Война и мир фильм 4 / War and Peace film 4

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Direction - Sergei Bondarchuk
Screen Adaptation S.Bondarchuk, V.Solovyov
Director of Photography Anatoly Petritsky
Sets - Mikhail Bogdanov Gennady Myasnikov
Music - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Sound - Yuri Mikhailov Igor Urvantsev
Pierre Bezukhov - S.Bondarchuk Natasha Rostova - L.Savelyeva
Andrei Bolkonsky - V.Tikhonov
Ilya Andreyevich Rostov - V.Stanitsyn
Countess Rostova - K.Golovko Petya Rostov - S.Yermilov
Sonya - I.Gubanova Princess Maria - A.Shuranova
Nikolushka - A.Syomin Prince Vasily - B.Smirnov Anna Sherer - A.Stepanova
Kutuzov - Boris Zakhava Karatayev - M.Khrabrov
Denisov - N.Rybnikov Tikhon Shcherbaty - S.Chekan
Napoleon - Vladislav Strzhelchik
It's a military question...
Russia's salvation lies in her army.
Is it better to risk the loss of the army and Moscow
by giving a battle
or to abandon Moscow without a battle?
I should like to hear your opinion.
I do not believe the game is lost.
The only way to save the capital city
is to attack the enemy.
Can it be that I have let Napoleon get as far as Moscow?
When did I do it?
When was it
this horrible thing happened?
The thought of having to give the order
filled him with dismay.
And so, it is I
who will have to pay for the broken pots.
I've heard your views.
Some of you will not agree with me.
But by the authority
given me by my Tsar and country
I give the order to retreat.
This I did not expect!
This I did not expect!
You must rest, Your Excellency.
they shall eat horse-flesh like the Turks!
They shall eat it.
If only...
On the night of September the first
Kutuzov gave the Russian troops an order to retreat
through Moscow along the Ryzan road.
You know, countess, I wanted to tell you...
An officer came
and asked for wagons for the wounded.
Unload the wagons! Give them to the wounded.
All the wagons for the wounded!
Shall I dismiss the coachman?
I beg you to do as I ask.
Something to eat, Your Honor?
No, I want something else.
I want a peasant dress and a pistol.
Whose carriage is this?
The Prince's. He is wounded.
Our former betrothed, Prince Bolkonsky. He's dying.
Off, with God's blessing!
Look, it's he!
Pyotr Kirillovich!
This is amazing!
Why are you dressed so?
Do tell me, count.
Why? Don't ask me.
- Are you staying in Moscow? - Yes.
How I wish I were a man!
I would stay with you. May I?
- You were on the battlefield? - Yes.
Tomorrow there will be another battle.
You are not yourself!
Don't ask me... I know no more than you.
Tomorrow... No, goodbye!
A terrible time!
He suddenly felt
it was the end; everything was in muddle,
everthing was in ruins.
Ahead lay emptiness
and there was no way out.
Here it is, the holy city.
It lies at my feet, awaiting its fate.
A strange, beautiful,
majestic city.
But why is the city deputation so long in coming?
To arms! Charge!
There they are! To arms!
It's them! Merciful Heaven!
I swear it's them! Four horsemen!
No understand... me - you!
No understand... Run'em down!
You are not wounded?
I think not.
Brigand, you shall pay for this.
Please forgive this drunken imbecile.
You saved my life. You're French. I'm Captain Ramballe.
I am Russian.
Tell that to the marines. What shall we do with this man?
I forgive him. And I am at your service.
Your name?
Monsieur Pierre? The name'll do.
I'll remember you in my prayers.
I have bullets enough in my body.
One at Wagram, two at Smolensk...
And this leg - at the great battle of Moscow.
You've given us a tough job.
I was there.
Really? So much the better.
You are fine enemies. Wonderful people.
So you're a soldier too!
So much the better, Monsieur Pierre.
Is it true
that all women have left Moscow?
What a queer idea! What had they to fear?
Wouldn't the French ladies leave Paris
if the Russians were to enter it?
