Öppningsnummer - Baku Baku (Melodifestivalen 2012 Final Stockholm) English subtitles

Uploaded by eurovisionisto on 10.03.2012

Start spreading the news You're leaving in May
You want to be a part of it, Baku Baku
This is the final, a final decision
Who will we send to compete in Baku Baku?
Cause if you succeed here, you'll get the chance there!
It's up to you Baku Baku
You wanted to go to a place you knew...
But who won? Ehm, Azerbajdzjan...?
It could have been Rome
Imagine Paris...?
If only Cyprus had got their first number one
But it is actually true, that Ell & Nikki won
Ell/Nikki who? (scch!)
Baku Baku!
Yes the one who wins gets a price tonight but when the night is over
You're going out three hundred eighty-six mil to the east!
This is the final, our holy grail
Who will we send to compete in Baku, Baku. Cause if you win over there, you'll be a hero here!
It's up to you, Baku Baku!