[ENG] 110329 Big Bang - UV Syndrome

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Are you nervous?
I said are you nervous? (BB: Yeah...)
Being nervous isn't a bad thing. There has to be a bit of nervousness
So that you can sublimate into your music... Yeah?
Sorry it's because I'm so nervous
Don't get too scared (DS: Yes...)
A little bit of nervousness is good right?
It's when you're reasonably nervous that it can be expressed as a fluttering heart
That fluttering and that throbbing becomes the beat
Doo geun doo geun, Koong kwang koong kwang, toong chi toong chi [Onomatopoeia for heartbeat]
What's Seungri's part?
[Seungri's part]... keu
Yes that's it
Is it up to "keu"? (Muzi: Are you mocking them like "keu"?)
Is it up to "keu"? It's not
I told you to be reasonably nervous, not too much... Yeah?
What's Taeyang's part?
The chorus
Yeah go ahead
[Taeyang's part]
Ah... I'm getting so nervous that I'm forgetting...
How are you pronouncing "Oh eh oh"?
Oh Eh Oh
Oh EH Ai?
What is "Oh eh oh"?
What sorts of emotions are you putting into that?
It's shouting "Oh eh oh" looking for you
So your shouting looking for someone? (YB: Yes...)
Do you have to say it as "Oh eh oh"?
Yes (Points to GD) because the music was made that way
Does it have to be "Oh eh oh"?
What would be good?
I want to find you and meet you, isn't that right?
Change it to "Oh Re Yo" (He said to come)
Try "Oh Re Yo" (He said to come)
Looking for you he said to come
That's it
It sounds good
In front of that after "Looking for you", don't breathe and try "Yu Gi Ro Oh Re Yo" (He said to come over here)
Looking for you, he said to come over here
If you breathe too much it's boring
Fast? (Yoo Sae Yoon: Yeah)
Looking for you, he said to come over here
Yes that's perfect. It's not bad is it?
As expected
Do it like this. Even if (points to GD) the lyrics were written like that
Since it's live, sing it like this. OK? It's not bad
What's Daesung's part?
[Daesung's part]
Yeah it's good Daesung. You have confidence
Is this real gold?
No it's fake
TOP. Go.
[TOP's part]
Can't you do it while coming out front?
To the front?
[TOP's part]
Don't go out excited. Seungri show us instead.
Just because the maknae is showing you something you're not allowed to be upset (TOP: Yes of course)
There's something to be learned from the maknae as well. Seungri has things he's better at than you and you also have things to teach Seungri.
You also have things to learn from Seungri
Seungri show us that part
Try it like that. Ya... Don't you want to do this?
No that's not it
It's much better
You guys feel it as well right? (BB: Yes, it's much better)
Jiyong what's your part?
A bit of the rap at the end
Go ahead
[GD's part]
You said simol. Oi! Are my ears deceiving me?
I'm sorry
You said simol
I think I over exaggerated
Your clothes are a bit simol today? Yeah? Simol? You need to be able to hear the lyrics for it to be a song
Jiyong ah.. I'm counting on you. OK? You'll be able to do it well.
Why do you guys only have those clothes?
This is our concept this time
Are these your stage clothes?
No I'm not changed yet
Jiyong isn't changed yet?
This looks like it's only worth $4000
The others are going out in this state? Are you guys crazy?
You can't go out in this state. Yeah?...
Oi if you go out like that your friends will call you retards, they'll play around with you (GD - This Love lyrics)
You guys are Big Bang OK? UV's protege, Big Bang