R Ruiz - La ville des pirates (1983)

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The City of Pirates
The City of Pirates (Pirates' Exile)
Overseas Territories 1 week before the end of the war
Open the door.
He's back.
We never get used to things, never feel content.
I find that just when we finally get something,
we're craving something else.
My love....
That's why the world grows wicked:
people don't get used to it, never get used to
what they are.
Nothing can stop us.
I don't want to separate myself from you.
Wherever I find myself, wherever I find you,
Your aroma diffuses itself...
like the smell of church candles during the requiem,
and the wind from the cemetery.
But no, but no...
just settling into one house, you ache for another
without delay!
Under my tongue...
I feel the presence of your tongue...
And all of your wormy verses which writhe beneath my skin.
and all of the infernal eyes that cross each tit.
Each what?
Words of a song spilling from my lips.
Forget him, Isidore. I'm begging you.
Even so, it is the last time. Forget him.
Yes, mama.
I will go on forgetting him.
My bitter coffee.
It's sad, the coffee of exile.
You're forevermore thinking of your poor son.
The corpse cries for the corpse.
Just think, he would be nine.
So small, and he already hides his age.
That's it: the privilege of death.
No, no.
Not those who disobey.
How obedient this ball is!
He was our secret sin,
our bond of blood.
Bond of blood?
Excrement to a cow.
I don't like it when you use ugly figures of speech.
As they say, 'That's not you talking.'
Come! Let's leave this house today. I'm fed up.
Oh, it's being so obedient, this ball.
I like feeling it entirely obedient against me...
In my hands, like a planet.
Obedient, like a planet.
Ah... a toothache...
I'm getting a toothache!
I have a toothache. We must leave right away.
It's too bad. I was just settled in this house.
Let's see.
Indeed we need to leave right away.
Yes, we must abandon this house.
Like thieves,
Like refugees of the Second World War.
Like troops in disarray under Napoleon.
Like Dorian Gray in his nightmarish nights.
Life is beautiful,
But the women,
Thus blind beauty.
Life is beautiful.
Life is beautiful,
But the women,
Thus blind...
I ask so little from life.
With my guitar, without asking for more,
I am happy.
The guitar is the salt of life.
The guitar is the salt of life.
Let him come, let him come. Que venga, que venga
Nobody stop him que nadie lo detenga
Let him run, Let him run que corra, que corra
Nobody help him que nadie lo socorra
que venga, que venga...
que nadie lo detenga
I'm sleepy. I'm going to lie down.
He's here.
He's here.
Denis, our son is here!
I am making contact with the bottom of the sea.
He is here.
Wait... before you go... you forgot something.
No, papa.
Nooo papa!
- 3.000. - 2.500.
- No, 3.000. - 2.750 or...
- THREE! - ...nothing.
1, 2, 3...
1, 2, 3, 4...
Good evening, Lieutenant.
Examine this photo and tell me if you recognize this child.
That's amazing!
This is no time to kiss an officer!
It's bad luck!
I'm sorry but
this photo represents the face of the child
that came to me from the advice of the spirits
just a moment ago.
It's amazing that such things should occur in our era.
It's getting worse and worse.
You have besmirched my face with a silhouette of the Isle of Pirates.
"A spring day under the rays of the setting sun."
Close your eyes.
Consider for yourself.
Yes... it's true.
I don't know what to say to you.
We must follow up on the inquiries.
Madam, I order you to repeat the act
you have perpetrated against the law and treaties
of my face.
I order you to place the imprint of your lips on my subordinate.
My lieutenant, I love the moral rigor of your law enforcement.
Since there is no way out.
It suggests the Isle of Pirates.
This concerns the search for the child.
You're sleeping?
Tell me a story.
Well then...
When Atahualpa was defeated by the Spaniards,
he took refuge in his Winter Palace.
There he summoned his daughters.
"My Daughters!" he said "Before anything else cut open my veins.
"and fill this sandstone jar with my blood.
"And then seal it and never touch it again."
And so they did.
- Five years passed... - By the hot smell of her confidence.
- 10, 15...
- He couldn't resist the urge to caress her. - But one day...
...curiosity was stronger than the respect due to their father.
- When he was about to enter... - They decided to break the vase
With the sex of a virgin...
...because she told us...
...let's drop it...
from whence millions and millions of tiny Atahualpas came out
- Searched with a finger, with fingers,
then with the hand...
In view of the women, decided to kill themselves cutting their veins.
- Carrot 325. - He decided to enter
Leek 112.
- Potato 13. - walked 40 days and 40 nights...
-Golden apple 610. - Six of them died of influenza.
