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Cyber punks, AIDS, biological warfare.
New York City had become a battlefield of international terrorism
and biochemical experimentation.
My novel had been rejected again
I was alone again... The only thing on my mind was survival
When I first saw Rimini, I knew she was a clue to my destiny
I knew I had to get her
-Hi! You mind if I sit down? -No, no not at all
-I like your arms -Thank you
You write!
-Not really ... I'm trying though -You should write
Yeah I can see you as a successful writer What is your stuff? Is it sort of crossover or...?
-Um, hybrid yeah, sci-fi, essays -Sounds great
I immediately got a sense that I had known her all my life I think maybe she felt the same
What do you do?
I write for different magazines, you know, on and off and ..
You know some other stuff... Um, do you see that guy over there?
Oh yeah
It's Def Kuntz ... the famous fashion photographer
-Yeah he could uh ... well, he can make or break people -Really?
-Yeah... you know I could introduce you -No, I don’t know... I’m not really...
-He would like you -You think so?
-Oh yeah absolutely! -But hey wait!
-Hi! You're that photographer aren't you? -Hm? Yeah
-Mind if I sit down for a moment? -Sure whatever
I've been wanting to meet you for such a long time. I love your work
And my friend over there especially loves your work
-Yeah... she uh... she has really nice arms -Really?
She's a writer and she looks amazing
And in all honesty she's gonna be the next sci-fi writer of 2001 you know what I mean?
I mean look at her!
Sure I can see that.
Yeah, she's still a little but uh... shy and awkward and stuff, you know, she's really
innocent and, you know, I thought that maybe you could be the first one to...
-You mean she hasn't been uhm... -No
It's just been days since she's been discovered, yeah, minutes so to speak
She's working on a first novel.
-This girl is hot -Right
-Would you like to meet her? -Who?
My friend over there
-Sure why not? Send the girl over. -Terrific
Make yourself comfortable
So how does it feel? Being the center of attention and all?
Vinnie! Touch up a little will ya?
And the hair
You've got beautiful hair... so soft
-Thank you -Ok, yeah better
Most people think I'm gay but I’m not. I love women. I love all kinds of women
Different moods that the same woman has...
I think that women are much more interesting than men are
The photographer was madly in love with Rimini She had total control over him
He would've done anything for her , He was happy to believe whatever she told him
So… anything you'd like people to know about yourself?
I don't really know
-Good... your work -Yeah... I'm not sure...
Whatever ...These are gonna be great!
Everything was going according to plan
Now our ways were eternally linked
With Rimini's looks the novel would be a huge success… nothing could go wrong
-What if they find out? -They won't
Oh wait, wait, wait remember what you're gonna say?
-Yeah -Sci-Fi crossover
Hey Rimini, I've heard so much about you. Surprised we've never met before. I'm Peter Steinfeld
Oh! Yeah
Great! Can't wait to read the new novel. I hear it's wonderful
Yeah it should be out...
Everybody's so excited to get their hands on preview copies of your book! Our whole office is!
Hey Rimini… how would you describe your style?
It's sort of a crossbred between a very serious, conceptual science fiction… a lowbrow comedy But it sort of comes out in a essay form
-Interesting... is that new? -Totally
I was wondering Rimini. Are you American? Your name is so exotic
No I'm French
Ooh! From a long line of artists I suspect
No my parents are very poor... My dad is a carpenter
Oh really? That's so amazing... Well done
So how long do you give her?
About a week? Maybe
Ready to go?
-Are you sure? -Yeah it's time to go
-Who's that? -No idea
-Hey! Where are you going? -I have to meet Kuntz
What for?
He wants to introduce me to this guy… agent or something
No, you don't need to talk to any agents. You wouldn't even know what to
You told me I had to meet people
I don't think that’s such a good idea. Kuntz is quite seedy. I don't think you can trust him
It's important for my career ok?
Have you ever thought what would happen if it came out that you didn't even write the book?
Yeah, no one would buy it
I realized I'd become a pathetic character in my own novel
I had to get it out and get it out at all costs. Rimini was taking control of my life