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Uploaded by hanimourra on 18.06.2010

Hi everyone Hani Mourra here from EasyOnlineVideoTips.com
I'm here's tell you about amazing new feature on YouTube that just got announced today.
It allows you to edit your videos online.
This I've been waiting for a long time
I really wanted to create this video before i went to bed tonight. I really want to share with all of you
this feature it's amazing
you know why
It makes online video
that much easier
You can shoot a video
upload to YouTube
and you can do all your editing right on YouTube. You can cut it, trim it, stitch two clips together
add an audio track if you want
it's amazing, this feature just got released and its in it's infancy. They are going to add more features to it
it's a great start
let me show you how it works
all you need to do is go to
it's going to ask you to log in to your YouTube account
now there it is, the brand new video editor
it shows you all your existing video clips up here
so if you choose to be a video you've alredy uploaded
I'm gonig to take one of my first videos
drag it into the box below
Now I have the option of editing the clip
I can take off
the beginning and end
especially for me
when I film my self
I see myself reaching for the cameras to start recording and stop reporting
I can take that part right out, let me show you
click on the scissors
the video clip comes up
I can drag
this bar on the left
see how my hands are on the screen so that can keep dragging
about to here
and then
the same thing for the end and drag backwards
I'm happy
I removed the part
were my hands reach for the camera to stop it
about there is good
I can play it see
the blue part shows me what's actually being
kept and the red part
over here
shows me what is being removed
Now I'm happy with it
I hit Save
and that's it
by clip is now
I got rid of the parts I don't want
so that's one thing we can but another thing you can do is add a second
so one video leads into the next video
so I drag my next clip to the box next to it
and it's going to play
first video followed by the second
third thing you can do
is add a sound track
now this feature to me is not perfect yet because it deletes
what you're saying and overwrites it with an audio track or music track
But one way where this works
is if you have some kind of power point presentation
You dont want silence you want some nice music
so all you need to do
when you want to add music is go to the audio tab up here
and you can search for artists or genres
so I lets choose some
dance or electronic music
You can
preview it by clicking the play button here
if you like it
click the + sign and it shows up on the bottom here
so now when I play my video
you're not going to hear me talking
you will hear the audio track
now the beauty of this is
all this music is royalty free that means
you have the right to use
this music in your videos. For those of you that don't know enough you're not allowed to use
commercial music in your videos it is not legal
so YouTube gives you quite a long list of music
that is royalty free, you're allowed to use it with your videos
Once's you're done
give it a new title
call it "My New Video"
and hit Publish
and just like before
I recommend
update the title
Adding a link to your website in the description
adding your tags
selecting a category
saving the changes
after a few minutes you video will be live
that's it, that's all there is to it
isn't that AWESOME!
this feature
just announced today
they're going to add more features
and I'm looking forward to seeing them and as soon as I learn more I will be happy to
make videos to you show them
I'm Hani Mourra from EasyOnlineVideoTips.com I hope you enjoyed this video.