Hauptkamm Teil 1 - Alpencross 2012 (Transalp)

Uploaded by gletschersau on 24.11.2012

A TransAlp Extreme Adventure
Once again I'm on my way to cross the Alps
and the first 15 miles lie behind me.
I'm now in the Lech Valley
and the sun is just coming out for the first time today.
It had been very cloudy this morning
but if I believe in the forecast
the weather will continuously improve during the next days.
Which means: Good conditions for the TransAlp!
Soon I will leave the Lech Valley
and enter the Rotlech Valley,
and then it's going really uphill for the first time today.
I just started to rain like crazy.
Across this mountain black clouds were coming
but fortunately I found this cratch to use as shelter.
Otherwise I'd be totally soaked by now.
I think the weather will quickly pass
and then I can continue.
Time for a snack!
This trail is quite a nightmare.
It is absolutely not ridable with the mountain bike.
You even have to carry the bike most of the time.
It is narrow, exposed
and there are all these chutes washed into the slope
in which you have to climb down
and climb back up yonder.
Which almost doubles the ascend.
Very exhausting!
The rest of the path is either trampled by cows
or the cows have shit all over the place.
The road up to Wenns was not a lot of fun.
I'll now reward myself with a fantastic Austrian apple pie.
Caution! Falling rocks! Use the pilgrim trail at your own risk!
Up here here'll be my camp for tonight.
It's in the middle of the night.
I woke up cause I heard eerie noises.
Now you can hear it again!
I don't know if you can hear it on the video...
I'm not sure what kind of animal that is.
Maybe a stag or a deer.
Now it is close to my tent!
I just reached the end of the glacier road
and now there's the junction up to the Weißsee Saddle.
From here on I'll have to carry the bike most of the time.
And I have a visitor...
Greetings! Enjoy your meal!
Ice-cold wind is blowing up here!
The route up here is extremely exhausting.
I hadn't tried something like that before.
I'm considering circumnavigating the summit I had planned to cross tomorrow,
because it would be even higher to carry.
And I think one extreme summit per Transalp might suffice.
To show you what you take on if you want to cross this mountain:
That's where I had to climb up.
Back there behind the lake you can see the glacier road.
And here the path leads on upwards.
It shouldn't be too far to the summit anymore.
Most of the trail down from the summit now lies behind me.
I have to say that I would not recommend trying this route.
Up to the summit you have to carry across very steep terrain
and you have to be very sure-footed in the high mountains.
It was extremely exhausting and I was totally beat when I reached the peak.
I took a half-hour break up there to recover.
Not even 50% of the trail downhill can be ridden,
even if you are a skilled enduro biker.
Someone with normal biking skills will push all the way down
which will take quite some time.
During my downhill ride I dismounted across the handlebar.
Fortunatley nothing bad happened.
Only this little scratch on my knee
and fortunately no damage to my bike.
No big deal.
I'll just take care of the scratch.
First, rinsing the wound with water...
Drying the wound...
That's what these nifty bike gloves are for.
Then treating the wound with spray-patch.
Burns like crazy, but it helps.
It desinfects and closes the wound if it isn't too deep.
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