That's a good one. Paris! But Paris...
Paris is the capital of the world.
Paris is Talma, la Duchesnois,
Pothier, the Sorbonne, the boulevards...
To return to your ladies.
What a chance they have missed!
We have taken Vienna, Berlin, Rome,
Naples, Madrid, Warsaw. We are feared but loved.
And then, the Emperor...
What of the Emperor?
He is the greatest man of all time.
What, he is in Moscow?
No, he will make his entry tomorrow.
Eh, why are we sad?
Morel, warm us another bottle.
No, that's not Mytischi.
Looks like Moscow.
Look at that fire!
It's in Moscow. Sushchevsky or Rogozhsky.
Oh! How awful!
I do believe all Moscow is burning.
What a sinister glow!
Natasha, look now!
You can see it out of the window.
Look Natasha, how frightfully it's burning.
What's burning?
Oh, yes, Moscow.
But you didn't see.
I did, really I did.
When Natasha had been told
that Prince Andrei was wounded,
that she could not see him,
that he was seriously wounded but not in danger,
she did not believe it.
But seeing that she would get the same answer,
she gave up asking questions.
Are you cold? You're shivering. Go to bed, Natasha.
What? Yes, I'll go to bed at once.
Get into my bed, dear.
No, Mama, I'll lie here, on the floor.
What luck!
- Forgive me. - I love you.
- Forgive me. - What am I to forgive?
Forgive me for what I did.
I love you more,
better than before.
He had resolved to conceal his name
and remain in Moscow in order to kill Napoleon
and either to perish or to end the suffering of Europe.
She's burnt to death, good folk!
My daughter was left behind! She's burnt to death!
You're a good man.
Our house caught fire.
We rushed out
snatching up these things...
an icon and some bedding.
Looked round for the children and found Katya missing!
But where was she left?
Good sir, kind sir, set my heart at rest!
Aniska, show the way!
Show the way, there's a good girl.
This way, sir, we'll cut across the lane.
- Which is your house? - That's it!
It was ours flat!
Oh, she's burnt to death! My treasure!
What does this fellow want?
Haven't you seen a child in this house?
I did hear something wailing in the yard.
Perhaps it's his brat.
Here's your brat.
Ah, a little girl? So much the better. Must be human after all.
Lost someone, good sir?
- Looks like you're a gentleman. - Whose child is it?
A woman in a dark cloak was sitting here. With kids.
It must be the Anferovs'.
Why, the Anferovs went off. It must be Maria Nikolayevna's.
He says a woman, but Maria Nikolayevna's a lady.
She went off to the garden when those wolves pounced on us.
Take the child.
Give her to them.
Let that woman be!
Arrest him!
Lieutenant, he has a dagger.
He looks very much like an incendiary.
Hey, you!
What am I to do
with the child if she's not theirs?
What does she want?
She is carrying my child
whom I rescued from the flames.
Your most gracious Majesty...
The easy, luxurious life of St.Petersburg,
troubled only by phantoms, by reflections of life,
went on in its old way.
And it was with an effort that one could realize
the danger and the difficult position
of the Russian people.
In Sherer's salon was read the Right Reverend's letter
sent to the Tsar
along with the icon of St.Sergius.
Let the brazen and insolent Goliath
from the borders of France
encompass the realm of Russia
with the horrors of death.
Another piece of news for St.Petersburg
was the sudden death of Helene Bezukhova.
It is most infortunate that on account of my poor health
I am denied the pleasure of beholding you...
Who are you?
I know this man.
You cannot know me, General. I have never seen you.
He is a Russian spy.
No, Your Highness! You could not know me.
I never quitted Moscow.
Your name?
What proof is there that you're not lying?
How can you prove
that you're not lying?
Captain Ramballe
of the 13th Light Regiment knows me.
What shall we do with him?
Yes, of course.
In the name of the Emperor and King,
on this eighth day of September 1812,
the court-martial
has sentenced the accused
to be shot.
Who is it that is punishing me, killing me,
taking my life
with all my memories, my strivings, my thoughts?
