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Howdy and welcome to another Good Morning Marketers.
My name is Jason Therrien and this morning I've got Jerry
Sen with me.
We are going to be talking about mobile marketing.
It's been a little over a year since we did our last video on
mobile and quite a lot has changed, so
let's get up to speed.
Yeah, iPad tablets, they're the next big thing.
Coming right up behind just the influx of devices coming
in, the Android, the new BlackBerry, and then, of
course, the iPhone 4.
So where do you see the whole tablet market going?
Because again, it's a different size device.
It's used for different purposes.
Some people think it's a brand new category.
Some people think it's going to replace laptops.
Your thought.
Well, it's initial onset was relatively good.
People were buying it.
It was getting picked up pretty quickly.
I see that becoming more and more in the future just
because of its convenience factor.
You do have the larger screen.
And it's just kind of cool to use I'd say.
And we'll see what the holiday season this year brings.
And then Q1, BlackBerry comes out with their
new tablet in 2011.
So a lot of changes in there.
That maybe will be our next video topic.
Talking about browsing, especially when you've got
whether it's a phone in front of you or a tablet, whatever
it is, it's mobile, it's agile, you can
take it with you.
A lot of problems though with the mobile web.
One of the stats I like to use from June 2010 from Gomez, and
they cite that a third of mobile Internet users that
they surveyed in the US say that their most common problem
when browsing the mobile web is site formatting.
That's a real problem.
A third of Internet users saying they've got a problem
with what they're seeing.
Well, there's a lot of different browsers out there.
You know, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry.
That's three just right there.
Older versions add on top of that.
So there are a lot of different things you have to
take into account when you're designing for that or just
coding for it as well.
So what are some of your tips?
A client comes in and looking at a new web presence with an
eye towards mobile, what kind of advice do you give them?
Don't try to get everything in one fell swoop.
Look at your stats, see who's currently visiting your site.
If it's predominately BlackBerry or iPhone or
Android, look at those.
You can gear towards those.
You don't have to do the all inclusive one site.
So treat it as more of an evolutionary step?
What's taking you to here, look at tomorrow, and then
know that you're going to do it all over again.
Real quickly, mobile apps.
Still a very hot topic.
Everyone wants an app.
Some people it's a bright, shiny object.
Your take on it?
You've got to have a point for it.
If you don't have a point, you're sort of just going to
be putting money out there you're not
getting any return on.
If you do have a good idea for it, make sure it's usable, you
can get some ROI on it.
But just, it's got to do something.
It can't just be a flame on the screen with a lighter.
You've got to have a purpose.
So strategy.
I mean, everything boiling back is that these aren't
add-ons at the end of the day.
They've got to be thought through
upfront and then executed.
Very good.
Well, I'm looking forward to our next one.
I'm sure there's going to even be more changes.
Oh, yeah.
More devices.
Mobile is a very interesting arena.
So we'll keep our eyes open.
Thanks, Jerry.
Thank you.
I mean this isn't about that area that--

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