Yodwanpadet fighting Somrak Sor Khamsing for 5.27 Million Baht.

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Wanpadet, Fighting Name "Yodwanpadet Gai Yan Hadow Gym"
a superstar of Muay Thai from the past who stopped fighting 24 years ago but now he's fighting on the 4th of october for 5.27 million Thai baht
Next month he's fighting Somruk Sor Khamsing, the hero of the olympics and superstar of Muay Thai
My names Bunpot, I'm a trainer at Sinbi Muay Thai
When I was young, Yodwanpadet teach me, thopaddak (sing), Kim Chi (Dee), Sak and Komkrit
Now Wanpadet come back to fight again and be trained by his students
We're training him here at Sinbi Muay Thai, We will train him to be the best he can be
Now I talk with Wanpadet about how he feel about his upcoming fight and get to know him more. lets goto the interview.
Hello, now I want to talk about, your upcoming super fight with Somruk Sor Khamsing. Both of you are Superstars from the past, coming back to fight next month on number 4 for 5.27 million baht.
ok today we talk about Wanpadet, what is your fighting name?
My fighting name is Yodwanpadet Gai Yang Hadow
How long was your fighting career?
I fought for 13 years
How many fights did you have?
I had 100 Muay Thai fights and 50 boxing matches.
Which title belts did you have?
6 titles between Rajadamnern and Lumpinee and 2 SEA Games titles in Indonesia and Malaysia, I also was in the Olympics at Korea but didn't do so good.
So, what makes you want to come back and fight again?
I'm a promoter at Rajadamnern to and me and my friends talk about how we can help promote the sport more to encourage more Thai people to want to learn the sport
The sport isn't as popular as it once was in Thailand and we want to change that. Me and my friends try to think about the biggest superstar and we think of Somruk Sor Khamsing, hero of the olympics.
so I call him and we talk about how much to fight for and we agreed 5257000 baht.
so much money!
What do you think about fighting Somruk, do you think you will win or not?
Win or lose it's just a sport but I'm 90% sure I'm going to win, I know I'm older, I'm 51 and Somruks only 40 years
but I've taken very good care of my body. Thats why I'm sure I'll win.
How do you feel that before you're the boss of all of us but now we get to tell you what to do?
Here is so good, it's like my family, my students from before looking after me, im so happy
I see all these guys, Sing, Pot, dee etc when they are small children fighters and now I get to see them all grown up as the best trainers who can teach me things.
Now they are taking care of me very well, everything is just so good here and I'm so happy to be here. I'm so happy, so so happy!
Do you remember the last time you had a fight?
I had 7 fights in a row undefeated, my last fight was 1988 (24 years ago)
My last fight was again Sangtien Noi Jor jomgpit, then I do boxing for 2 years before finishing including the 1988 olympics.
Now I'm a boxing promoter and like to keep involved with Muay Thai and come back to fight with Sangtien Noi again at tv 3 Omnoi Stadium for an exhibition one time.
How is your body feeling since you havent trained for such a long time? Hows the legs etc now you're training again?
I train Muay Thai, I have to train the Thai Royal Army Muay Thai. I play a lot of football, I play football with my son and my body feels young.
My body has no problems it's really in good condition
Ok so you're still a very active sportsman
Yes I'm always doing sport
Ok so you're fighting for more than 5 million baht, what are you going to do with all that money
I dont think so much about the money, I work for the Army Airforce and Somruk works for the Army's Naval Force
The money is not ours, its from supporters of me and supporters of Somruk. It's just to make the fight more entertaining, not for us to win.
Win or lose, this is just sport. If I win my supporters have that money, if Somruk wins, his supporters get the money.
That money not for me or Somruk, just for our supporters. We've never had superstars fight for this much money in Thailand before,
This fight is for 5.27 million baht and it breaks records in Muay Thai. Nobody has ever fought for so much
Ok and the last question, now what are you working as, what do you do with yourself?
Now I work in the Thai Royal Airforce and Boxing Promoter in Rajadamnern
Thankyou, goodbye