Top 3 Challenges of Running a Web-Based Company

Uploaded by intuit on 31.10.2011

Michael Essany: Running a web based business today can prove a vastly rewarding experience.
But with the rewards come the challenges. Take it from Steve Dalton, director of business
development at Golden Technologies. Steve Dalton: The number one challenge for
running a fully web based business is I want some face time with the customer. How do we
be human beings in a digital environment? Is it chat? Is it email? Is it a phone call
so that we can at least understand whether or not this business is local or somewhere
else in the world? How do we be human beings in this digital environment? I think thats
a biggie. Secondly, security security security. In this age of hacking, this age of stealing
credit cards, in this age of problems that can arise when we are using a computer to
run a business, security is big. And I feel bad for those businesses that are attacked.
I feel bad for those businesses that have credit cards stolen. But there are processes
that can be put in place. There are tests and audits that can be run to make sure that
your business is not one of those businesses that is going to hurt somebody else. The last
thing you want to do as a web based business is hurt one of your customers. I think thirdly
then the issue becomes and maybe this is good news bad news what if it explodes in growth.
Are you ready? What if the emails go from 2 a day to 100. Can you handle 100 a day or
are you going to chuck your blackberry out the window? Good problem to have but can be
a problem. The last thing we want in a web based business is a glitch. You only have
one shot at many of these customers. And if you lose that one shot they may never come
back. Michael Essany: Thinking about launching or
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