UCView Digital Signage

Uploaded by ucview on 09.02.2010

A successful digital signage network requires a powerful, reliable tool to manage the content
flow and optimize your results. UCView Media uses cutting-edge technology to provide up
to the minute content distribution and display management.
UCView’s user-friendly web interface allows you to deliver your messages to your target
audience easily and effectively. You can update your campaign’s playlist from your desktop
at home; change scheduling settings from your laptop while on the go; or even check in through
your smart phone to make sure the network is functioning properly. As long as you have
web access, you can supervise your network from anywhere, at any time.
With UCView, you decide what to play, when to play it, and how to play it. Our software
allows you to play any type of media on your network. You can insert video, live TV, images,
Flash, PowerPoint presentations, RSS feeds, and virtually any other format you wish to
appear on your display. You can also create a schedule to display specific content at
designed times. Your displays will target a particular audience at the time of your
choosing to maximize exposure. With our report module, you can create and
print a performance record for any advertiser on your network. There is also a variety of
built-in free content, such as weather, news, traffic reports, and trivia games to supplement
your content. Security of your network is as important to
us as it is to you. UCView’s software gives you the power to assign users and customize
their access privileges. It is entirely up to you to determine who can access your displays
and who can edit what section. You can activate the approval system for each department and
user, giving you complete control.