Google+ Update: iOS app release Aug. 8

Uploaded by googleplusupdates on 08.08.2011

Hi, I’m Sharvil, and I’m a tech lead on Google+ mobile. A few weeks into field trial,
we shipped our first version of the Google+ app for iPhone, and today I’m excited to
announce that our next release is available in the Apple App Store.
First things first, many of you will be happy to hear that the new version supports iPod
touch and iPad devices! We’re happy that so many more of you will be able to download
the app, so thanks for your patience as we got it ready for you.
The latest app also includes lots of the goodies that we recently released on our Android app.
Want to be able to view specific circles in your stream? Done! Want to choose who can
start a Huddle with you? Also done! You can access both of these new features from the
Settings gear icon on the home screen.
Also, in the Stream, you can now easily +mention people in your posts so they can join in the
We also added the latest and greatest Huddle features. You can start a new Huddle right
from somebody’s profile, and you can also hide any 1:1 huddles if you want to clean
up your conversation list. But don’t worry -- if you start a conversation with that person
again, you’ll continue right where you left off.
Oh - and one last thing. Just for fun we’ve added a secret way to bring up the stream
selection settings menu. Have fun hunting for this little gem and keep the great feedback