Recordsetter - 4/24/12 (FULL EP)

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DAN ROLLMAN: On your marks, get set, go.
BETH HOYT: My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My
Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel
LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn
Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My
Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE, My Damn Channel
LIVE, My Damn Channel LIVE.
My Damn--
14 My Damn Channel LIVE's in 10 seconds, a
brand-new world record.
BETH HOYT: Record.
BETH HOYT: Hey, you guys.
It's me, Beth Hoyt.
And this is My Damn Channel LIVE.
I'm joined today by Dan Rollman, co-founder and CEO of
RecordSetter World Records.
In the last 30 seconds, I've already set two new world
records, isn't that right?
DAN ROLLMAN: Beth, you're on fire.
We just heard you set the world record for the most
times saying My Damn Channel LIVE in 10 seconds.
And you're also wearing a world record, which is the
longest Twizzler necklace.
I measured this beforehand.
13 feet 8 inches long, another RecordSetter world record.
BETH HOYT: Wow, two world records.
If anyone thinks they can break these, you should try.
Do It.
Um, so tell me how one makes a record.
And I'm showing you guys how long this is.
How one makes a record and how they document it officially
via RecordSetter.
Tell us about it.
So at RecordSetter, we're building the new
home of world records.
We believe everybody can be the world's best at something.
And we allow you to dream up and invent
your own world record.
So we have over 15,000 records from more than 60 countries
that people have invented and uploaded to
BETH HOYT: Awesome.
And this Saturday is a big day for you
guys, isn't that right?
DAN ROLLMAN: It's super exciting.
We're having our first ever RecordSetter World Record Day.
We have events happening in seven
countries, almost 20 events.
Here in New York, we're going to be doing the longest
rainbow parade and marching across the Brooklyn Bridge.
BETH HOYT: That's so-- you show up in a
color of the rainbow.
Is that-- am I guessing right?
DAN ROLLMAN: That's right.
BETH HOYT: And you'll be wearing this?
DAN ROLLMAN: I will be in the yellow section of the rainbow
on Saturday.
BETH HOYT: That sounds so happy and fun.
DAN ROLLMAN: Yeah, it's going to be fun.
It's gonna be really cool.
BETH HOYT: If it rains, do you--
does your umbrella count for you color or your shirt?
DAN ROLLMAN: Uh, we will be-- we will be allowing both.
We will be allowing both rainbow
umbrellas and shirt colors.
BETH HOYT: You thought it all through.
That's obvious.
OK, well, we've got a few more records to break.
We're not--
we're not stopping at two.
But first, some big news.
I'm just trying to not choke.
Um, the--
you guys, the acclaimed series, You Suck at Photoshop
it's returning to My Damn Channel tomorrow.
And we've got a sneak peak at it for you right now.
Check it out.

DONNIE HOYLE (OFFSCREEN): Get off of my internet.
BETH HOYT: That's exciting.
So is this.
OK, I'm here with Dan Rollman of, or
This next record I'm going to set is actually a suggestion
that someone put on your website.
Can you explain how that works when
someone suggests something?
Sure thing.
So a lot of people come to and they
don't know what world record they want to set.
So we have a whole section where people in our community
are suggesting world records that they
would love to see set.
So if you come to our site and you just want to set a record,
you can find suggestions.
So a record idea that was submitted by somebody from our
community is to set a new RecordSetter record for the
longest melodramatic no.
BETH HOYT: I'm going to do that.
Um, this has never been attempted, just know.
So I'm setting the standard.
And you guys can beat it or you can try to
beat it if you want.
I'm going to be doing that right now.
So you just-- yeah, I just can't breathe, I
guess, is the thing.
One breath.
DAN ROLLMAN: No audible pauses are permissible.
And again, we will be documenting this on video,
posting it on RecordSetter if others think they can do a
longer one.
BETH HOYT: All right, it has to just stay melodramatic.
DAN ROLLMAN: Melodramatic and no audible pauses.
DAN ROLLMAN: Are you ready, Beth?
BETH HOYT: Yeah, I'm ready.
DAN ROLLMAN: OK, here we go.
On your marks, get set, go.
BETH HOYT: Noooooooooo--

DAN ROLLMAN: You're at five seconds.

OK, we're at 10 seconds.
Very melodramatic.
Very melodramatic.
We're approaching 20 seconds, Beth.
OK, we're over 20.