Who is doing it?
Who then is doing it?
They all suffer as I do.
Who then is doing it?
No one. It is discipline,
the way things came out.
Pass up the stout one.
Don't! Don't do it!
Have you seen a lot of trouble, sir?
Don't grieve, friend.
Trouble lasts an hour,
but you've a lifetime to live!
Who are you, a soldier?
We're soldiers of the Apsheron regiment.
I nearly died of fever.
Twenty of our men were down with it.
We never thought, never imagined...
Ah, the hussy's come. Remembers me.
Here, taste this, sir.
There was soup for dinner. The potatoes are first-rate!
You eat them just like that?
Try them this way.
They're first-rate potatoes!
I'm all right...
But why did they shoot those poor fellows?
The last one was no more than twenty.
Where judgement's passed,
injustice reigns.
Have you been here long?
Since Sunday. They took me outa hoshpital in Moscow.
Platon Karatayev's my name.
But they call me my dear.
Are you miserable here?
What else could I be.
Moscow, she's the mother of cities.
How can you help being sad?
The maggot gnaws cabbige,
but dies 'fore it's done.
What did you say?
It's not by our wit, but as God sees fit.
Well, I daresay you're sleepy.
You hussy, warmed up?
Lay me down a stone, Oh Lord, and raise me like new bread.
Prince Andrei did not only know
that he would die,
he felt that he was already half dead.
It was that last spiritual struggle
between life and death
in which death prevailed.
Neither impatient, nor troubled,
he lay awaiting what was before him:
the menacing,
the eternal,
the unknown, the remote...
You are not asleep?
I have been looking at you for a long while.
I love you too much.
More than anything in the world.
And I?.. Why too much?
Why too much?..
What do you think,
what do you feel deep down
in your heart -
am I going to live?
I am sure of it!
How nice it would be!
But you haven't slept.
Try and sleep.
Yes, that was death.
I died, and I awoke.
Death is awakening.
How are you, Marie?
How did you manage to get here?
Have you brought Nikolushka?
You weep for Nikolushka?
You mustn't weep here.
I should be cursed by posterity
if I were regarded as the first instigator
of any sort of deal.
Such is the will of our people.
He asked for peace.
But received either a negative answer
or no answer at all.
With all his being, Kutuzov felt
that the terrible blow struck at Borodino,
for which he had mustered all his strength
together with all Russian people,
must have been mortal.
But proof was needed.
I'm from Dokhturov and Alexei Petrovich.
Come closer.
What news have you brought?
Napoleon had marched out of Moscow?
Is this truly so?
Napoleon has left Moscow, Your Excellency.
His vanguard is in Fominsk.
Dear Lord, my Creator!
Thou hast heeded our prayers.
Russia is saved.
Ah, she's come...
And Platon...
They started looking for the old man
who had suffered innocently.
But God had taken pity on him. He was dead!
That is life!
Karatayev has vanished...
He is gone.
It's all so simple and clear!
How was it I did not know that before?
Life is everything.
The soldier did not let me pass.
They have caught me, shut me up.
They keep me prisoner.
Who, me? Me?
Me - my immortal soul.
And all that is mine!
All that is in me.
All that is I!
From the general. It's not quite dry, sorry.
But what's this? A prisoner?
You have been in battle? Can I talk to him?
Rostov! Petya!
Why didn't you say...
Who are you?
Is it alright if I stay with you for a day?
I was told to find out and so I am finding out.
Only you must let me into the real thing.
I don't care about rewards.
The real thing.
Please let me be commander.
What'll it cost you!
- That's a good knife. - Keep it.
I've several like it. Oh, I forgot.
I've some wonderful raisins.
I brought 10 pounds.
I am fond of sweet things.
Please have some.
Don't you need a coffee-pot? I bought one from our sutler.
He has some first-rate things.
I'll be sure to send it to you.
May I call that boy who was taken prisoner?
Shall I give him something to eat?
Yes, poor little chap.
Call him. His name's Vincent.
How jolly!
How splendid!
Rostov blood.