And on the 40th day
- And above all clean the stairs - One day
- Under the carpets. - A group of Indians
- All this... naked.
While they searched the place...
He suddenly felt...
You see?
Withdraw it for me!
Don't let this happen again.
Good night.
Who are you?
A poor orphan.
But what are you doing here?
I'm hiding.
So that's what they were doing...
looking for you.
Ah! Women, women.
You know, they're not far off.
They were here just a moment ago.
Yes, who doesn't know that?
You're not afraid?
What good does fear do?
I used to be afraid and now I don't care.
They're bound to come sooner or later.
Let them come!
You are a brave little boy, very courageous.
I am not a little boy anymore you know.
A valiant little rascal, huh?
You like to worry your poor parents.
If you think so.
Wicked, one hundred times wicked.
- Where are your parents? - Far, far away, below.
What does that mean, below? In Australia? In China?
- If you say so. - Little spoiled boy.
How many days ago did you leave home?
Pfft... ages!
- Are you hungry? - Very hungry.
Before anything, you must eat.
- What good will that do? - You must eat everything!
I always have something to eat with me.
My sick body requires constant nourishment.
I eat and eat.
Has he fallen asleep?
I never sleep.
Heart of snow.
Overseas nitrates.
Aruspice of other bellies.
Lapis-lazuli of the shadows under my eyes.
Salt fire of my sins.
Warm cyclone, gastric and perfidious.
Atrocious pain of the comets arising from the rose of all tacit conversations.
Sprayed metric of the dead season of eastern dovecotes.
Wandering ball of Fate, emancipated and mercurial.
Nasal metronome of menstruating vespers of hospital blue.
Burned-out cosmogony of my fingers, bacchante and lazy.
All of my all,
Void of my void.
Livid sacrificial feast.
Minaret of my mosque, Atalaya de mi aljama,
Belltower of the Macarena. Novio de la Macarena.
Eat now.
I only eat garlic.
She's gone away, far,
very far.
Ah! How much I hate shells!
Ah! How much I hate these beautiful seascapes,
these magnificent seascapes.
I only love pigs,
true pigs.
It's too bad for this poor Isidore, it seems she's been sick all day.
That's horrible.
I'm going to see to her.
What horror!
Life is horrible.
Don't come in here.
There's vomit everywhere.
My poor daughter...
My poor, poor daughter.
I'm ashamed, my father.
It's nothing.
It won't show, it will cover with some talcum powder.
It's nothing.
I must look awful.
It's done.
And right now, I have a few banknotes here,
to make you dream.
You deserve no less, my poor daughter.
To make you dream.
It's strange.
The simple contact with this money,
lulls me into sleep.
Or into dreams.
Sleep, my angel.
Sleep, my daughter.
Sleep, my angel.
Sleep, my sun.
Your mother is dead,
la la
Your father is getting drunk.
As for you, as for you,
you're drowning in a pool,
under water.
Sleep, my daughter.
Sleep, my love.
Aha! Finally!
Isidore! She's going to commit suicide!
Finally, she's going to commit suicide!
she prefers love.
Ah! How I hate her!
At last, the moment I've waited for, since the birth of our Lord.
Now you are going to know love.
Do you know the story about the girl who asks the priest,
"Is it true, Father, that the Holy Spirit reveals himself in a dove?"
No, I don't know it.
But you must know it.
the priest says to her,
"But my Daughter, the Holy Spirit does not let himself be seen,
"he only lets himself be felt."
- You don't know it? - No.
But it is very entertaining.
...what happens then?
...oh, yes...
Then, she says to him,
"As for me, Father,
"do you think I could feel him, the Holy Spirit?"
To this, he replies:
"Yes, daughter, you may feel him, but
"from inside."
You're sure you don't know it?
That's weird because it's a very well-known story.
So, the priest says to her:
"You feel it, daughter... You feel it?
"how much better it is deep inside, how good it is."
And she says to him,
"it's big, it burns, and it hurts."
- So then, you didn't know it? - No, I didn't know it.
Well, see there
now you know it.

But what are you doing here?
I'm eating.
What are you eating?
- Want some? - No, no. I don't like that.
Why haven't you gone back home?
What do you want me to do at home?
- You need to be with your family. - Ah, my family,
I hadn't thought of my family.
- Come with me. I'm taking you home. - You think? Come here!
Where are you?
How you enjoy asking stupid questions!
I'm getting angry... very angry!
Where is he?
I'm taking you home.
You would go with me?
- You'd be greatly surprised. - Why?
- Why are you laughing like that? - 'cause I'm laughing.
But don't laugh like that.
You shouldn't laugh like that.
That's enough. Enough! Enough!
- Can I ask you something? - Yes.