Wow, 28.69 seconds--
BETH HOYT: I squeaked out those last few there.
DAN ROLLMAN: --the longest melodramatic no.
Another RecordSetter world record.
BETH HOYT: Think I'm going to pass out, but I
think we got it.
World Record.
It's all worth it.
DAN ROLLMAN: Well done.
Well done.
BETH HOYT: Oh my gosh.
OK, you guys, our own Mark Malkoff, he's doing-- he's
doing something insane himself.
Just got to breathe for a second.
He's trying to get the most out of his Netflix streaming
account by watching 250 movies in one month.
Let's see how he's doing.
And I'm going to breathe.
-I love Netflix.
I'm one of 23 million Netflix subscribers.
I love it so much for my new project on My Damn Channel,
I'm going to see how many Netflix movies I can watch on
streaming in a month.
My goal?
250 movies.
That is over 400 hours of movies.
I'll be watching all types of films.
I'll be watching classic comedies such as Ghostbusters.
I'll also be watching horror films such as Justin Bieber's
Here's a list of movies I've watched so far.

I have two methods of staying awake during the films.
One, coffee.
Two, pulling my eyes back like Malcolm McDowell in A
Clockwork Orange.
There's a good chance this month I'm going to go crazy.
I need your help.
I need you to suggest films for me to watch.
Please put in the comments films you want me to watch.
Go to my Facebook.
Go to my Twitter.
Tell me what movies you want me to watch.
But be nice, please.
I don't want to watch any films with Pauly Shore or I
might hang myself.
Thank you guys for watching.
I'll see you soon.

BETH HOYT: I bet Mark is setting a record this month.
You think?
I think he should get a patch for that record.
DAN ROLLMAN: Absolutely.
I'm going to reach out to him.
That's awesome.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, we're all champions today.
And especially me.
OK, now this one I'm really excited about.
I needed a partner.
We're going to set the record for the most times going
underneath a human bridge in 30 seconds.
Now, because I am 70% flexible torso, I will be the bridge.
And our head writer Krister Johnson, he claims he's really
good at scampering.
So we're gonna see how many times he can go back and forth
underneath me in 30 seconds.
Dan, you'll take time and count.
BETH HOYT: Here we go.
All right.
DAN ROLLMAN: So once the bridge has been made, Krister,
I'll count you down.
We're going to make sure you go completely underneath her
every time.
OK, we have the bridge made.
Are you ready?
DAN ROLLMAN: Here we go.
On your marks, get set, go.
BETH HOYT: Do it, Krister.
Go, go, go, go.
Just make it happen.
He's doing it.
He's doing it.
DAN ROLLMAN: 10 seconds.
BETH HOYT: Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
Get the record.
Get it.
Get it.

Oh my god--
KRISTER JOHNSON: This is tiring.
BETH HOYT: You're doing so good.
You're doing so good.
DAN ROLLMAN: We're at 20 seconds.
BETH HOYT: You're doing it.
You're really doing it.
Oh my god, this is [INAUDIBLE].
DAN ROLLMAN: Approaching time.
And time.
DAN ROLLMAN: That last one did not happen,
but we got 19, Krister.
DAN ROLLMAN: 19 times in 30 seconds.
Yes, another RecordSetter world record.
DAN ROLLMAN: Beautifully done.
Beautifully done.
BETH HOYT: We're back.
That wasn't easy for anyone, including
those of you watching.
We've got an ambitious record to set in a minute.
But let me get hyped up for that one.
You guys watch a special preview of this week's Co-op
of the Damned.
"Hell's Kitchen." [COUGHING]
-Oh, hello.
Welcome to Hell.
-Come with me.
-No, no, no.
There's some mistake or something.
BETH HOYT: OK, that episode premieres tomorrow.
This is it.
Now, this record was just set on your website.
And we're going to attempt to break it.
Um, can you explain the record while I get ready?
DAN ROLLMAN: Absolutely.
We just got an amazing submission to RecordSetter
this week for the most table tennis balls fired out of
one's mouth in 30 seconds.
A boy named Gray Jones did a spectacular job and has set
the mark at 33.
So we're going to need to see 34 for this one
to be a world record.
BETH HOYT: I'm really--
I'm really nervous for this.
I mean, there's a lot riding on it.
DAN ROLLMAN: The bar is high.
BETH HOYT: Also, I'm just--
I'm already embarrassed.
But I'm going to win.
I'm going to look stupid.
I'm going to win this stupid thing.
DAN ROLLMAN: We'll see.
We need to see 34 in 30 seconds.
BETH HOYT: I know.
I know.
DAN ROLLMAN: You let me know when you're ready and I will
count you down.
BETH HOYT: OK, one ball at a time, popping them out.
DAN ROLLMAN: Popping them out.
You have lots, I think we're good.
BETH HOYT: That was not bad-- that was not good luck.
I'm not using that one again.
OK, let's--
I'm ready.
BETH HOYT: Wait, no I'm not.
Yep, I'm ready.
DAN ROLLMAN: OK, here we go, Beth.
On your marks, get set, go.

