Freddie Prinze Jr 24 Season 8 Video Interview

Uploaded by twentyfourspoilers on 08.01.2010

You know, being a fan since the pilot
it was sort of surreal,
it didn't really click until we were until episode 3 or 4 exactly what i was doing.
But it was pretty exciting.
Cole is I think
somebody a lot of people can relate to
I think he was the kind of guy who
after 9/11 was filled with a lot of rage
and wants for revenge and things like that
and he replaced those feelings by joining the marine core, and
those became more discipline and honor, and respect
and things like thatи
So that's kinda,
to me that's what shapes Cole that's who Cole is and that discipline is kinda put to the test
when this "Day 8" happens and all the madness ensues.
The great thing about 24 is
they're always showing you different sides and different colors of CTU
and they've always kind of
given you a different representation
with each season.
And so this time, the feeling is very,
for me anyway,
and for Cole is very "New York"
and uh, I think
any time you have New York in a film or a television show
it's kind of it's own character.
So I would definitely say that there's a bit of that edge and a bit of that bite to him
Sometimes you worry if you might be a bullet-proof vest for Jack
if everybody's armed in a scene, you're a little nervous
but if it's a walk and talk then it's a lot more comfortable.
But it's a,
to be serious for a second though, it's good ya know. I come to the table with
a willingness to learn
And Kiefer's somebody who can, you know, he appreciates that and wants to
give you everything he can
in the hope that you'll react to it.
It's just like, focused chaos is how I'd describe it.
And I really enjoy working with him.
On the serious side of the interview,
as far as that goes, it's very rewarding.