Dog Grooming Expo - The Cute Show - VICE

Uploaded by vice on Dec 7, 2011


TERI DIMARINO: The competition can involve everything from
the sublime to the ridiculous.
And it's fun.
It is still a grooming competition.
This is what people forget.
It's not just a dog-decorating competition.
There are criteria based on the coloring of
the dog, its grooming.
There's technical aspects of it.
How is the scissoring, the clipper work?
Is it clean?
Here there's no holds barred.
Everything is pretty much legal with the designs, the
creativity, and our presentations.
It's a package.

ADRIENNE POPE: Well first of all, you walk out
with a dog like that.
When I go to a gas station on the way here,
people bombard me.
I mean, they're just like, oh my gosh!
Was he born like that?
I mean, I've gotten so many questions.

KAT OBSON: My dog's name is Koby, and he is a puppy.
And he is designed in a Jurassic-Park theme.
And the poodles have such great hair for it because it
just sticks straight out.
So it's really easy to sculpt.
And I enjoy it.
It's fun.
It's good time to spend with your dog, good
time to spend bonding.
And he gets all this attention after he's done.

Our winner of the Groom Expo 2011 People's Choice Award is
Jurassic Bark.