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Kim Jong Kook
Jang Woo Hyuk
Lee Minwoo
Sung Shi Kyung
Chae Yeon
Park Jung Ah
Jeon Hye Bin
Let's start off with a warm up game
The Pushing Game!
The most searched phrase over the past last week
Jong-Kook and Jinsuk!
Chae Yeon
Kim Jong Kook
The star of the relationship from the last 10 years,
although he knew who she was, he still discreetly watched out for her.
Jinsuk, it's been a while
I'm so happy that we're able to meet up like this after 10 years
I think I've seen you somewhere 10 years ago
I was so happy you succeeded in becoming a singer.
I liked you in my high school days, as a fan of Turbo and Kim Jong Kook.
Even now, I like you as a fan
I want to ask, were you ok after the broadcast?
How about it, Chae Yeon?
Nothing is wrong, it's just that I fancied you when I was in high school...
I feel very proud that I can be on the stage with you.
Please sing a song to each other
Something you want to sing right now.
Please act cute to each other.
Just this once!
If that was her true feeling, her heart was true,
then that feeling must be really deep.
Everyone, did no one fancy me during my wrestling days?
I'll show you, choose me again in the couple selection!
Thats another matter altogether!
I know, again!
Chae Yeon wins!
Park Kyung Lim
Hey, Park Kyung, since it's Christmas I wonder if your romance will succeed today.
Tei is like a human Christmas present to me.
First sing a song for each other.
Please don't cry,
Please don't cry
If you cry!
If you cry,
If you cry,
If you cry, you'll become
If you cry, you'll become a square~
Park Kyung Lim, please sing a song.
Anyone can fall in love~
Thats great!
There's still more
Okay, you can carry on singing.
Anyone can fall in love,
anyone can leave,
anyone can become a memory.
The melody is not quite the same!
Look at each other and give each other a nickname,
Park Kyung Lim first!
Oh~ Baby~
Oh my 'GAK' (corner/Angle)
I will be avenged by my boyfriend.
Who is your boyfriend?
Park Kyung Lim has only said one thing~
Why are you all so worried??
OK, I'll introduce my boyfriend!
There's one person who doesn't have to worry!
Sung Shi Kyung
Sung Shi Kyung, congratulations!
Must've be all the charitable things you've done in 2005!
Park Kyung Lim's boyfriend, Sung Shi Kyung!
Please be cute
Although he's smiling on the outside, inside all he's thinking about is revenge!
Of course, to avenge Park Kyung Lim~
Merry Christmas~
Happy New Year~
Sung Shi Kyung,
Be cute one more time.
Kiss me darling, kiss me, kiss me tonight!
Oh, Sung Shi Kyung is wearing antlers on his head.
Sung Shi Kyung wins!
Ji Sang Ryul
It's Princess Sang Ryul!
It's the beautiful story of General Sung and Princess Sang Ryul!
Please say how you feel after seeing each other again.
Shi Kyung,
I want to love you until my heart stops beating!
You just wait, your face will be very unappealing today!
What, do you have poison or something?
Who gave him his lines?
You pay the scriptwriters!
How do you come out with all this crap!?
Ji Sang Ryul,
What will Sung Shi Kyung's present be this Christmas?
I want to be the Christmas tree in Sung Shi Kyung's life.
Why don't you leave us already!
Look at each other and give each other a suitable nickname.
Think about your age!
I have the mentality of a 40 year old
But would you say your age in front of everyone?
Why don't you take care of yourself, how old are you?
Just exactly how old are you?
You don't even know your own age do you?
What year were you born? Exactly what year?
Have you looked at your ID card?
You're like a child who doesn't know anything!
Sung Shi Kyung, please say the nickname.
Let's get it on!!
They really suit each other!
You need to win~
I'm afraid he might get hurt!
You can't do that,
do it again and it's a warning for you!
Sung Shi Kyung wins!
Mickey Yoo Chun
U-Know Yunho
This is the 2005 Christmas Special so lets have a dance-off,
Micky to go first.
Now U-Know.
In 2006, what do you wish the other person can change about their bad habits?
Please say one bad habit of each other.
You need to eat more~
I hope you will stop stealing other member's food!
Micky has said the reason as to why he is not eating enough~
Use your antlers! Use your antlers!
Micky Yoo Chun wins!
Kim Jong Kook,
you're amazing~
PD, please edit it out, I didn't catch him
Jang Woo Hyuk
Lee Minwoo
If you had to give Minwoo a present, what would you give him?
I want to give him a nice sports car.
The Christmas present is a little too heavy~
I want to introduce him to a girlfriend...
In that case, is there anyone here today that is suitable for him?
Kang Jung Hwa.
Why is that?
When they smile, they have similar dimples.
That's what YOU think, but...
Is it that obvious~
Jang Woo Hyuk wins!
Jeon Hye Bin
Because today is Christmas,
I'll give you a big present,
Park Myung Soo
Can you not give me a Christmas present?
You've done some good things! Good things!
Finally, Park Myung Soo has his first romance!
Oh~ so pretty!
