Operation Ambara - Police taskings during Australia Day

Uploaded by TheNSWPolice on 23.01.2012

Ladies and gentlemen, this morning the New South Wales Police Force is launching
Operation Ambara, which is our response to Australia Day
As part of the launch, we would be encouraging everyone to enjoy
Australia Day
in the spirit it is intended, that is for all Australians to come together
and celebrate
who we are as a nation
but do so, responsibly
we've got police across twenty-eight
forward commands
right across New South Wales up and down the coast
and we've got
around twenty five hundred police which is a few less
than New Years Eve, our footprint's a little bit smaller
particularly, in the CBD where we use up lots of our
HR people
In terms of the consumption of alcohol,
again, our usual message, is that you do so responsibly,
those who want to over indulge and ruin the day for other people
will be dealt with by the police who will be out in numbers
Alcohol is more of a factor for us on Australia Day than New Year's Eve
and it tends to manifest or the symptoms tend to manifest themselves
earlier in the day
Not only the precincts that the events will take place but also on the
roads, we will have a significant presence and arguably our busiest day
of the year, on the water, for our Marine Area Command, where every available vessel we
have at our disposal will be out on the harbour, Botany Bay, Port Hacking,
and around the state, up and down the coast
People who enjoy a drink and, over a barbecue or with friends,
absolutely fantastic
It's only when they over indulge and they become problematic and
people have different tolerances to alcohol, we understand that, but
that minority
who want to,
when they are affected by alcohol, spoil other people's fun,
that's what we take issue with, so that's our message and everyone knows their
limits, I think it's a great day for people
to reflect, if nothing else on exactly who we are as a people and as a nation
and we have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate,
but I suppose it's important for
as a people that we all celebrate the day and treat each other
with respect and it's a good occasion to reflect on that too