Oh my gosh.
BETH HOYT: That was 50.
DAN ROLLMAN: That was crazy.
We got 50.
Oh my goodness.
Extraordinarily well done.
BETH HOYT: New record.
DAN ROLLMAN: Another world record.
I can't believe it.
BETH HOYT: I feel so good.
DAN ROLLMAN: That's one of the best things I've
ever seen in my life.
That was so awesome.
BETH HOYT: I feel really excited.
DAN ROLLMAN: Holy moly.
BETH HOYT: I've been nervous about that since you said we
were going to do it.
DAN ROLLMAN: You crushed it.
I can't believe it.
And what's this here?
Is this your book?
DAN ROLLMAN: This is our new book.
Yeah, this the RecordSetter Book of World Records.
BETH HOYT: There's you.
DAN ROLLMAN: I'm on the cover.
And this is my co-founder Corey Henderson.
Shouts to Corey H.
BETH HOYT: All right, Corey.
So this book features over 300 of the most crazy and
extraordinary world records.
BETH HOYT: It's a beautiful book full of colors.
DAN ROLLMAN: And our book, profiles--
it's a really fun book.
BETH HOYT: Do you have any yet?
What are your records that you've set?
DAN ROLLMAN: I've set a lot because I'm the president.
They've all gotten beaten.
The one that I was really proud of was the most bananas
fit in a pair of pants while wearing them.
You're a tall guy.
How many bananas you get in there?
DAN ROLLMAN: Well, I got in 60.
And then this jerk in Australia now has put over 200
in his pants.
BETH HOYT: How tall is he?
DAN ROLLMAN: I don't know, but I think--
I'm convinced that there's something different about
Australian bananas.
Because over 200.
I mean, come on.
BETH HOYT: Maybe he's got those like jungle Zumba--
DAN ROLLMAN: He does wear much bigger pants than I wore.
So it's--
that was obvious.
BETH HOYT: That's a tricky--
I mean, we should do that.
But while we--
I just have one more thing I want to do really quickly.
You guys, boom.
BETH HOYT: That was a record to put money on the book.
And the last guy who thought he was a
winner, he's now a loser.
His name is Pete Moyer.
He managed to only get $131 on it.
This is $200 cool.
That's one $100 bill, one $50, one $20, one $5, and 15 $1's.
DAN ROLLMAN: I'm going to be counting this.
But yeah, this is an example.
I mean, our community is so creative.
People are inventing these crazy world
records all the time.
And this has somehow become a competitive category to see
how much money can be put on our new RecordSetter Book of
World Records.
We're looking through-- this does look-- it's definitely
more than Pete Moyer's record.
Just bear with me.
BETH HOYT: He's a very fast counter.
DAN ROLLMAN: You're correct.
This is $200 put on top of the RecordSetter
Book of World Records.
One of the crazier categories--
BETH HOYT: Is that a new world record?
DAN ROLLMAN: It's a new world record, Beth.
Wow, yet another one.
BETH HOYT: You guys.
We'll be giving out copies of this book, the
RecordSetter Book.
So go to our My Damn Channel Twitter page to find out how.
We set six records today.
And if you guys break any of our records, I mean,
go for it and try.
And we'll play your winning video on My Damn Channel LIVE.
That's a challenge with a reward.
Thanks so much, you guys, for watching.
Thanks, Dan Rollman, for being here.
DAN ROLLMAN: Oh, my pleasure.
BETH HOYT: It's been really fun, um, and just extremely
Uh, check out, especially
about this weekend on Saturday, World Record Day.
BETH HOYT: And then if you guys send in videos of your
records, you guys can break them and send me taunting
tweets to thebethhoyt with new records and stuff.
Get ready for the big show tomorrow.
We have the Gregory Brothers Live here, and the triumphant
return of You Suck at Photoshop.
That's tomorrow at 4:00 PM Eastern.
So we got this record?
This is all set?
You've done it.
BETH HOYT: OK, I'm just going to need that back.
DAN ROLLMAN: Well, actually, could I maybe--
BETH HOYT: I think the record--
I think I need to pay rent.
This is for my rent, no big deal.
Hey, guys.