PhD Podcast #3 - Interview with Sophia Kim

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[Jaehoon Lee] This is PhD Podcast number three, and we are here in front of
[Jaehoon Lee] uh..our
[Jaehoon Lee] third interviewee's house. We are so excited to go in... she doesn't know, or he
doesn't know
or she. you don't know who it is yet.
they don't know that we are here but we are going to go in and...
surprise the person
we are entering through the....
backdoor so we can surprise
the person... oh my god, I think they saw us. Okay!
we are here and...
I think....
she might be sleeping. I don't know.
[deep breathe]
or he might be sleeping. I can't tell you who it is. I can't tell you the gender.
Hi!! Hi!!
[Jaehoon Lee] Are you still filming?
Jaehoon Lee] yup, yes! uh, this is our third interviewee
[Jaehoon Lee] Sophia Kim! woooo~!
[Jaehoon Lee] This is the intro.
[Jaehoon Lee] Boo! [Sophia Kim] He will kiss you
[Jaehoon Lee] Ready? All set? All good? All good? Focus good? Focus good? you sure?
[Sophia Kim] Yes, sir.
[Jaehoon Lee & Sophia Kim] okay!
[Jaehoon Lee] Hello everybody, this is PhD podcast number three
and we are finally settled down after all that crazy stuff that began in the
beginning. ummmm.
We are here with Sophia Kim, the president of
help the animals
live club
that was a hard one to say
[Jaehoon Lee] and that's not very creative. [Sophia Kim] Shut up. [Laugh]
[Jaehoon Lee] Anyway, uhmm,
[Jaehoon Lee] So, Sophia, you are a Junior. [Sophia] Yes [Jaehoon Lee] and, can you please...
...introduce yourself very briefly.
[Sophia Kim] My name is Sophia Kim,
I am a junior at Battlefield High School.
And I have a dog name man-doo, right here.
my hobbies are swimming, sleeping, and eating food.
my hobbies are swimming, sleeping, and eating food.
[Jaehoon Lee] and violin.
[Sophia Kim] and violin. [Jaehoon Lee] yes, i did some research on...
...Sophia Kim, and she really likes to
uh.. play violin, and be
musical. She was born on April 30th. she goes to Battlefield High School.
[Jaehoon Lee] Right? [Sophia Kim] Yes. [Jaehoon Lee] and she was born in Korea, not in the United states. She moved from Korea when she
was four. She started swimming at ten, and she also started violin all around.,.
...fourth grade.
[Jaehoon Lee] it's all on facebook.
[Jaehoon Lee] Okay, so let's talk about your..... [Laughs]
[Jaehoon Lee] Let's talk about your hobbies.
did your hobbies develop to become one of your..maybe.. your...
[Jaehoon Lee] future job, your dream? [Sophia Kim] No..
[Jaehoon Lee] No? [Sophia Kim] I am planning on quitting after high school. Because it's too like...
[Sophia Kim] it takes up too much time.
[Jaehoon Lee] But do you still enjoy them right now? [Sophia Kim] Yes
[Jaehoon Lee] And...
[Jaehoon Lee] Tell me more about...
...your swimming career. When did you start? How...
...did it come to you? and, any episodes?
[Sophia Kim] Umm, I started swimming when I was in California..
..and I had a really good coach, and he was really nice and all. Like I was really scared of the water, and that's why I..
... think my mom made me swim. [Jaehoon Lee] uh-huh. [Sophia Kim] So like, I started out by...
[Sophia Kim] ...diving, and then I fell in the pool,..
...and that wasn't fun.
[Sophia Kim] Ever since then, I wanted to quit. But then I knew that it would help me in the future, so....
[Jaehoon Lee] help you in the future? like what?
[Sophia Kim] Because Nathan Adrian will marry me if I know how to swim.
[Laugh] [Jaehoon Lee] That.. that was your real thought? [Sophia Kim] No.
[Jaehoon Lee] What was your real thought? [Sophia Kim] I won't get eaten by sharks.
[Jaehoon Lee] Since you lived in California, that is understandable right? [Sophia Kim] Yeah, I guess.
[Jaehoon Lee] And how long did you live in California? [Sophia Kim] Ummm, I moved here when I was...
