Stand up for UC: Joel Primack

Uploaded by UCofficeofpresident on 12.07.2011

University of California is a fantastic asset for the state of California. There’s no
question that California’s economy has benefited enormously from the University of California.
To me, as a longtime faculty member at the University of California and a native Californian,
it just makes no sense to bankrupt the University of California. To cut every year, for the
last four years, very substantially into state funding for the University of California when
California needs the University of California. Our young people need to have a great public
university that can educate the next generation and attract many of the brightest minds in
the world to come to California and start new jobs and contribute to the economy of
California. So, please, people of California, legislators and Governor Brown – stop these
ridiculous cuts to the University of California and reverse the trend. Start giving us more
money, so that we can start to regain the stature that we’ve had before other universities
raid our faculties and basically diminish the University of California to just an ordinary
state university, rather than the greatest research university in the world.