Colorful eyebrow tutorial/рисуем брови!

Uploaded by midnightphobia on 03.01.2013

So today we are going to draw eyebrows
if you dont have any
you can draw some
you will need a eyebrow makeup brush
some eye shadow of your choice
and water
dip your brush
into water
and then
mix it with your eye shadow
just like watercolor
then make a tiny mark
in the same line as inner corner
of your eye
just a tiny, straight line
then make a curve from the mark
to end in the same line as your nose and
outer corner of your eye

make shure, that they are almost even
then connect your mark and the curve

fill it in
if you made a mistake, you can fix it with a cue tip
I like, when they are thicker

so I am drawing some more lines
on both sides

then you need to go over again with eye shadow
so there will be no lines showing

and then i grab some purple eye shadow
mix it with water and the red eye shadow
with the same brush so it turns dark red

and put it over red

from the middle
to the outer part of eyebrow
... just tap come color over
then blend it out with a cue tip
take a white pencil put it under eyebrows and blend it with your finger

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial
take care!