[Sophia Kim] ...nine. so.. five years?
and alarm
murder two years ago you're telling me out arguments california yet
springs long-time friends
willie's what's your best friend listed
and she called
admitted in a uh...
and some
uh... along uh...
there was a heck of a case of seeking are
she was how how long have you been afraid
kensington beads
ever since i was
so ever since he moved to the united states the did she move it to you or
you don't know any tell us any funny episodes of memorable episode that you
have with sink it
correct advice as match intact had
felt that he said that
not exact
of overhead fine clap
setting came back and say
so transcending you that in nazi close
next dot net message acts of
from seven eight uh... that was the most memorable moment this writing trustful
with your friend
uh... an issue see when you are not in
nine was linked to the at virginia
right um... house at home at three how was
i'm reading from
your question
bypasses afton act
supplements and jonathan
and who was your teacher and has passed
i happen to know
socialist recess or in the simpson patent
peabody markers and the cheat each use english
enough all
how how she arm
what kind of impact she
society can't
i can't do anything
to do just don't know yet sometimes linda impacts are did you just don't
know what kind of impact they had on you
so use your when your nine nine
facts hearts acting us that are
go ahead and i'll talk about your
one sentence
uh... project
was so uh...
were wrong
you right
your your teacher right seemed and
due to the states
obesity new jersey's not
and i'm guessing that's when you met your another that's fine
actually came together
okay so you work for the lovely university
just happier and more dust
cubans she was right here
uh... itself how did you get to meet her
seeing classic miss
women arm ci
helped you just
three and grandson and reactor to lead or
no res
so you just have to friends and at the close to home
and when did this
law for and start
was young i want my monitor need to know remains unsettling box and be bunks i
thought i was dead
abstractor teams
the on him
thank you
creating a
yet heights speed anti-nuke at organic seo kate
cctv how what kind of a more did you
hi i have a sense that the one-time abcam
inquiry franklin st
pickups can't forget so give us a e
knowledge informational cement about this
uh... any likes haha thick and thin
you know khaki company cannot let that be shot
no i didn't know that one like that
uh... okay
so that was
so around when you move your that's when you started to
development model for animals at okies i uh...
cm all had a very with your mom was very passionate about medication
cheetah sheets of pc libraries t_v_ to read and you reviewed you rest of the
rest about animals and little a lot about them
was yeah
tunnel i was home a bottle
so what would you get this dvd
you have two guests u
yucky yet
i have some practice and financing weekend afraid memorial day
anything standing and sent back
and an offset by like a constant statement as a party
so this was a gift from her brother again
we've talked increases in here
i can't speak read of course according to fish for
you've got these two uh... when you're in
middle school
to dominate the first thing that
was listed on your wall all was sylvia came
office thirty eight two thousand eight
on television and and and
couple of days in the area on the member two thousand no
no no no couple of months later on december twenty third
on christmas day athimber twenty fifty lakhs from
now december twenty-fifth undoubtedly she posted a second those saints of the
is bored
anecdotal information season after seeing you think she's awful hahahahaha
well thats made she posts
situations that are so they're trying to stall
to see a lot of prince on the way until i came to that and i discovered the rest
of the camera friends to fit your hands of the killer friends and everything
any day after a year or so later she proceeded
lichtenstein tour now and she says
situation is bored
so happy
peaceful protests you've bought a lot
is is that why you miss california where yet ever not courtyard well why u
worries award ticket was on christmas day
on twenty fifth
of december why he's so bored
dot sound
you know if ok
and and dot
you know answer picco
dug k and
uh... your face book uh...
tropic acts like to
ask you some
i guess stuff about your pictures and
and it's kinda there's a lot of helen your picture in
i'm guessing helen is your sex that best friend in virginia
and she is cut your grass desperate because you could
okay soon let's talk about how and when did you meet her
uh... can and where
uh... diesel
on on
may all the boys stuff that is racial of also did you were talking about some
fuji to work on the list
can research on it and that's what's in are with some other yes
the he
had seed
weight without so you men are on the
bus stop in and you are just like what's your favorite fruit i think that
high-income eunji o god
that day
two six million
exports what's happening
i mean there
this is not not just this creature but they're just like
pictures that
shoes if you can zoom in on this
as interesting
did you see it
sorry i just don't know
who is a choice him so
rescue fasten your by leaking any focus that
the case that so stretch with this crippling at your christian right and
catholic catholic right so windy catholic
uh... seems everything on
like hosts on each side
uh... last night
stopped them
howard catholic
uh... impact in life
protecting balanchine uncertainty marked b_ i mean there's you'd
today and recently u
uh... aka john
and stuff like this and thought instantly cody's dot
and were there any hardship so you have to overcome as a catholic to be coming
catholic piney
heating that you despondent u
talk online
also allow hancock and usa instead
we still have the time as a junior
uh... so
the time is interfering with your mission
never have a right dad image
such as this shit from middle school too
my dsl how all all of that
set my priorities island consider myself to let them academic life and i don't
know who it activity gps
accounts judge bringing back huh that are so
let's let's let's send a message out to eat you can see uh... about character
does matter on
arm let's not let's send a message to you or
