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>>Glen Bannon:Today is Tech Trends doing video games seriously Modern Warfare2, was being
praised for the altra realistic games experience, yet all the person have punish it into teches
on Modern Warfare 3. Which they say it will be the most truth live material game ever
created, but the majority of games play spend holling equipment and filling out paper work.
On your news reporter, Jeff Tate has more.
>>Jeff Tate:Thanks,Glen. What you are waiting around for order or cleaning up for humthesis,
the real live maritime action in Modern Warfare3, never stops.Players take on the roller, private Keeshon Lewis,
a 19 years old and from Glay misery, who is with drat on front line for the cardie of
ship,working world's clothes. Games will stand guard outside of photo realistic where has
housed for hours.Detend the pose and macula it random looks same.
>>Jeff Tade:detend forty pose in the macularly berander sand and sit around complaining about
how bad the celephone reception is.(Man I get no service out here. Yeah, it sucks. Yeah.)
>>Bryan Sagan:When you are playing the game, you are a U.S. army private. You're gonna
do things like um...avoiding cleaning the mess hole, waiting for the under shorts two
months and she said in three months ago.
>>Jeff Tade:The bade tester I spoke with were impressed with the game's realism.
>>You _________ drive the supply truck from this village to smother village, and then
once you get there they said the works was messed up, so you drive all the way back.
>>I just got passed the mission or you do the photo up ____ thanks giving new stories
but now I'm stuck at the part or you have to sell out the bet between two soilders about
what are they matters of sex ____ for Jessica Biel or Shakira.
>>(No man, becuase shakira's got the moves that Jessica Biel could never have cuz she's
a trained dancer. You mean if Jessica Biel were standing right there you wouldn't go
for her? Not if Shakira was right there.)
>>I'm not at the stage right now when you got homesick and you go on to the desert and
just sort of...stare at nothing zintenze.
>>Jeff Tade:Modern Warfare three out set totally offented gun blazing action.
>>I was standing there and knocked out shot in the back and that I guess the game is over.
>>Jeff Tade:In the final level's _______ returns home and there is even more excitement. Players...
>>check shirt man:we have to face alcohol's attitude keep asking if they are black or
>>Jeff:and developers are also creating bonus download of missions like read the redployment
Germany well players will play hard for these for ten hours a day from the Annie news network
I'm Jeff Tate
>>anchor:Thanks Jeff and ware is also developing a version of the game for the Wii which would
come package of the seventeen pounds controller shake like the M-249 machine gun that you
must carry it all times but cannot fire without explosive orders and still the come congress
is agree to go on the same cell phone plan to save money
>>aside:we connect people how they look like each other is a sort of bizzar thing you'll
have no idea what's came somebody next door or in another country