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Today is Senior Sunday and we’re saying goodbye our youth will not levitate no matter
how proud you are of them but they will move away and it's a day of sorrow for parents
or the day they actually leave will probably be known the day of sorrow the day of sorrow
for those of us in the church who seen them as little kids raised up in this congregation
it is a day of sorrow for those of us who have work with them as youth like you just
to use them and they leave you but it’s also a day of gladness to because if they
weren't leaving us that would be sad we want them to get on with their lives we want them
to move on but we also sense that we will never lose connection with them because once
they been in our lives they've affected us just as we affect one another and so there
never gone whether they are going to Wisconsin whether they're going to Europe whether they're
coming back after year college or if they are coming back after four, five, six, seven
years and maybe they'll find their place in the world and thrive and we may never see
them again they will always live within us it’s a good thing you guys Facebook says that the average Facebook users
has anyone heard of Facebook here Facebook says that the average user has 130 friends
a 130 friends now I’ll give you a second while you tally yours the problem of course
with 130 Facebook friends Internet friends people you interact with on the Internet is
what if you spent time with 130 people on the Internet you're ignoring what no not no
not actually human interaction your television is the right answer but I will take actually
human interaction but because I believe that Facebook taps into and raises up his instinct
this ability that we have to make connections with people and we don't have to be seeing
them on a weekly basis we don't have to be having profound conversations with them on
a regular basis it is a fact of knowing they are there that we are conscious of them that
they stay alive in us and may God forgive me for transiting from Facebook back into
the scripture I have no segue and the thing that reminds me is this his instinct that
Facebook that I think taps into is one that we tapped into prior to Facebook and is a
more somber note and that's how many of us have had folks friends family pass on we lost
friends and their still alive we can still hear how they would respond to circumstances
that they weren’t even around for because we are conscious of them we have been affected
by them we have been connected to them and so now I can make a decent segue to the scripture
and and it's this Jesus laid out in John 15 this worldview I am the true vine and my father
is the vine grower abide in me as I abide I in you I'm the vine you are the branches
those who abide in me and I in them bare much fruit because apart from me you can do nothing
there is a symbiotic relationship created in this imagery and it’s in this word abide what a wonderful
word to just abide to know that God is present to just know that the people we love and say
goodbye to are still present there is this net created or as Jesus put it a vine that
connects all of us in God is the keeper of that vine and so God is present you can't
just plant it and not tend it forty days after Jesus rose from the dead he collected his
followers said his final farewell and his feet as the story goes left the ground and
he began to ascend to another place that's the story told by a witness or somebody years
after the fact that the story was handed down to but the words of Jesus as recorded in Scripture
say that while he is physically gone he is not distant while he is not visibly apparent
to us God is not absent and this is now this is not the future Meister Eckhart wrote that
in the kingdom of heaven all is in all all is one and all is ours is a wonderful word
if it is being used not to create borders boundaries division based on race create religion
what have you but when it is a term that refers to ours that oneness that we have through
our consciousness of God our consciousness of each other because as long as were connected
with each other not only do we have to not fear degradation of the earth but the dedication
of how we relate to one another the kingdom of heaven is among you Jesus said and it is
when we find that unity is when we find that oneness that that we answer the prayer that
Jesus prayed that all may be one Amen