(ENG) BlockB - NanrinA (난리나) MV Making film

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Yeah. Where are we?
What are we doing?
What are we doing, why are you dressed like this?
Uh? Ah, we are here because we are filming our new MV for "Nanrina"
Block B's second mini-album, 'Welcome To The Block'!
Yes, our second album is going to be released soon. Finally.
Everyone please look forward to it.
We're going to cause so much 'commotion'.
I told you guys, we're going to cause commotion!
And this person..
Uh, that..
Damian Marley.
(sings some reggae song)
Ah ah!
I have a scene where I have to swing around a baseball bat,
and my hands hurt a little bit. It's hard.
This shoot is so different from my every day life, so its hard.
I'm usually a reserved, calm guy but this is so different.
Thank you! Thank you!
You've worked hard!
It's cold, it's cold.
It's very cold.
Look at what I'm wearing. I'm wearing a tank top under this.
I think.. B team did really well.
Block B's leader, Woo Jiho, ZICO, is really good.
There's a huge difference between your styles!
It's not what I wanted too
You know why? It's because we are hip hop idols.
Those that can exhibit true hip hop swag are part of team B, and those that can't are team A.
This kind of stuff, anyone can do. You just need to put it on and walk in, but not everyone can pull this off.
You need hip hop.
I don't think my look would work for you at all.
I don't really think it's working for you, either.
I'm Team B too, and I have hip hop swag.
But I need to go help Team A. My spirit is here with Team B.
This is the first time we are trying out these moves here,
..so we have to figure it out as we go.
It's hard to do because the floors here are so different from the ones at our rehearsal studio.
I wanna go home..
PD: Who messes up the most when it comes to your dance?
Me... I make the most mistakes.
But, I'm not the worst dancer. I'm not.
Who's the worst?
A dog that fits the image of Block B? Doberman?
It's now 3:00, which means we've been doing this for 22 hours now.
*points gun to Jaehyo's face*
You dare to shoot? You dare?
*points gun on Jaehyo's private part*
yah yah yah!
This is.. this is..
You can't edit this! You need to air this as is, and show who is the bad person