Singing Lessons How to Improve Recording Mic Placement Audacity Tutorial

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hello musicians thank you for joining us My name is Andrew Mercer and today we will be
addressing one of the biggest
debt and the vocalist have recording vocal tracks
now these challenges issue comes from
many subscribers that i've had in you both u_-two as well as on my blog
and that is wiseman vocal sound money why how can i get my vocals a sound
clearer were more volume is always a little too quiet
these of course the cartoon from vocalists or trying to record
so let's have a look and see how we can fix that problem
they can see here i'm using a white guy friend condenser microphone for this
demonstration and this is actually broke and at sixty sister proc
uh... this uh... microphone well when i was working
uh... there's certainly some worked well now i'll tell you about how this works
and we can use that as a demonstration for halloween continue you work with
and first of all
most musicians most vocal spanish singing
they tend to be too far away from the microphone they'll stand next year into
some kind of reports of thing that happens in
many people are free to get on top of the microphone
so when they stand experiencing the microphone is working very hurt
to pick up the sound and it's in the process is picking up all kinds of room
picking up a echoes off the windows picking up echoes of ceiling in the
florida and is making the biggie recording some money and not clear and
of course you further away so you have to crank on your savings on your soccer
and in your hardware
in order to compensate for the distance
they are indeed
away from that you get closer to the microphone
now if you get close to this microphone what's gonna happen is
your close if you're keys in your case in your bs
these sandy's a constant
are gonna prop
the microphone is going to cost clipping in your microphone and we don't want
that and watch this video here this will talk to you how to deal with close
that's how to do with katie's in peace and things like that
now i want to do in order to uh... fix some of that isn't going to use a pop
filter or wind screen that's what this is a two-fold cover the cost of a
now you can also you may have seen is also when she can get their uh...
uh... screens a call from the microphone using ground
if you watch this video you'll see how it actually make your own pockets are
basically for free
i don't know but i got a fasting on
papa filter
now if i may use this microphone i'm gonna want to be but this close i'm
going to want to be the four inches from this microphone
that will probably do it for this one
four inches
they might saying let's not to be close
moon and we need in the area may be quite loud that's what we want
we want the microphone to be you to do its job it doesn't need to work store
and when you're this close your microphones gonna pick up all the
residents in your head you know things that if you stand that these concerns
are lost
when you're in close is going to go all the nuances of your chest sound in your
your head seven alternates thrones a you produce
as well as the consonants and things you making as you produce tone
when you're close to this to the microphone you we'll get that beautiful
reached sound
and for the move away
that sample teach
you need to explore that as well you need to get on the microphone like this
and and record yourself four inches from that directly into the capsule
and then listen to it
ending they move the six inches back directly to the capsule listen to that
and do baby and see which one you like better
then maybe tracing a little bit off-center ccm off the caps a little bit
that little bit off and on and i don't the capsule
and try that too which is four eighty six inches and see how that works for
eventually you'll find the sweet spot it for your microphone and when you do
stick to it it's really worth it because you're going to get this being strong
sound that you want
buckets for the meeting the issue for
so get on that microphone getting nicer clothes and let the microphone do the
work for you
okay if you like this give us a life and the law gives the phones up that really
helps a channel some intriguing to select to be like this
and insures describes well we have loads of new tutorials coming up on times of
the short this is described as well
happy recording and i'll see you guys next time