UPA: El microscopio cotilla - Gossip microscope.

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We start this science section with a 14th Sep paper of Science magazine
Santiago de Compostela's university with IBM
and Touluse's CNI (France) have developed a technique to see
single bonds!
They have gotten this technique thanks to the Atomic Force Microscopy
and this allows to study single bonds inside a type of molecules called
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
They're simple estructure's molecules
like the naphtha or naphthene,
such as hexabenzocoronene, which I leave (just above)
a picture where they've seen the single bonds
using the atomic force microscope
Also they can observe nanographenes, opening the way to
make electronic dispositives based on graphene
What's Graphene?
Well, Zeta will explain it on next week's video.
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