How to Prepare Traditional German Recipes : Frying Schnitzel

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

Hi, I'm chef Rainer Wickel and I'm here today with Well, we cut up our
chops and we tenderized them and we breaded them and now we're ready to fry our schnitzels.
Now you want to make sure that your oil is well heated before we put the schnitzels in
there. Now remember, I came along and used olive oil on this and the main reason that
I used olive oil is it's a little bit more flavorful and we don't want to use butter
because it's a little bit too fattening and it works just as well like this. So, of course,
number one, you want to make sure the oil is well heated and I usually like to take
either a pinch of bread crumbs or a pinch of flour and just go ahead and throw it in
there. And you can see it's already bubbling right there so that means that the oil is
ready to cook. Now when we come along and take the schnitzels out we're gonna put them
on a plate and we want to put some paper towels out on it so it'll sop up all that excess
oil, because you don't want the schnitzels to be all oily, you actually want to dab the
oil off. Go ahead and put it on the plate where you're going to pull it out on and now
we're going to put the schnitzel in. Now be really careful because this oil is really
hot. Go ahead and lay the schnitzel in there and you can see it's already starting to fry.
And basically with the schnitzel, what you want to do is, you want to cook it about a
minute, minute and a half on each side. Now this is a really thin cut of meat so it's
not going to take that long to cook. But, what you want to do is you want to cook it
so that it's just a nice golden brown. You don't want it to get really dark brown you
just want it to have that nice golden color because that's the way a schnitzel should
be. Otherwise it's gonna have that, you know, that burnt taste to it and that's no good.
Now I like to use a spatula of course to flip it but I also like to take a fork, because
when you flip it you don't want to drop it into the oil and then have oil splatter all
over the place. So go ahead and let that cook just for a little bit, we're gonna cook that
for about a minute. And, you can see it's already starting to fry nice. One indication
that you can look at, if you look at the sides and you see that it's already getting brown,
you know that it's already cooking pretty well. So go ahead and then grab the schnitzel,
put the spatula underneath it, you're going to take the fork to hold it, and then flip
it over slowly. And you can see already on this side it's already a nice golden brown,
it's about ready like that. It's just a little bit brown around the edges but that's absolutely
perfect, you just don't want it to be dark brown because then you're charring it. And
this is basically how you fry a wienerschnitzel.