Missionary Veeranmar - Graham Stuart Staines

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He was born in 1941 in Palmswood, Queensland
as the second son to William & Elizabeth Staines.
He submitted his life to Jesus at a Gospel Meeting when he was just 10 years old.
He came to serve the lepers and the poor in the district of Mayurbhanj, Orissa.
But then, he did not know he was to eventually burn and give his life for them.
1965, January 18
It was the day he stepped onto Indian soil.
He believed that it was his calling and duty to spread the love of Christ to the many social outcasts.
He never returned to Austrailia to stay after he came to India.
India. It was his new home.
For Graham, who left his home Austrailia,
Gladys Weatherhead was God's blessing for him.
1983, August 6
The day Graham and Gladys were married.
They were blessed with three children.
Esther Joy, Philip Graham and Timothy Harold.
Philip had the heart of a Missonary.
He loved everyone and helping the sick was close to his heart.
Esther and Philip loved to help and serve the lepers.
1999, January 23
It was midnight in Manoharpur, and Graham held his two sons in his arms while they rested in their vehicle.
Their vehicle was covered with dry leaves to keep away the cold of the night.
And so they slept through the night.
Suddenly a group of youth from the Santhal Tribe headed towards the jeep in which they were with weapons and spears.
When they neared the jeep they started yelling and shouting.
A man named Dara Singh slashed at a tyre of the vehicle first.
The others broke the windows. They were determined not to let Staines escape.
Meanwhile, others tortured Graham and the two children.
And while they were being stabbed, Dara Singh put fire to the vehicle.
The vehicle started burning within moments.
Graham Stained and his two children were burned in that fire.
The incident was terrible and horrifying enough to put any Indian to shame.
Missionaries do not die.
They live through us. �