First Hand Account from Occupy Oakland Arrestee

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it's sts lists
you come from
oakland welcome to the program elissa
thank you um... can you hear me okay phone
i can hear you can hear me
i'm not yet
and comment from oakland com
so i would greatly there
anderson we're down there in the uh... were you in uh...
uh... the the park uh... tuesday night uh...
yeah i was in the first were picked out of our or i may have been the first her
without a left at online erica hold on for second deserves it
alright solicitor i'd like to talk to you it
i repair uh... without the recall it after cramped robert they call it uh...
frank oka work whether catholic formally called
and at what they're in which i just give me a backup for one second how long will
you uh... humble you know we you sleeping there on a regular basis we you
uh... just going down a visiting tell me what
uh... what what what the uh...
happening in the park
just in general i want that
yep higher unlikely uh... i went back down a bit waited almost everybody about
a group of arm
and if a huge supporter of the movement com it's really been they've done a mean
thing things they've created a full al i want their and tell that that they've
done really great thing
telecom i've been going down that i have to leave
uh... responded to the park and an outfit i as you know i worked down there
to like eleven o'clock comp
monday night and then nothing much happening are black rock
and they kept
conduct another path dad liked him
forty in the morning by white bath
yes i do not include
my understanding is they got a tip uh... based upon uh... some other press people
saying that they were you there was going to be a press conference they got
a tip but the but i want him back up cuz i want to tell me a little bit about
what was going on at that part he said that they were developing a school
town there um... we you know that one of the big uh...
the excuse is that the uh... mayor of auckland said well we had to close this
thing down because of hygiene and safety issues uh... address them
you know the are iron like uh... i work
but filming safer there we're occupy oakland being in control of then the
it's ridiculous time inc their community but not exactly pretty because the
curfew everyone the homework we'd
armband were being addressed mentally albert
people are like but i think that the community and you cut them kind of
redrawing it was really you know the great thing and then steve young people
if you don't really like
the people that we could have are mainly in their twenty but they're really
dedicated really smart and um... compacting that they get one of them
picking out there
after friday the evite
you know better
like gadgets affect by how greedy your water bath by you know more like being
compassionate and helping you know and um...
they were setting that and you've got it
state that the homeless and um...
e guitar conquer dot com i'm going to apply pressure confronted with that
all right so uh... so so what happened he came back to the uh... to the park it
two thirty or so three in the morning and then what happened
okay i i i i got the cap and you know i'm lucky that i pack and because i
found out from
somebody that i thought until later that auntie they have blocked off the ground
further barnes and letting people into a brick onto the truck that i get the
police knew this
that working up at waco lempert billing
felt like i got an entire week you know they're wet so their barn that many of
but um... snappy eight minutes
when when you say not that many fifty the hundred twenty
two hundred
aikman more like who hunt or maybe a more depict people were sleeping pill it
kept up
some people were creeping
you know and are
it back together my meeting with the police picked a little affordable
yeah so big deplete their incomes bequeath
exactly five helicopters and stuff
actual dupuy feeling from the reagan spectral somewhat five i think
and that what they did with any like that
like i don't know how many of them picked up and probably more police and
there were other like
significantly more
uh... came from both the wreck
scans of the at the park like dick surrounded etc
and aren't
the first thing they did but they gave us the warning that that it looked like
five minutes big evening at the light
seem like they want to step up and we working you know we weren't we had
talked about it was going to be non-violent you know
you know
and we were
people were singing and camping that you know uh... bit that we were fighting for
their pentium i'd even had a
like i'm a copy of the fee
um... article about albany refusing to take the order think you have to take
you know i'm up for order
etc dot but they came out and then make the first thing they did gave a five
minute than they've routier enough you know
um... i don't know that through one or two of the um...
kidnapped bob inman a prompt
and announcer backstop those bullets but there were like people out there
so we ran over to the other side and when we were at that but i think there
was another like line of kuwait and they again gave us a quick warning
and before they get started coming in bits of it
of everybody we had like barricaded the area put up a blockade
you know com
when pick slow down the police manana en route
that they came in in pittsburgh growing dot down and com
well it's and it's easier for surgeons
you saying that to happen
lease they gave you a warning
they said clear the park
uh... or you'll be arrested in before they even attempted to arrest people
they started lobbing tear gas
i guess
yeah they can even asap camping out about willingly baker group uric acid
event that we can come pick nothing like that
and it didn't that feel like they have a couple hotmail
you know it just seemed like they were they came they wanted to give storm
looking up basically like that we have we wear at war and they were you know
uh... pianos
terrorizing ability to do it you know it wasn't really paddocks i with the
product that feet
uh... brutality that unnecessary
yeah said that
so they threw in appeared to have to be ran over to the other side and reluctant
again and we're casting peacefully
you now on
and there
debt deprived of the police do not think that it's going to back
um... there lactate couple
over and they came in and that they approach
act-up somebody grabbed me from behind he didn't think i would be proper you
can't grab monopoly proper that that me from behind
i had like that because i have multiple about them
so i have my our medicine and even my idea everything within my dad but he did
really a you know and flattening forcefully
and i look like on my knee like that you know i have been a map that my medicines
than that
you'd like to bad you know and i kept on saying i needed it in it was only
because of that debt another quick profit for the day the convicted he
wasn't going to do
but he can't cut
made yes well you know if you'd like
yeah um... but he can't wrap me luckily my haircut want that height you know i'm
from people we're really extremely tight and they left him on
five thousand like almost up up and we were in
but when we were not holding l
for without doesn't bark me down
uh... aunt that when i came back from behind
occupant were opera like for the people that were still unclear they were
literally picking them like they were playing fokker
record keeping the pit the people you know they packed with people if you
don't like
you know
but pupil improper then repairable
today approached the ten since a uh...
