White genocide in south africa

Uploaded by Freespeechknight on 19.01.2011

Songs advocating the genocide of the South African people are not only being sung. They
are being acted out in the blood and genocide of thousands of White South Africans. Here’s
a quote directly from the BBC, “There have been more than 3,000 murders of Afrikaner
farmers ...” It goes on: "…Afrikaner farmers have objected to ANC Youth League chief Julius
Malema singing "Kill the Boer". They say the constant refrain of this song... incites people
to kill white farmers.... The ANC and Julius Malema have defended the song..." A detailed
study of these crimes by Nedbank revealed that quote, "robbery was Not the prime motivation,
In fact in 85% of last year's farm attacks, nothing had been stolen." The murder rate
for White farmers is the highest of any group in the entire world! And it's not just farmers
who are victims, an estimated 35,000 non-farm Whites have been murdered on the roads and
in their homes and businesses across South Africa. Perhaps the most shocking thing is
that many of you watching this know nothing about it. But, that changes right now!
Hello this is David Duke. What I present here will challenge everything you have heard and
think you know about South Africa. Even for those of you awake to the lies of the media,
the ongoing genocide of White people in South Africa will deeply shock you. For those whose
eyes are not yet open, I pray that the facts of this genocide will somehow touch your heart.
You will find out if you truly respect and honor human rights and human life, or whether
you are so racist that you disregard human rights when Europeans are victims. There is
a horrific purposeful genocide going on right at this moment against White South Africans.
Here is a short news clip of Dr. Gregory Stanton, the head of Genocide Watch.
These are not just numbers on paper these are real people with real families with human
Here are calls for White murder along with worship of their genocidal inspiration:
Joe Slovo.
Interestingly, both Joe Slovo and Menachem Begin lived in the same region of Eastern
Europe where Jews were imbued with deep fear and hatred of Christian Europeans. One ended
up in Israel terrorizing Christians and Muslim Palestinians, and the other ended up in South
Africa terrorizing, European Christians there. Here he is with his followers Winnie and Nelson
Mandela beneath the symbol of communism. Few people in the West even know that Mandela
supported terrorist bombings of innocent men, women and children.
Here is the Mandela they don't let you see in the controlled media
Here is the media version Mandela they show you.
Today’s a very emotional moment for us...for peace...for love among South Africans! He
sings kill the white people in his language, and then tells us in English how devoted he
is to peace and love and the media covers it up! And take a look at Mandela’s wife
Winnie. Winnie likes to burn people alive with tires and gasoline. They are called Necklaces.
She said, "with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country".
The truth is that South African White people have nothing to be ashamed about. The Boers
created a great nation, one so good for Blacks that millions came for the jobs, education,
medical care that the whites created. Before the ANC takeover, only five percent were unemployed.
Now it’s over 50 percent. Before the ANC it was once a safe country for both Whites
and Blacks, now it’s the murder and rape capital of the world. Most African nations
are dominated by The ethnic murder and repression of tribalism. They are rife with murder, corruption,
dictatorship. The conditions for the Black people in those nations are horrendous. They
are far less free there than they were in the old South Africa. Why was South Africa
so demonized by the media? The very same year that Apartheid fell, the Hutus in Rwanda killed
800,000 Tutsi’s in horrific genocide. Black ethnic genocides happened in the Congo, Somalia,
Ethiopia, Chad, Zimbabwe, Angola, Liberia, Botswana, Mali, Mozambique. I could go on
and on. But media coverage of Africa was nothing but a hate fest against the best, safest and
freest nation in all of Africa. In fact, of all the tribes in Africa, South Africa was
led by the most benevolent tribe of all. Nowhere in Africa did Blacks live better or more free
than South Africa? It is really quite insane, the media shows you old pictures different
ethnic bathrooms in White South Africa as proof of its evil, this while thousands of
Whites are now being tortured and murdered. I don’t think there is any moral comparison
between separate bathrooms and genocide. I’ll tell you the real evil. An evil media that
supported the overthrow of South Africa to a bunch a communist terrorists who even sing
songs of genocide and murder. Well, the true racists and haters have South Africa in their
clutches now, and God help both the White South Africans and the Black South Africans
who are now all on a highway to hell. South Africa is heading toward the same corrupt
and murderous tribalism and genocide as the rest of Africa. If you really care anything
about human rights, raise your voice against this genocide of the South African White people.
The world must demand an end to this ongoing genocide. This is test for all you folks out
there who say you really believe in human rights. If you don’t believe in human rights
for White people too, than you don’t believe in human rights at all. Together we must save
these victims of ongoing genocide before it is too late.