freshen students up
how what would you tell that the fire
time that just focus on what you want
no i don't want to do right now and then be any
that all because if you made paul
just instance need so
forty refers to a friend
yet gerald celiac disease that created nl
captured so how how described in in
a sentence
time off
a kind buffet sanjit dancers unlike what companies
cgp believe an armed
any scratches one twenty that
last year okay
and you guys break up because of that now
or you guys can bring them back to me
and how long have you guys and yet
and and this happy
generalists in the early sixties on your
have the anchor
okay i think i should
so it kind of
all force
wing yet while we're there
house fetus moment the you're
he thought of that
so this is
battered are house yes
uh... will put that it's notice because okay
say he was a c cashier and won't like you guys for a cup
thank you bob has had on people and a half
that created that trouble
he and his i_d_ yeah
and then you'd and and that kind of
became a cycle
we're you know
and and and and and
at seven point you just fine
i have done yahoo defeat him
you became a sophomore insofar
you drop out i think you know you can't stop or an arm
how was your sop the transition was it more smoother or
enough time
addictive genocide fellow
ended up and he came
i have to focus on i thought was important
and black idea
joint hahaha thousands instead
i plan to make my own club
so this was when you were all lol for animals
really intensified
sounds like an insistence that
this should be a these so you've realized that not many people give
attention to the anything you want to kind of
help promote that cost this
okays and just briefly just
gripe about here
club what what do you feel at home and miss you guys have been are you guys
i'll be here
nikon and was talking to him options drop-down puppy full-grown animals
animals visually and
here in the east consider yes
technique up
hasn't happened yet dot t_ confined
like him
like against if they were abused refined
i think a lot of fun
incoming members here though
that so you like more members
uh... kept was not a organizations large sounds
and you guys have been effective
in terms of going
were circling and
embankment pittsburgh straight at home
so your software what was your favorite class of all time you know
assessed class and and why is that
aftermath of the that and said that
hill for
and you still in spanish
so do you wanna pursue something in spanish
taking spinach
uh... well
i think you're pretty good at it
and all of it
thank you very much and what was your worst worse times like these
don't like that but advancement inside milstar
and who who did the japanese
and i would back up for you
and either
god class was that preview party
you know
who knows it's hard to bring up that they have this election's sophomore year
is when you really is star on the street g_a_t_t_ classes and how did you feel
about them
either and kathy p plans
okay so your sophomore year was to say okay here as you know in common betting
not do digital compression
with georgia
your friend's house
okay so that's when the conference are
it seemed to join you
united uh... downside i i i keep out heh heh heh
searches you from salt or to cheer and junior year
the hardest year of evol and
axa how's that for you
stead you take a lot of a classes and i think
what is your
worst last night
maybe by nineteen
an eighty biology by top item
dean misses your object
tea party have fun back i think it's just that
i think wealthy yet self-study
i did you get knows that night
you can that pain
and what would you do to bring your grey zone
study most obviously are not studying infected
now for effectively did not
and do you get a lot of
uh... distractions
computer so social media simplicity home
so do you like he's height and more he hammered
and it's not and ship
uh... so and strong
uninstalling and someone who told that the whole classmates of all the people
there progress meeting because of
idea more social media to sunset uninspired so you want to get on a life
media buchannan detracts
permits of cars driving for you because there's a lot of
stereotypes that people in or not they driving and i appreciate sir
and can
so i'd just like they have varying times bag do you think he just doesn't have so
your junior year is then has been tough
and with all clubs and stuff it's been just chaotic
and has been interfering with your religion
i can't help myself
to your registered voters self everything
so ballots get in suits your
like pasal visits are really this pictures are really
really really mean one there
what you're doing
just allowed to citizenry to this case your please
as the issue
be clarified about
what you're doing and
while you were one
your your sweeping but what they do this car maybe it was that this would mean
orchestra darkest hour
what i'm saying what's this
last last year
and you're going to seemed like a little sweet and sour something
uh... and
um... seated story taking funny pictures and
enduring very gorgeous person
that's it
bellic seriously like there are some a beautiful people in this world and you
were one of them
can you haven't replied stock or bond is telling you
and and why do you usually too
opera pictures
of myself nightline pictures
any fifteen
makes minimum
so ok so that's why
hides and do you decided that you're the one of the most beautiful
immuno election flaky
like of brian
brian process kozol
how about that one
act like
yeah i know he has a lot of interest in the event
and and you have children ages that was that is that because of joseph charles
or himself
why why
you think
you can't get past
don't love him
all right
we've discussed about her life just
uh... last question for you and improving your senior life
uh... acting
don't procrastinate exchange i think that kevin officer bad just catholic
effort to get to her feature time
and and
do you have final message to that your loved ones not your family brightbox on
my part
downright s and lucky to have idea
like friends and sixty
be actor
so this is
not sticking to this
hasn't retired hotline
hospitals three
that stop homes
strains and docent
that's best
nosso badge
yes because if you can see money issues
finds it
that's it