try to break down why this is interesting to folks
"Mystery missile launch seen off California coast"
This story all sources back to CBS --
KCBS in California.
"A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast
was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS's cameras Monday night,
and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.
CBS called the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of LA,
which was easily visible from the coast,
but the military said nothing about the launch.
KFMB showed video of the apparent missile
to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth,
who was also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense" (Under Richard Nixon.)
He says, "It's spectacular… It takes people's breath away."
and called it a big missile.
Magnificent images - (you can find all this footage)
but what starts to get more interesting...
"Friday night, Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California,
launched a Delta II rocket, carrying an Italian satellite into orbit,
but a sergeant at the base told KFMB there had been no launches since then.
Ellsworth urged American to wait for definitive answers to come from the military."
James, we could do a whole show just on that sentence.
Waiting for the officials to tell us what really happened.
Could be a test firing of an ICBM.
"Officially at least, the projectile remains a mystery."
The last update I have on this story, this morning, Nov. 10th here in the States,
is military officials spinning this story, saying it was merely a plane.
And it gets even more interesting when they go to--
of course you have to go to your experts--
When we get physicist Michio Kaku who has weighed in on...
things such as aliens, global warming, and those crazy 9/11 conspiracy theorists.
So James, what's your take on this story?
I'm not sure how much this is played internationally
Here in the States it's been all over Google, all over Yahoo.
Corbett: It's a good thing I don't go to Google and Yahoo for my news.
I haven't heard too much about it over here but
just taking a look at the footage online
it looks like a missile plume to me but...
who knows?
It could be a plane for all I know.
I think the interesting part of this story
is that we're currently living in a day and age
where planes have giant plumes that can be mistaken for missile plumes
and even the former secretary of defense can't tell the difference?
Something's going on with these contrails that might be worth looking into
and if people are interested in this story, that's great.
Maybe it will get them looking into the contrail issue
and see what's going on up in the skies.
Pilato: And to ask the question, 'what in the world are they spraying?'
Some of the interesting things to tie into this--
we don't have time to get into this, but we try and lay out the path for you,
we give you all the documentation and sources that we use for New World Next Week--
There have been an interesting amount of drills going on
and a misunderstanding put Vandenburg on lockdown this previous weekend.
That would be the base we just mentioned launching the Delta II rocket.
When you tie in these drills,
when you tie in the president abroad,
and speculation about a show of power,
and all of these things, it starts to get more and more fishy.
James, we always pay attention to the drills and the exercises.
All our research has shown that that's the conduit,
that the private contractors and the military-industrial complex
used to make events go live.
We can talk about 7/7 or 9/11 or even the Gulf oil spill if you'd like.
Again, all this information is laid out.
James, do you have any last thoughts on this before we turn to our second story?
Corbett: Not really. That's pretty much it. Let's move right on.
Pilato: All right. Our second story comes from naturalnews.com
this sources back to Reuters
"Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs."
"The age of pharmaceutical microchipping is now upon us.
Novartis AG, one of the largest drug companies in the world,
has announced a plan to begin embedding microchips in medications
to create "smart pill" technology.
The microchip technology is being licensed from Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, California.
Once activated by stomach acid, the embedded microchip begins sensing its environment
and broadcasting data to a receiver worn by the patient.
This receiver is also a transmitter that can send the data over the internet to a doctor.
The idea behind all this is to create "smart pills" that can sense what's happening
in the body and deliver that info to the patient's doctor.
Novartis plans to start microchipping its organ transplant anti-rejection drugs
and then potentially expand microchipping to other pharmaceuticals in its product lineup.
This same technology could soon end up in pills made by other drug companies, too.
James, what could possibly go wrong with this? [sarcasm]
Corbett: Good question.
This is an example of one of those technologies
that could be such a marvelous thing for the human race
if it was used for good intentions,
but being wielded by the absolute psychopathic maniacs in the medical-pharmaceutical complex
who have shown no qualms about shipping out HIV-tained Factor VIII blood to hemophiliacs
or injecting people around the world with abortifacient-laced vaccines
or all the other things we know they're up to --
creating the swine flu epidemic just so they could scrounge billions of dollars out of governments.
All of the things they're up to,
we can safely assume this is not going to be for your best interests.
It's just another example of how, pretty soon,
absolutely everything we do, say, think, speak... swallow...
everything that goes into our body, everything that we have on our body
will be tracked, traced, controlled, data-mined, logged, and otherwise stored for posterity
by the ever-loving wonderful government and people at the NSA
and other such wonderful agencies.
