Pleo Sanum Remedy - Biological Medicine

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basically now days as you know planet is changing so much for last fifty years
the body's confused the body is not able to keep up
with our activities of
the western world
my condition was very little know about it
the cause arebasically unknown I was tried by the western medicine tradition
when i started out in medicine
eighty percent of the people in high school
acute illnesses and twenty percent of people has cronical diseases
now the numbers are fundamentally the other way around the treatments
some of the problem western medicine news
for the middle east
presently melody on one side or the other side the culinary institute really
western that's an interesting natural medicine because i didn't have the same
biological medicine is really talking about what's causing them to begin with
most of my work is chronic since that's where
what you call biological medicine
shines because you have to
understand that the patients
or the system
constitution sent from
accepted and then he was at that point
politically performances for over world
but the more that into a listed all the pacific that were that close to perfect
the with you
in our cleaning fee half
helping three hundred patients
use it
this whole bit
so i think this work for support
i think that's work speaks not big-time and that it should be apart of our
mainstream medical continued
I have to say with value of Pleo Sanum I would have the practice that i have today
stop it
live as serious
that sometimes the hospital is and therefore
to do it
i want to tell anybody what they have to do but i think everyone you spent a good
time to learn more
so we want to create the opportunities the keys that process for people
i think once they see what's happening when they hear the stories of doctors
have to tell them what to do and when they hear the stories from patients well
with their experiences have been i think there will be compelling stories that
will move people to find out
european ties to the results that you get
it'll make you think about what you thought in the distance
and that in your practice for double
so you're all good