#9 How Do You Prevent Bullying Against Students With Autism

Uploaded by AutismFamilyVideo on 10.02.2010

My name is Linda Hodgdon In this video I'm going to answer the question:
“How do you prevent autistic children from being bullied?
Bullying is a complex issue. There are many different forms of bullying. It can occur
in any group of students in any age range.
Some children with disabilities may not be aware they are being bullied. They may also
have difficulty explaining what is happening. Therefore, Staff, volunteers, students, parents
and other carergivers should look out for signs of bullying and report it immediately.
Students with autism or Asperger’s are in many cases easier targets and more profoundly
affected by bullies. They have difficulty understanding social cues and they may exhibit
unusual behaviors that make them an easy target for jokes or teasing and more.
Bullying is a complex problem that requires intervention from many different angles. First
it’s the responsibility for adults in charge to recognize and identify when bullying is
occurring. Who is involved? What are the bullying behaviors?
Then Bully intervention can incorporate teaching for both the bullies and the bullied.