Do the Right Thing (8/10) Movie CLIP - No Nasty (1989) HD

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Come here.
You think you're slick, Tina.
How else could l get you up here?
l haven't seen you all week.
l'm working. Making money.
You forgot the ice cream again.
l forgot.
Your memory's getting ridiculous.
l got things on my mind.
l really wanted some ice cream.
l'll run out and get some.
No, no. That's out. You won't come back.
l can't be staying long.
How long?
Long enough to do the nasty.
Come on, Mookie. That's out.
First of all, it's too hot.
lf you think l'll let you get some,
put your clothes on and leave,
and l won't see you again,
you're bugging.
l'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, right.
So no nasty, huh?
Something else.
Trust me.
Last time l trusted you, we got a son.
Remember him?
His name's Hector.
You saying l'm a bad father?
On the strength.
Let me talk to you.
What? What?
Over here.
Tina, take your clothes off.
l already told you
it's too fucking hot to make love.
lt's too fucking hot.
Why are you always cursing?
l don't fucking curse that much.
What the hell you mean?
All you do is curse.
Anyway, no rawness is jumping off tonight.
All right? That's it.
No rawness?
No. No rawness.
Why's it always like that
when you come over?
lt's not always like that.
lt's always-- What are you doing?
l'm not cursing.
Mookie. Come on.
l mean it. l'm not playing.
l'm not playing.
Don't be so anxious.
That's right. Take it off.
You're sweating.
Of course l'm sweating.
lt's only 100 degrees in here.
Look, freeze. Don't move.
l'll be right back.
What do you mean you'll be right back?
Where are you going?
l'll be right back.
Why you got me standing on the bed?
Where you going?
How's my son, Hector?
Honey, do you hear that?
He wants to know how you are doing?
And he has the straight face of asking about it.
Good for nothing.
Que se la pasa por la calle---
English! English!
l want my son speaking English.
Get out of my kitchen.
Bad enough his name's Hector.
Get out of my kitchen.
l don't want to hear anything.