Android 4.0 Accessibility: Exploring the Launcher

Uploaded by googlenexus on 22.11.2011

>> ALAN: Hi, welcome to the second video in a series on Accessibility features in Android
4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. This video will cover using touch exploration in the home screen
and using the application launcher.
>> So, my phone is off. I’m going to hit the power button to turn it on.
>> NEXUS: 11:27 PM. Ringer 85 percent.
>> ALAN: And now I’m at the lock screen. I can just start touch exploring from the
center of the screen to find the unlock widget near the bottom.
>> NEXUS: Charging 97 percent. 11:28.
>> ALAN: And now I can slide the widget to the right to unlock my phone.
>> NEXUS: Device unlocked. Launcher.
>> ALAN: So I’m at the home screen. I can explore the icons on the screen using one
>> NEXUS: Camera. Folder. 23:28
>> ALAN: And if I explore the very top of the screen, I can hear the notifications bar,
which has time, battery, signal, and notifications.
>> NEXUS: 11:28. Battery 97 percent. 222 new messages.
>> ALAN: At the very bottom of the screen, I can explore the software buttons.
>> NEXUS: Back
>> ALAN: Going from left to right, those are:
>> NEXUS: Back. Home. Recent apps.
>> ALAN: And above the software buttons, I have quick launch icons. From left to right,
those are:
>> NEXUS: Phone. People. Apps. Messaging. Browser.
>> ALAN: I’ll tap “Applications” to open the application launcher.
>> NEXUS: Apps. Launcher.
>> ALAN: This is a paged grid of all the applications on the phone, and I can touch to explore this
first screen.
>> NEXUS: Camera. Browser. Books. Apps. Widgets.
>> ALAN: So at the top of the screen you can select between apps.
>> NEXUS: Apps
>> ALAN: And widgets.
>> NEXUS: Widgets.
>> ALAN: So I’m on apps right now.
>> NEXUS: Books. Camera.
>> ALAN: Going down the left side I have Books, Camera...
>> NEXUS: Email.
>> ALAN: And I if use two fingers I can swipe from right to left to move to the second screen
of applications.
>> NEXUS: Google Plus. Apps page 2 of 2. Showing item 2 of 7.
>> ALAN: And I can find the Settings application just by touch exploring the screen.
>> NEXUS: Navigation. News and Weather. People. Phone. Settings.
>> ALAN: And I’ll tap once to open Settings.
>> NEXUS: Clicked. Settings.
>> ALAN: And so I can find and tap the software Back button to return to the application launcher.
So I’ll just explore to the bottom-left of the screen.
>> NEXUS: Sound. Battery. Apps. Back.
>> ALAN: There’s the Back button, I’ll tap that once.
>> NEXUS: Launcher.
>> ALAN: And now I’ll double tap the Back button to activate it without touch exploring
>> NEXUS: Back. Clicked.
>> ALAN: And I’m back at the Home screen.
>> NEXUS: Showing item 3 of 5.
>> ALAN: Thanks for watching, and make sure to subscribe for more videos on the latest
release of Android.