My YouTube Setup in Response to this Morning's BBC Article

Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 16.05.2011


Hello it's a Monday morning Vloggity
why is my hair so poofy, let's fix this
So this morning I saw
something where people were saying on twitter that
the BBC wrote about me and I had to check it out
because they were talking about me and money on YouTube

And I thought, well oh yeah the BBC like this legitimate publication
let me check it out and I read it
so some quick things
just because the BBC is a big publication
and some of you may have seen it
and been confused or
wanted to know a little more and stuff
so the article is called "Is Google taking the You out of YouTube?"
and they use some quotes that they got from a reddit AMA
if you're not familiar with what an AMA is
it is: Ask Me Anything
and so of course, eventually someone asked me about money and I said
Well let's just say that it costs me $25,000
to run what I run at the studio
you know, I've said that in a video before and then I said
you know, and people need to understand what my company
makes and what I make are two seperate things
I pay myself between
$70,000 and $100,000 a year
and then it says I employ 10 people
and 5 of those people work on my channel
now I know a lot people
I'm not going to bash the BBC for this because a lot of internet lingo
and stuff is confusing
but, I do fire
I do have 5 employees in
the studio area that work specifically
on channel stuff but that
that consists of a different editor for each channel
that way they can focus on it, make sure it's good
production coordinator, 2 interns
and then of course, everyone in the merch house
which is the other 5 people

The reason for that
is this is pretty much a machine now, I come in
I do my research in the morning
I film out my main show, if I haven't filmed out my vlog, I film out my vlog
and then I watch a movie with one of my buddies
and we've then film out a LTA review
and it's awesome I love doing that stuff
and just having editors and people to help

manage it for me
makes it easier and more fun to actually do those things
and do it on a consistent basis
then at the end of the day
what if really comes down to is
for us to operate, we have to
have this many and we have to have
cash come in, otherwise it becomes
it would be like: welcome to the show, I'm fucking exhausted
or to make videos at my regular output
I have to join a company much like
one of the companys that I
should we talk about that? no no no
I just like making fun stuff that
hopefully, successfully gets out to you guys and is fun
and then involve myself with really
cool people like I have, which is like the
the Toby Turners, the main thing
is maintaining
100% of your revenue
because as a YouTuber, many people do, in fact, appreciate
how many eyes you have, but will fuck you
fact. YouTubers and agencies alike
but anyways that's really what I wanted to talk about in this video
just to explain some of the
mess ups, but also further explain
the stuff in general
and also link the article to some of you guys because I know that
you know some of the haters are going to want to go
"He doesn't deserve anything good that he has!"
So for those of you that
actually like me and are subscribed, that's so weird
could check out the article, but
it's an interesting read
a lot of it's about the future of YouTube and I think
that really right now and
and it's been this way for the past two years, sky is the limit
until someone fucks it up
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mainly because we have way to much time on our hands as you can tell
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it's like 6 o'clock in the morning
that's why no one is here
I bust my ass
Hey guys, thanks for watching, I hope you liked the video
if you're not done with this internet, there are other videos
that I put out today
a new PDS, which I talk about news stuff things
and in general just be awesome
vlog where I talk about the BBC article
that they wrote about me
and the future of YouTube and I just kind of
talk about it, explain some of
what goes on here in the business
as well as the first actual review
of movie club
so yeah, clickty clack those annotations

or don't