Limits Calculus, Table Method,

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 30.11.2012

this is a ti 89 titanium program app for
with regards to limits and uhm, in some tests there was
required to make a table to find the limit of a function
and that's what I've programmed here and let's get started
to get to my main menu you have to press second alpha
and put in i n d e x the letters and then press alpha again
to put in the eight and the open and closed parenthesis
and press enter and you're into my programs i'm already at limits here
you can see the number of things here and they keep going way down
whatever you need here quadratic formula
all kinds of neat things for you to pass calculus or do your homework
ah but let's do limits here and we're going to do it via
the table of limits compute the limit via the table
and we're going to enter our function you have to press alpha to
enter anything in the entry lines of my programs
so alpha first and then we can enter this here
x cubed minus 7 divided by let's see
x squared minus four as x approaches alpha five
I show you what you've entered so you can correct it
in case you made a mistake I always do that in my programs
I say it's ok and here's what you write on your test
you have the x side and the y side and you put these values in here
and you'll notice we wanted to get to five here's five oh one and four ninety nine
So the limit is going to be in between five sixty one and five point six two eight
but you put this on your paper press enter and it will tell you the exact
limit which is one eighteen over twenty one If you want it approximately you can
divide this out with your calulator pretty neat huh?
everystep calculus .com go to my site
enjoy my programs and pass calculus