Allowing Change

Uploaded by reginadettra on 19.09.2011

I'm so glad you came by today.
I guess you've noticed there's been some changes.
We've added some new colors, added new style.
I don't know if you've noticed or not,
but here recently
there's been a change in my writing style.
You know i'm beginning to see things a little differently.
I'm beginning to see god in all the little things around.
It wasn't always that way.
You know, my mom said
when i was a kid
about two or three
I would set my teddy bears up in my room
and I would teach each and every one of them.
she just knew
that one day I was going to be a teacher
just like her.
I guess you might say,
that I thought that was
my purpose … my destiny,
to follow my mother in her footsteps.
You know she laughed and she always asked me the same question "Well don't you know what
happens to teachers?"
We prematurely go gray.
We have wrinkles beyond belief.
And we become crabby.
And not to mention
the mean teacher comes out in the weirdest places, like at McDonald's or
at the grocery store.
Whenever we see a child misbehaving
the teacher comes out.
Well, you know it took me
eleven years.
Eleven long years
To understands that that was not
my destiny
You see, I was seeing things through my eyes
I was
making my plans.
And uh...
i didn't really know
that God who's this super natural acquaintance of mine
I didn't know
He knew my plans.
In fact, if you look in Jeremiah twenty nine
it says.
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,
plans to prosper you, not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Then you will call upon me
and come and pray to me,
and I will listen to you.
I was in the classroom,
in the very beginning I was gonna save the world.
I had high hopes and dreams of becoming the superintendent.
Those were my
Not necessarily god's plan.
And, what i did find
was that I did
go prematurely gray.
In fact,
I can name every single child
and student that put a gray hair on my head.
And I got crabby.
And the mean teacher would come out
in the weirdest places.
Sometimes at home,
with everybody.
I wasn't very pleasant.
And so,
this aquantaince of mine
I kind of got to know Him alittle bit better.
I started going to church. Started getting involved.
And then I started praying.
Started asking,
because I wasn't happy,
I was miserable,
and it was affecting everyone.
So God did hear me. He did listen.
And He did open a door.
In fact, he got me out the classroom
and into ministry.
The thing of it is,
my relationship with God was getting stronger,
but it wasn't becoming personal.
I was doing ministry every single day. I was teaching children
all about Jesus,
All about the stories in the Bible. I was ...
I was doing all these really cool family activities.
But i wasn't working on my relationship,
my own
That intimacy that God
wants for us.
what happened was.
God started an earthquake.
He was shaking the foundation,
and I was crumbling faster than I
knew what was happening.
So I left
the children's ministry.
I was stripped away from it.
I fell
into God's plan.
See, God said He would prosper me, He was gonna proper me.
Maybe not monetarily.
I was beginning to see things.
Especially now.
Now that I've
started to really study His word.
And really follow and aknowledge
His whispers and His nudges
and really taking step by step in faith
following Him.
He didn't want any harm
to come to me ...
or my family.
So He got me out of those situations,
to follow His path.
And you know if further along
into Jeremiah twenty nine
it says.
Later after we ask
and we come and we pray and He listens
He says
You will seek me
and find me
when you seek me
with all your heart.
I will be found by you,
declares the LORD
This website,
started two years ago.
We've come a long way.
So has my writing.
And I guess you've noticed
it went from the day-to-day complaining whining, 'Oh why can't I have this?'
Finding God int the little things.
I'm prospering.
I'm following.
And God. He's making it
such a wonderful journey.
So yes, I'm so glad
you came back today.
And I hope to see you in the future,
because we've got so many cool
neat, God seeking things to find this year.
God bless.