Very simply say something from the heart, something you felt after holding hands.
You're very pretty,
and I've been listening to your new song...
Say something from the heart, the heart...
I'm about to go crazy!!
You can't be like this, calm down first...
Please open your eyes!
Oh~ so pretty, pretty
Thanks Ji Sang Ryul, I'm about to go crazy!
Sing a song for each other.
I'll sing a Christmas song for you,
close your eyes!
Can I not close them?
NO, close them.
If you don't close them it will do you no good...
Child, sleep well!
You should be the one who sleeps!
Okay, lets start this.
Myung Soo Hyung, you're so evil!
Jeon Hye Bin wins!
Kang Jung Hwa
What would you give as a Christmas present to each other?
I want to give you my golf set at home.
I have one already.
It's the first time Haha is shocked!
Then how about me?
Treat me as the Christmas Present to you.
If you had to choose between MC Yoo and Haha, who would you choose?
Park Kyung Lim, don't make it hard for Kang Jung Hwa.
Why? It's actually quite fun!
If you had to choose your Christmas present...
Listen to what she has to say first!
I always see Yoo Jae Suk on TV, but I've never heard him sing before.
Is it possible for you to sing for me? As a Christmas present.
Is it funny?
How is it funny?
Well sing a song then. Didn't Kang Jung Hwa ask?
Really...wait a sec...
Hold hands, hold hands, Don't just look at me!
We've been in love before~
Act cute!
Kang Jung Hwa, act cute first!
Don't go, hurry and sing a song for her, she wants to listen to a song.
Pretend to push me naturally.
I will treat you like a Christmas present.
I know you can't sing, but just sing something simple.
Look at her!
Kang Jung Hwa's attractiveness is rising~
Another man's woman,
Very attractive!
On the count of 3, push!
Kang Jung Hwa wins!
Kang Team Wins!
Chicken Fight!
Lets first look at Kang Teamís cheerleading chickens.
Thereís isnít much meat on my backÖ
Whoa! Christmas Tree!
Lets a round of applause to the Kang team!
Now lets have a look at Park Teamís cheer.
Everyone, Merry Christmas!
Now lets looks at what chickens the Kang Team and Park Team has this week.
This chicken has been fried for too long.
ëAhn Sung Dekí chicken.
What kind of storyline is this? How can I be an overcooked Chicken?
I could be Miss Korea 2000, Hello, Iím Miss Korea, Park Jung Ah.
Myung-Soo oppa, when you fried me, why did you use such a high temperature?
Look, my leg is constantly rising~
That was a bit of a shocker
Lets continue with this atmosphere!
Next is our ëRemixí chicken
I forgot the lyrics!
You should have taught me the lyrics properly!
The music industry has hope! Thatís good!
The next chicken can do anything.
It's ëRemote Controlí chicken!
So that's the reason why heís rising [In status]
Next is our 3 rising chickens,
ëHA MYUNG KOOKí chickens!
We are Ha Myung Kook chickens!
Thanks to all the viewers of X-Man for following us,
We will now give prepare for a very large chicken for you all.
Everyone, please receive a lot of chicken~
Wow that was amazing, please give them a round of applause!
Now lets look at Kang teamís chickens this week.
First we have a jumping chicken who can reach the sky
Micky Yoo Chun!
Were you exploding just now?
ëMatrixí Chicken
Next, it's ëTeií chicken!
Non-stop running,
a chicken who is constantly PR-ing himself
What are you doing? Hurry up!
Thatís what Iím doing!
Park Team wins!
Now itís the final battle.
This will decide who is the winner of the round!
To win the opposition, we will first sing a song to scare you.
Us Park Team also want to say something.
Donít feel bad, we will definitely win!
Weíll move each time on the count of 3.
Tei has been eliminated!
Youíve been eliminated too!
Usually, Park Myung Soo is the first to be eliminated, this time however, it's Tei.
Itís a pity for the Kang team.
Park Team wins!
This weekís ëOf Courseí is going to be great with a lot of drama.
Sung Shi Kyung
Ji Sang Ryul
Youíve met each other before in ëOf Course.'
Now that it's Christmas,
can you watch a movie with me?
Ji Sang Ryul had prepared for a female guest however now that heís used it here, it's really weird.
Canít imagine what type of attack this is.
What have you done with your hair!!!
I watch X-Man regularly,
it looks like that you and Park Myung Soo are rivals.
But in reality Park Myung Soo has more money than you,
and is more popular than you, so youíre jealous right?
Iíve always said this,
Park Myung Soo is a lot worse than me.
the mind
My mind is KS!!
Mind and looks aside...
how can you be so arrogant!
With your song in the background,
how would you like to come for a drink with me on New Yearís Eve?
Why are 2 guys drinking red wine together?
But Iím spending New Yearís Eve...
with Park Myung Soo, so weíre going to be eating chicken wings!
So youíre just going to waste your New Yearís Eve just like that
You ungrateful Insect...
I heard that for your next album
youíve put a lot of effort into it.
Didn't Park Myung Soo write some of the songs?
Have you heard of a song called ëShould Be Friedí?
