Gönülçelen )) Episode 16 - Part 9/9 [English Subtitles]

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I've to tell you something
Ok let me change first
this is more important than the dress.. It's the most important thing
Sit down.. ok.. look my sweet sister..
go on tell me
tell me
a wonderful show
we have to thank Murat
where is he
oh there he is .. the man himself
congratulation thank you......
congratulation thank you.......
It was a great and succesful show Mr. Murat
well actually Hasret was the real success
sister what happened ?
your mom was here..She watched you
then she left
go on.. run to the train station you might still catch her go go..
can we not see Ms. Hasret
she said she would change and come here but...
Mr. Levent the soloist singer was really a great success. Congratulations
thank you
what happened where is Hasret going?
Please follow that cab..
Ms. Saime..
where are you going?
you don't call me Gulpembe anymore
you're not Gulpembe. You're someone else
why are you here?
I'm wondering. Why did you come after all these years why now?
I've been searching for years
you were looking for us.. but you left us.. me and Hasret
You didn't even look back
If you were going to search for us why leave us in the first place?
I told her you were dead.. So that she didn't feel the pain I felt day in and day out
So that she didn't feel like she died everyday.. I told her you were dead
I did die that day Burhan
Gulpembe no longer lived. Saime lived from then on
Do you really want to know what happened that day?
you came late.. but you came.. YOU CAME!!
I'm not coming.. You heard me.. I'm not coming with you
what do you mean? This can’t be?
yes it can happen. If one doesn’t love another
don’t you love me?
I don't love you. I never have
Go now.. take her too. I don't want anything that will remind me of you
this can't be true. How can you do this?
I don't love you. Don’t you understand
Forget about what happened between us or what I said before
So go now.. I made a mistake Burhan. I tricked you and myself
This is the truth I can't be with you or with the baby
Cause I don't love you. I'm not like you
And I'll never be like you.. forget about me ok! Forget me!
I thought my brother would kill you and Hasret. So I had to wait a while
then I searched for years but you kept moving around
Everytime when I thought I was close you moved
My brother had hired a detective
that detective told me you had given our daughter away to a family
that you given Hasret up for adoption
me? I would never do that
I guess my brother was trying to make me stop searching for you and Hasret
But I still searched. One day a detective I hired found you and Hasret
look I have been an insensitive ass
No Burhan you did the right thing. You raised our daughter
I guess it was the correct thing for Hasret to think I was dead
I wanna go to your shithead brother and make sure he pays for all this
Burhan now is the time to be silent. What's done is done
We can't turn back the clock
You know what we should do? Become two good friends. We can be friends
I want more than just friendship
You've never changed have you?
I've to go... I've stroked my daughter’s hair... Kissed her cheeks
and now I can't make her hate me. It's better she thinks I'm dead
Was she not very beautiful on stage?
as beautiful as her mom..
do something for me okay? For old times sake
Tell her to forget me. Tell her yes I left her and I'm not fit to be her mother
Tell her this ok?
Good bye Burhan
Good bye Gulpembe..
please go..