uh... you gotta get out of the ten said they just go up to now taking them
they get back you can wrapping everything down
they like it destroyed everything that they came
as they approach pediatric the people from that came in the police picking up
from behind they defend them throwing social security frankly pat record
about a no you go ahead
under big banquet proper care that we were being bradley where vat propped up
on the market
you know effect like that and it's reflect
it was really
i don't know i i think i'd find out what and here i thought that i would really
you know i lifted pack back with a new like that open put police
can be file and anarchy dot you know i A
you know it's not exactly protect their the people that the postings
but when they actively
i looked up the prize it would be a fasting the exp hap arnold
and so uh... this is about four thirty in the morning this is that right
yeah and and
co-op what did they do with the once they cost you uh... once the the the
second top uh... was willing to give your bag with your
m_s_ medication what did they do
baker put down
and they would like a huge line about them profits that the credits on about
enough put a conflict that uh...
and amp actually have a little video clip out they put the take home i found
out could people of the protesters were on their thinking like we fell over com
and either the people there calling violent you know you have the police are
kicking people likely developing nina and the actual protesters are on the
back singing
i'd if i could uh... now that because they've been working for you know and
they're not that way bit both the police and the media
and the mentor it combat
popping up for trainers we we have you send us that video
black abit online you can
since it is the link to the really not
okay yeah i would really not clear-cut hiding uh... that's alright um...
writing right
peso you get into the bus and then uh... what happens
beggar havoc hitting at forever it would pick up dr
somebody with diabetic they had a haircut
occupy it took them for ever to respond to our requesting up telling them we
haven't urgent medical problem you know they get it took forever for them for
that to happen after but it was all night with different medical things that
came up
um... so when i finally got it for the whole thing stops
com they noticed that some other type taking our cutoff in uh... i kept on
aquifer sound there weren't happy about it for this one young girl statement
rapture like twisted her replied
and uh... i don't know that
playing guitar
or black and white put the cuts on really tight and they were just telling
i think it would really want to track the movement that must feel really
threatened because they were just going to length from the beginning to except
the port
com we work in their com
for i don't know how long before they moved up to another help
and one eighth
and then from that felt it was in a profit
and when bill
here are when one of the deputy flight date tell me something hyde county and
because i have them at the democratic elected not not by the head
like not cooperating anything i just happen and then i felt like you know
when people do it that he would add except that if you like track that
slamming against uh... while indented uh... when i picked up the fees
said support me back into the stealth
and said that you know if you buy the laptop that media cuba proper everybody
up the key to keep me there for like twenty hours
yet because
no-fat m_f_n_ i jumped twenty that something to me
the dan at but the fact that i would in their whitney
den that ab
him about com
he happen like why would i have a power trip electoral her back in at whitney
here with that dot backpacker because
she was he acted day it because i did and they kept it in there for a really
long time wouldn't give up by the name of at number four noah montag
not only that but that doesn't get a little bit of self-evident
and then opera high-powered continue our medicine kurdmaf i thought michael carry
a bible directed it'll be a couple ally i don't know that they were i meet some
of the people make they'll be in there
i don't know that they would and we were charged with camping
usually hip-hop
yet that i think that apricot like why are we here you would like upper
i would like well i would write camping out like that
here supporting them so i guess i met charged with
um... supporting campers are not saga violent for that
um... what they fit on the forum laptop at they can't get them the way carrying
and if you go to leave of acting
telling people writing with a point
so anyway september and that the other kelly needed stops they've they'd all
hoped but i said no dot i have a right to know about provided you with a phone
call if we get luckily had ourself
they were like welcome today all and asked about getting my medicare and and
now i wasn't going to get any more medicine
yesterday finally big profits everybody beyond the one woman looked dilemma
and finally i was able to get it free dot and thank god for daily crowds and
also i was in the national layers field in playwrights i mean i don't know what
combination of the blast
deathbed cop in who actually
comedy and and profits the or whatever but they apple aditi and they were like
you want to be a adopt there'd be no except for an entry but they were still
being need to everybody out of dot i've not met
talent about pointing out that latham grateful
um... now they finally like
and they put it in too
that finally profit dot
i'm pat mckenna
and put it in this
dealt with everyone that we were going to anna rita
it's one one can with eighteen
uh... had come and
after uh... like that with the fact that round of i'd guess police enough people
get work had been blocked from the area somehow got
dot skillet and that's when the police like beat up the whole fective
you know group of people in at aunty ko
um... and the painting uh... but he said that he was there with her mother first
they like that that police attack from other you know accurate standing back in
a her mother at the table to anti gadling he tried to protect her mother
they grabbed her clamber down top-of-the-line video yet like with big
cut in her mouth and immigrants like terrible
well finally i got back up
and what did they say uh... i heard reports that they were putting
restrictions on people in terms of them returning to the park with the basic a
uh... what was going to happen to you did they say don't go back to the park
what they say
right they probably didn't baking in the park they will
day combat a court date december cap
advocate thousand dollar bail fail but i get paid played that for now
vacated bikini there again no public attitudes number death looked like
double or triple the bailout
uh... and not that i would have to play in order to get out before then
and i don't know i think that he didn't like
soldier at who told you that i want to really be explicit about this the who
told you that
alcorn dot correct and that what papa thing me what i what leaving that with
when i had to find the paper the league
those new daily
well with the papers that would have the picasa
um... i have to
let's find a uh...