Well, Karabakh, tomorrow we'll do good service.
Not sleeping, sir?
Your name's Likhachov, isn't it?
I never sleep before a battle.
Are the flints in your pistol not worn out?
I brought some with me. Take some.
I like to do everything properly. Some men don't get
things ready and then regret it. Not I.
Could you sharpen my sabre for me?
It's blunted.
- Would you? - Sure thing.
The men are sleeping?
Some are, others are not.
What about that French lad, Vincent?
He's fast asleep. Fear makes a fellow sleepy.
But of course, I'm dreaming. I'm only hearing things.
It's ready, Your Nabs.
You can cut a Hrenchman in two now.
Do as I say
and don't push yourself forward.
The signal!
Go round! Wait for the infantry!
Wait? Hurrah!
- Killed in action. - Killed.
My son!
No, it's not true!
Call Natasha! It's not true!
Go away, all of you! It's not true! Killed!
- Mother, darling! - No, it cannot be!
Natasha, do you love me?
Will you tell me the truth?
Napoleon, under the assumed name of the Prince of Vicenza,
left his army and went to Paris.
Soldiers! I shall do what I have promised.
It is my wish that you should see your Emperor
clothed in grandeur and glory worthy of the sovereign
of the first nation of the world.
Soldiers! You have defeated and destroyed those
who would have assailed my crown.
Verily, "God hath given it to me.
Woe be unto him who taketh it away."
Your mission now is not to defend your frontiers
but to carry the war to enemy land.
I spoke in your name
when I pledged to bring peace to France.
You vanquished Holland, the Rhine, Italy
and dictated peace
at the walls of astounted Vienna.
Soldiers! Only by the roads of glory
will you wish to return to France.
Only in triumph shall we enter our homeland!
This is the battle you have so greatly desired.
Victory is in your hands.
It will give us speedy return to our own country.
Fight as you fought at Austerlitz, Friedland,
Vitebsk and Smolensk.
And may posterity say of each of you:
"He was at the great battle of Moscow!"
And blessed be the people
who in the hour of trial,
without asking the rules
or how others acted in similar circumstances,
simply and easily raise the club
and smite with it
until the feeling of insult
and revenge in their souls
changes to scorn and pity.
He's Captain Ramballe's orderly.
He's an officer. Must get him warmed up.
Take him to the Colonel!
Oh my good, kind friends!
These are men! Oh my good friends.
Come on, drink.
You'll be fine.
Teach me, I'll catch on easily.
They're people like us.
Even weeds grow on their own soil...
I say, what a lot of stars!
That's a sign of a good harvest year.
Lower, bend it lower.
That's it. Hurrah, lads!
I thank you all
for your hard and faithful service.
Our victory is complete.
Russia will not forget you.
You fame will live through the ages!
I know
it's hard for you, men.
But there's no help for it.
Patience, it'll soon be over.
We'll see our visitors out, and then we shall rest.
It's hard for you, but you're at home.
But they...
You see what they've come to.
Worse than the lowliest beggars.
While they were strong, we didn't spare ourselves.
But now we can spare them.
They're human beings too,
eh, lads?
But after all, who asked them to come here?
It serves the bastards right!
Only now has Pierre discovered
not with his brain, but with his whole being and life
that man is created for happiness.
Joyfully he contemplated
the ever changing, great,
incomprehensible, infinite life.
And so we meet again.
He often spoke of you.
I was so glad to hear that you were safe.
The only piece of good news we had had in a long time.
I knew nothing about him.
I believed he had been killed.
All I hear was from others.
I only know that he fell in with Rostovs.
A strange coincidence!
Don't you recognize her?
If I were not what I am
but the handsomest, cleverest
and best man in the world, and if I were free,
I would beg your hand and your love
on my knees.
Long live everyone!
Go hand in hand,
all who cherish the good.
And let there be one banner -
active Good.
All thoughts that have
momentous consequences are simple.
My idea is that if evil men
are linked with one another and therefore strong,
then honest men
must do likewise.
It is as simple as that.
The End