Dub FX gets creative with Traktor Kontrol S4 - The Tutorial

Uploaded by NativeInstruments on 24.05.2011

In this tutorial video, we'll demonstrate how intuitive the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 all-in-one
DJ system is to do live recording, looping and overdubbing to build up a unique performance,
using just the Loop Recorder, Sample Decks and TRAKTOR’s amazing effects suite.
Watch how Dub FX created his loop jam on Weekend Club’s rooftop in Berlin….
The Loop Recorder controls are located centrally in the S4 mixer section.
They allow to record the output of individual decks or a live input source, such as the
mic input.
To do this, plug in a microphone into the S4’s mic input on the rear.
In TRAKTOR’s preferences, you have convenient routing options – send the “Input Aux”
to Channel D and turn the “MIC GAIN” clock-wise to level it correctly.
In the Loop Recorder, select AUX in the input source drop down menu and make sure that the
dry/wet knob is set all the way to “wet” – and you’re ready to record!
Once he has engaged via the "REC" button, it records the input source 8 beats and after
that starts cycling as a loop.
It allows for further overdubbing by pressing "REC" again. This is how Dub FX adds more
vocal layers and creates the harmonies.
The recording loop length can be set using the "SIZE" button if the Loop Recorder is
You can free up the Loop Recorder for further use: Just move the recording into an empty
slot of TRAKTOR's Sample Decks.
To do this, he holds down the "Browse" button which then allows to copy source audio to
a new destination.
Select the Loop Recorder’s “Play” button as the source and then an empty loop slot
in a Sample Deck as the destination.
Dub FX now drops in a breakbeat on one of the track decks and uses the chunky filter
knob below the channel EQ to slowly bring it into the mix.
Now watch him add more elements to his performance using the Loop Recorder with overdub and then
storing them into Sample Deck slots!
The Sample Decks in TRAKTOR can be muted and unmuted using the Play buttons in the Sample
This allows for convenient live arrangements on-the-fly.
The upcoming Beatmasher effect is one of the most popular TRAKTOR effects.
When engaged, it samples a short bit of audio and then cuts it up "stutter-style".
The stutter timing can be controlled with the first FX knob on the S4.
The effects layout on the S4 hardware corresponds with the layout in the software.
The dry/wet knob controls how much of the original sound gets through.
You can hear TRAKTOR's delay effect in action here – another extremely popular effect
that automatically syncs to the master tempo.
We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at some of the advanced and unique performance
features of the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and that you will use them in your next set!