Channel Islands, Motor Boat Too - Rob Machado and his magic surfboard

Uploaded by prosurfgear on 22.07.2012

Channel Islands, Motor Boat Too, Rob Machado and his magic surfboard
Interviewer: MaiKai –
Interviewee: Rich – Channel Islands
Nick – Surfside Sports
MaiKai: So, we’re here with Rich from Channel Islands, Nick from Surfside Sports and Maikai
from prosurfgear. What do we have to look at today?
Rich: Well, this is our latest creation for Rob Machado’s Quiver. It’s called the
Motorboat Too. It’s the sequel to the original Motorboat which was one of our great sellers
for Channel Islands surfboards for a summertime fun surfboard. It’s a really full volume
surfboard so it’s really easy to paddle and most riders can use it pretty easily just
because there’s a bunch of extra volume built into it. What’s different this year
compared to the last year with the original Motorboat is that we thinned it out, refined
the board, made it a little bit easier to surf in a more quality wave rather than just
being a strict groveler. So we narrowed out the nose, we narrowed out the tail, added
a little bit of tail flip so that they could pivot off the top, off the bottom a little
easier, thinned out the nose, just basically foiled the overall board to make it little
high performance and not just such a thick, kind of, summertime groveler.
MaiKai: And can anyone ride this board or is this a intermediate level?
Rich: I would say, pretty much anyone can ride it. We had it in our demos for the last
few weeks and everyone seems to be really excited about it. I think beginners are stoked
on how easy it is to ride and paddle. And more experienced surfers are happy with its
overall performance compared to just being a little bit slower rail to rail. This will
pull up quicker and could go off the top, off the bottom a lot much smoother.
Nick: Yeah, this one looks pretty unique, like, compared to lot of the boards in the
line. It’s super flat like the other Motorboat was.
Rich: I’d say it’s the flattest board we have in our line, for sure.
Nick: Which means it probably goes really, really fast.
Rich: In my opinion, our fastest board, probably as fast as some of the Fishes we made.
Nick: But then, it’s got more of a short board outline. I’d say kind of in between,
like, a Fred Rubble and a Dumpster Diver so as to how the outline looks like – tail’s
kind of pulled in but you still keep the width. MaiKai: Channel Islands is really, kind of,
being very innovative with all their shapes now. It’s very creative, more than I think
it used to be. Rich: Yeah, I think that just goes hand and
hand with having a lot of feedback from all the riders.
MaiKai: How big can you order this board? Can it go all the way up to like 6’10”
or? Rich: We stock it in a 5’1” all the way
up to a 6’3”but we’ll take custom orders on anything. It’s just a matter of waiting
for the right size plank if you do order a custom. Sometimes the bigger plank, the harder
to chase down. MaiKai: And you can order any kind of fin
set in there? Rich: Absolutely yes... Future, you could
go 5 Fin, Thrusters. If you want it, you could go Twin fin. We could make it in a round tail,
squash tail, swallow tail. MaiKai: Okay.
Rich: That’s, our big thing with Channel Islands is we want to be able to make custom
surfboards for the masses so we’ll pretty much make whatever you ask for. If you want
us to tweak a board and really make it a lot different, there may be sort of kind of prototype
charge that goes along with it, but... MaiKai: What if I want it in single fin? Go
old school... Rich: It’s all good. You could start here
for the box. MaiKai: Okay, so with MaiKai from prosurfgear
and Rich from Channel Islands and Nick from Surfside Sports, thanks for checking out this