It's just another example of how we're being wired into a matrix
and it's being constructed around us.
Anyone who swallows this medicine is going to get a bitter pill indeed.
Pilato: And it certainly connects to what's called the "internet of things"
what you just said, the wiring of everything.
Your toothbrush is connected to the internet so you can tell how often you're brushing your teeth
And all those things that unfortunately trace back to companies like...
International Business Machines [IBM], the Final Solutions company.
The last thing I'll say about this for folks to look into
what has happened to our pets
as we put microchips in them.
Or to look at the utter hackability of these sort of chips,
because it says you'll have a reader.
Wired Magazine and others have shown how easily hackable RFID tags--
whether it's your office building to get into the door
or containing your bank or medical history.
That's the thing, James. These things would be amazing advancements
if they weren't being wielded by the same eugenics elite.
Corbett: That's pretty much it.
As you say, think of the privacy concerns alone, let alone all of the other implications.
Pilato: For our third story-- we're getting broad coverage
as some of our previous episodes have been focused on the election circus
but for our third story we will go to tradingroom.com.au
"China says G20 should monitor the US Federal Reserve."
"China's state media has issued a new broadside
at the US Federal Reserve's move to prime the US economy,
suggesting the Group of 20 should monitor policy shifts by the US central bank.
The Xinhua news agency said in a commentary the Fed was
'risking the global recovery by following its own track for economic revival'
by spending an extra $600 billion buying Treasury bonds to stimulate the US economy.
The comments were published just days ahead of two key summits this week --
the G20 meeting in Seoul
and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Yokohama, Japan --
that are expected to focus on rebalancing global trade.
'There is an urgent need for the G20 [...] to set up a new mechanism
that effectively monitors the issuer of the international reserve currency,
especially when it is not able to carry out responsible currency policies,' Xinhua said."
Corbett: And here we go into the next pre-planned stage of the completely foreseen
and consciously plotted financial disaster that is the global economy of the moment.
Just think how all of this is an inevitable conclusion
of all the things that have gone before which were all plotted and planned
and well known in advance and yet, no one wants to use the word "foreknowledge"
or "forecomplicity" in this because no one wants to think that
the entire system is being engineered to fail,
but it is and the dollar is being engineered as the world reserve currency.
It's obviously being done so because, for the last--
at least the last three years, they've been out in the open,
touting the new global financial architecture
that's going to be needed to bring in a global reserve currency,
which will be the SDRs or the "bancors" or the "wocu's"
or all the other different ideas that they have going on behind the scenes.
But they've enginereed this so that we're in a rock or a hard place
because as Milton Friedman and other economists have pointed out,
the thing that caused the Great Depression was the contraction of the money supply.
So they have to be printing dollars right now, otherwise there will be a depression.
Yet, those dollars are debt-based.
You print as many as you'd like but it means you're putting your children
and their children and their grandchildren into servitude in perpetuity to the banksters.
There's no way out of this in the system that they've designed for us
which is why monitary reform is the only real solution.
Pilato: And... I suppose this is an update to the story we covered on our previous episode
that the banksters had a little birthday party
celebrating 100 years of the Federal Reserve where they went to Jekyll Island last week
to celebrate their...
Whether you want to call it "God's work" or Soros saying it's his life's work
it's all coming to fruition.
It's all working out for them while we tear each other apart on the streets.
Corbett: That's the key point,
because they want us fighting for what scraps are at the bottom
while they create the money out of thin air up at the top.
It's just a horrible system and we have to become aware of what the system is,
and then change it from the bottom up if we have to.
Pilato: Absolutely.
To be simple, just be the change you want to see in the world.
James, I think that wraps up this latest episode of newworldnextweek.com,
what do you have to say?
Corbett: I have to say that...
I'm going to be taking off a couple weeks off of the podcast,
I'll be having a new episode coming out on Sunday
but after that I'll take a couple of weeks off.
The website will be updated infrequently during that period.
Pilato: All right. I have live episodes coming up this week
and hopefully we'll have some more in-studio guests,
again, just trying to bring you folks open-source information
that we have while we're going through this new Gutenberg revolution.
Using these tools while we have them to spread information.
Corbett: Absolutely. Let's keep doing it. James, thanks again for joining us.
Pilato: Thank you. Take care.