that the big question
cuz i i'm
if you've been in touch with it
the lawyer eddie providing legal who's anybody at uh... occupy oakland uh...
look you up with the lawyer i'm really curious as to how people reacted to
tobacco i've never heard anything quite like that
leave better and i would um... neither out of the national arrogant like i
think i think that may be why that maybe they got me out because when i heard
they weren't giving me my medical intern stuff
uh... but i think it's not sure aren't they get somebody from the national with
got actually came down that uh...
that help me
get me out dot com
but i haven't talked to him
and i'm tracking under arm
cape verde
it live like that
website com
but like i get the weather and dot
begat he told me that entire act somebody out there but
they are part of
uh... and he said they called him a think tank
and i like that i i was the only person dictate they've got out
i get that wasn't bailed out that i know her
uh... you know as that of like yesterday
by five o'clock
i got out of like well
what did you when you get kissed
elaborate for apply whereas um... i got out of town immediately can step back
after a couple people
but i would like to get my property
good-faith concert last of it um...
before we got on the back
then what i want to get it then said that i couldn't get it
sent out tomorrow if they want to know whether any
any other get it
until tomorrow and that i have to make an appointment
and mike are people earn
i would like and you like each entry it looked like they'd made up that lol or
that you know that
yet that lol like
just off from at abbott com in three because i had been told i think you know
that uh... i'd have to do it for pick up your property
but when i got their and you get a bit
appointment enabler doing it and took mark
unbelievable yeah
elicited international what what what do you do held area
on forty
three i went down working player um... i would fight one of the older people day
architects i web working for uh... added social work at work for
medical help me for a long time and i had picked up working about
figure that out because of the protection of m s
well italian i'd been doing all that volunteer
or new stores really inspirational and uh...
the you know
it's it's really more back yesterday you did uh... tell us what those about that
what did you see when you about what i have my bat remark
we mark quote mike eric how many people could work and play
at in front of the library six o'clock
we marched down the combat
um... there that backed by the file dot typically they can high-power tripoli
hate bill boli their club arafat beating uh... up cup like they pulled it from
three people active people out of the group and it started like hitting them
with the billy clubs
and like
slamming them down and then a crowd of like standing around paying aim
and i get uh... i thought there with the hope that subit standpoint bet we
divided and week at marking
then i'd probably yes
um... here people being kidnapped and dot people told me that they were aunt
effect are the rubber bullets and stuff
i did not want to get arrested again so collected
up practice product like part of me wanted here but i would like and if you
prior to a nuclear power
i kind of state in the back but i wanted to be there at lake that much
well elicited you know
such an inspiration she stories
knew so much uh...
uh... bravery they you're showing and uh... i'd buy really appreciate your
share and uh... your story with us is anything else you want to let us know
margaret margaret that like
begins its like i hope you but i'll let that media leg give them a
like i don't think that understand that the infected kid even if you have a
couple of them packing up to think i'm going to a college dormer something you
know it's pretty age appropriate for the most part they are like way more
politically informed pink hearing banter
my generation in my heart
and um... that what they're doing the brilliant relational but you know what
i'm really grateful kadam and you know all the other people and there are a lot
of people dilemma oakland ko and i hope people call down their barracks on a
number hot at
occupy oakland website and the people caught down there and complain and
complain about the mayor and leading up to get people out you know and we can
out that we were not not barred
uh... yeah i mean it sounds like it it sounds like the uh...
consensual age
wanted to create
a lot of islands i mean that's what it sounds like to make uh... with nato when
the first thing that they do is uh... fired tear gas into a crowd without
trying to just walked up an arrest people who are willing to be arrested it
sounds like to me they're looking uh...
to crack some ads
at rapidly wannamaker light and
yet they were kicking up around all night because what i hear that city at
that time is not the law that form another camera
you know in employed what what they're doing helping poor people it seemed like
the more
a group it
actively dropped four people the harder like that
new top one percent of what we thought that whatever kind of crack down on that
you could kinda tell how effective the moving it by how big worked with the gap
them maybe
i think you're right well listen i really appreciate your time
don't hesitate to call it again they have
you know in give us update on what's going on out there
about that but i think promptly and and
for anybody that they like the lawyer and everybody i do want to thank them
all right wolf thanks so much for coming