Hotel Sales Coaching Training: Simple Request for Information

Uploaded by TheHotelSalesCoach on 21.06.2012

removing resistance to the point of sale their three kinds of resistance if you
understand which resistance you are facing at the time you will have the
tools to illuminate or reduce the resistance for at least nowhere to go
with it
type of resistance number one
this called a simple request for additional information
it happens at the end of your presentation and the customer has a
it's not a big deal
i want to spend much time on a time when insults you for example if you are
finisher site inspection you say well that concludes Kim our site inspection
how'd you like the hotel and kim terns to me and says you know steve i really didn't
get a chance to see the suites you know we do have some hospitality in the
evenings and you didn't mentioning about the suites shoot i'm sorry
for all our conversation for all my homework in research for all the
information that we just share with each other it didn't come up that you have
suites in the evening for hospitality no big deal it's certainly not a deal
killer and so what you would say is gee kim i'm sorry i did not realize the
suits were important to you let's go over the front desk and see which are
available and let's go upstairs and take a look at the suits is removing
resistance to the point of sale it's a simple request for additional
information it's something that wasn't discovered
when you're doing your research on the account it just didn't come up he didn't
mention it you did not want to be a no big deal but you'd be shocked we get
this particularly on the telephone dot the test calls that we do he'll be
shocking of all his head straight to make the point so Kim how did
you like the hotel now that we've completed the site inspection were in the lobby of
our hotel hodge like hotel well steve it was great but i didn't get a chance to
see the suites Oh, I didn't realize the suites were important to you
yes suites are very important to us, sorry you can't see the suites suites
well we laugh at that example
but how many times do we do test calls which they you know
if there are charges for parking be sure included in the proposal do you have
high speed internet access in the mean rooms if so please be if there's a cost
would please include the proposal that's free please include in the proposal
and then the proposal rives and there's no mention of parking there's no mention
of high-speed internet access
that's the line simple request for additional information
you mean i'm gonna happen i'll pick up on the site
hey jennifer i thought we talk about high-speed internet access i thought we
talked about part you know what they're not calling you back 'cause they've got
to other proposals from two other hotels
they did included in the proposal your out even though you might have been the
best hotel
you did not respond
to their request for additional information
it's unlikely that they would call you back
because you fail to included detail it was important to them and what's the
decision making process always based on the details
if they feel comparable to you can handle the details to probly gonna get
the visa business if they do not feel comfortable that you can handle of the
they got out of a tells they can go to that will handle the details