Толстая девочка Артём (.________.) [Fat Girl Artyom]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Sep 8, 2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov
For starters, here’s a simple home video of a flying piece of salted fatback. [home-aero-gastro-porn]
["Please sto-o-o-op!!"]
["God, stop this thing!"]
["It's not scary anymore, Artyom"]
Wait, wut?
"it's not scary anymore, Artyom" [<-- Artyom?!]
Did you as well think it was a girl? [Or a pig :)]
Thanks for revealing the truth, mom.
Coz squeeling fat girl Artyom (male name) is much more fun [Happiness x2] than just a squeeling fat girl.
[very funny!]
Guys, be careful next time you pick up chicks
they might be Artyom! [Artyom]
Artyom should do rape scene voiceovers in movies!
[aaaa, stop THIS]
It’s awesome that his mom payed money to please Artyom but instead pleased everyone else. [small pleasures :3]
But maybe this ride works the other way?
Unimaginable fun! Pull Porky by the foot!
One pull only 20 rubles!
[+20 rubles]
Alrite alrite, stop nickering about how the kid squeels [have u no shame?]
let’s make fun of at how bloody fat he is! [jerk ->]
Artyom is so fat that in case of lift-off his mass times acceleration will be enough to make him a second Moon!
Hey guys, don’t pull too hard or burgers will start flying out!
Ah, one more thing!
[Fat-fat, like a passenger train! (rhyme in Russian)]
And this is Horosho!
Second video was sent by sidgewickarsene.
And as the description says, its about yout normal guy who just goes to the store [normal guy going to store]
Yup, we’ve just seen what we’ve seen.
[Wiki-Stas] For your information, this video was directed by David Lewandowski, who worked on the animation for Tron: Legacy.
Composer - Jean-Jacques Perrey, french pioneer of electronic music. Released 22 studio albums [This is supposed to be cool]
And they made THIS
QWOP: The Movie
I wouldnd’t say a word if THIS [THIS] came from Japan!
But when it’s done by professionals... ~!@#$%^.... [competent opinion]
ok, i watched it 17 times as well [and it’s not a limit]
But please, someone explain me why [WHY????] did i do it???
[Look at me!] [Do it like me!]
If this guy goes to the shop, it’s only to get daily dose.
[Doesn’t even hide it %)]
Btw, you also tried to checked if he has genitals? [perverts]
[There are NONE!!1]
The most wonderful thing is, this guy looks awesome no matter what the soundtrack is.
[for example]
Well, guess i’ll go buy some bread...
And this is Horosho!
Usually we don’t take videos made by our friends [MyDucksVision]
but this time they crossed the line [And they’re gonna pay!]
Most of you prolly seen this one.
No wonder, 3 million views in 2 days.
And it features Sam Nickel pawing tits [Pawing tits]
Lots of tits! [watch the counter]
Loads of tits! [the counter goddamnit!]
Well, video is about 20 min long and features 1000 chicks. [Thousand!]
2000 tits!! [Two thousand tits!]
And i only pawed 7 pair in my entire life.
That’s one sow.
Wonder if his hands started to glow in the dark after this.
Two thousand tits...
This video made everyone happy
except those who recognized their own GFs there.
[hit u in the head *counter* times!]
Hey, let’s watch this concentration of pure happiness a bit more.
[*counter* % of happiness]
Don’t know about you, but i like the part where he paws a girls tits!
Well, i wanna do it too.
But i don’t wanna do this.
Guys, if you see this one IRL - stay away!
And then Nickel went to Putin with the power of 1000 tits in one hand and 1000 tits in another.
And he passed only the power of one 1000.
Clamped the other one, that rascal...
We need a hero [Hero] who’ll paw 1000 men asses [Kamikaze] and then shake the hand of the guy, who made those toilets where when you take a dump your butt gets sprinkled.
Coz c’moon! [Coz c’moon!]
And this is Horosho!
We usually take only one question, but Flyerbrian sent us two. And both are so interesting that we couldnt decide on one.
So what do flies think about you when they do this.
So what do flies think about you when they do this.
So what do flies think about you?
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So, where does one seek inspiration?
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Looking for inspiration is like looking for a sock, only it’s inspiration.
Inspiration is like sex, i never had it ((((
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