Itís time to fry, holding tightly the chicken~
If I can control the temperature~
I think that it would be better idea if you chose this follow up song
What song did Park Myung Soo write?
Park Myung Soo wrote a special song:
I wonít just blindly prepare for deliveries~
When you want to order a meal~
thereís meat, vegetables~
Okay, weíll bring out our composer!
Park Myung Soo
They call me JI SOON SHIN!
The infamous JI SOON SHIN!
Here why don't we go worldwide.
The war between England and France. The Red Cross War. Who started it?
Are you talking to me about blood transfer?
Ah~ these two are the knowledge couple!
It's year end,
have you been drinking a lot?
Your face is horrible to look at!
If youíve made any moneyÖ
put something on your face!
Chilli sauce will do!
Look at your face?!?
You call yourself an actor!
Is your face red soup with fish and wine? Why has it changedÖ
8 Beat Eurodance specialist!
I see in the last few days that youíre in the top 5 internet websites, saying youíre on the up!
Ji Sang Ryul on the rise for the 2nd time
in TV dramas, comedies, all shows!
But my name...
is always in front of yours, you know that right?
Why do you always copy others?
Look carefully at me!
Congratulations on beating Ji Sang Ryul!
Are you that happy that you beat me?
2005 is nearly over!
Donít you think either me, you, Kang Ho Dong, or Yoo Jae Suk should get married?
When you get married
are you going to use that head to greet the guests?
Go sort your hair out!
To tell you the truth, I am going to use this hairstyle for my wedding!
But is it okay for your eyes to be like that at the wedding?
Your eyes is always like that
Why are they always closed together?
My eyes!
Are ëmyciní eyes! (mycin = Antibiotic injection)
Those here who have had an operation know what it is!
If you have an operation, you need to have one of these
Itís a medical term! Did I say something wrong?
Do you know Socrates?
He said before, you need to look closely at yourself!
Are you here to lecture? Do you think you are Pestalozzi?
Who are you trying to lecture?
Even my parents have given up on me!
Spinoza also said thisÖ
Why are you guys pretending you know?
Thereís no logic in saying a celebrity knows everything!
Kang Ho Dong!
What do you know?
Stop laughing! Do you know Spinoza?
Whatís up! Whatís up!
Since we donít know,
if we donít laugh should we cry?
Whatís up!
You guys say the camera is on me, do you want me to cry?
Spinoza said this phrase before, no matter how hard it is,
even if the world was to end tomorrow,
I still want to grow an apple treeÖ
I wonít grow an apple tree,
Iíll fry chickens!
Even the world ends, I still want to fry chickensÖturn them 180 degreesÖ
The worldís most beautiful stream
Micky Yoo Chun
In the Banjun Drama, Park Myung Soo has played the part of Micky Myung Soo beforeÖ
Ji Sang Ryul played the part of U-Know Sang RyulÖ
When you were in the Banjun Drama,
did you know how embarrassing it was for me?
Your real name is Park Yoo Chun
mine is Park Myung Soo,
you and I are handsome men right?
I told you to admit it!
What is your surname?
frying chicken has made you far too arrogant!
I was the ëU-Know Yunhoí 10 years ago!
Micky Yoo chun,
In 10 years time you will look likeÖ
I saw you 10 years ago!
Youíre doing the ëwhoosh' wrongÖ
donít close your eyes completely
you need to open them a little!
Quickly do it now and see!
Raise your hand, follow my lead.
See! We are so alike!
Donít do it, donít do it~
It's so embarrassing to have the same surname as you!
Park Kyung Lim
It's going to be very hard, very hard
Will she succeed?
Iíve been noticing you today,
especially your hairstyle, I love it!
Your hairstyle is like of Jang Dong Gun in ìTyphoon.î
In comparison to other parts, I feel your hairstyle today is a success!
Teiís hairstyle is great but what about your own?
Have you made it to look like an ahjooma (Elderly Aunt)
No matter how hard you try~
No matter how hard you try~ we wonít matchÖ
Guys who like me are like this.
First impression (of me) is not goodÖ
but they say I get more and more cute.
If you know me longer and then thereís feelings for me.
Youíre at that first stage right now!
Iím pretty?
Of course!
Can I love you?
Is that okay?
Iíve been noticing you all dayÖ
Your hairst-
Iíll use a songÖ
The first time I felt your eyesÖ
it was a misunderstanding!
Anyone can fall in love,
anyone can leaveÖ
From behind, she really does look like my momÖ
Please donít pay attention to the others, just say what's in your heart!
Wow, Park Kyung Limís heart is still trying.
This is the last show if the year!
My boyfriend from 10 years agoÖ
Kim Jong Kook
OwÖ Stomach hurtsÖ
What, are you that easy?
But it's true, we did go out for a while!
YouíreÖlike me
who can sing really well!
Youíre amazing too!
Canít you see?
See that Iím your senior?
My respected senior!
I have heart pains,
I am shockedÖ
I have heart pains,
I am shockedÖ
is it because youíre a mosquito?
From head to toe~
youíre arrogant!