If you could save only one person at the time and it was the end of the world,
who would you save?
Not even me.
No. Nobody.
Could I ask you one other thing?
Would you kiss me on the mouth?
Because I'm a kid?
Thanks for the ring.
It's nothing. Now we're engaged, so...
Toothsome, like myself,
like your family, altogether,
before the accident.
How many girls remind me of these crumbs of kindness?
Promise me, that you will redo my permanent.
But before all, tea.
...[without] illumination, ...[sans] luces,
Bend to the earth Encorvado a la tierra
where my love sleeps, donde duerme mi amor,
And in the calm of the nights Y en la paz de las noches
I lie face down, yo me tiendo de bruces,
And I grasp the ground Y me abrazo a la tierra
like her heart. como a su corazón.
Ah, my father.
The things going on in the world are horrible.
Another battle we've lost...
Worse, father; it's the new generations. ...Plagues.
Yes, I see.
Nothing to bolster confidence in the future.
Rising prices,
Nothing. These new, obscene times.
I have no more courage.
Here, inside this paper, there is something really horrible.
A crime.
There, on the center page... next to the market reports.
There's the tips on the horses, the Union meeting...
No, not there.
I know how to read, my daughter.
I see nothing more but the wedding announcements.
Give it here, papa.
A horrible, shocking crime terrifies the town of San Sebastian
Yesterday, day of the Ascension of the Virgin.
In the home of the Martin family, were discovered
the corpses of Georges Martin, 45; his wife, Anne-Marie, 37;
and his brother, a retired Colonel, aged 56.
The Martin couple's children, twin girls, 4 years old,
Jeanne Martin, widow, 80 years
and Josepha Martin, 13 years.
all of the victims' bodies showed signs of brutal mutilation.
and, according to some unconfirmed reports,
clear signs of sexual abuse.
According to generally well-informed sources,
the sole survivor of this hateful and bloody carnage
would seem to be Pierre Martin, a 10 year-old child,
who would have vanished from the home.
It is feared that he has been kidnapped by malefactors
undoubtedly by people of little education since
no one can explain how the family of the kidnapee
could be expected to pay the ransom, given
that they have all been massacred already.
As reported by our correspondent, important blood stains
have more or less obliged responsible authorities
to have the house redecorated so as to erase all traces of this crime,
certainly, the most terrible San Sebastian has ever known.
According to news reports,
the family jewels appear also to have disappeared.
My fiancé.
Don't say anything.
I don't know. I can't remember.
I can't.
How could you do this?
I don't know. Explain to me. I don't know.
No. I find this inexplicable.
Is it perhaps because you hated them?
You think?
Yes, you hated them.
Or they were beating you... No. They were neglecting you.
If you say so.
They just could not understand this heart of gold, which is yours.
Gold yeah,
I adore gold.
I adore gold and jewels.
It's beautiful.
The queen.
There are those who don't want to understand it.
Yet, it is such a simple thing.
At a certain age, people begin to get hard-headed.
Yes, but they don't realize that they are not necessary anymore,
that they should kill themselves.
So, they must be helped, isn't that so?
This is your knife. It's beautiful.
I understand you, my poor child. People are so ugly.
So rouge?
...so ugly and so rouge.
Look at him.
He is sleeping there like a corpse.
Yet within, he's full of blood.
Of blood?
I bet he's just a waterbag.
Water? Crystallin?
Let me play with your knife?
No, I don't dare to think of it. It makes me shudder.
I'm trembling.
You did it.
You think?
Now we need to leave as soon as we can.
To the Isle of Pirates?
Look, it flows.
It's flowing...
Do you have some paper?
Yes - I... I have this.
As soon as the banknotes make contact with the blood
they take light
at once.
"Yes, John is a boy. And is Marie a boy?
"No. Marie is a good girl."
"Good girl."
Good evening. What do you want?
I want to be with you.
That's a new one.
Why? Do all women want to be with you?
As a matter of fact, yes.
I can't stand it anymore. It's stifling.
"Marie is a good girl, too. Good girl. Good boy. Marie."
You are so few and so exacting.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I'm wasting my youth.
The war is great but... one wants something else
to make a world less grey, less dull.
We take part in this greyness, don't we?
"That's life."
"That's life."
"The world is wild."
"That's life."
It's not that, my love...
but at my age, one needs other things.
What's true is...
that world is not meant for you
You want something. So... what do you want?
I want everything that you've got.
I've already told you, Madeleine,
when your child is born, I'll take you to the priest.
Now, good night.
It's not marriage that you're after;
you're looking for something else. What is it?
I told you: I want everything you've got.
But everything is yours. You just have to help yourself.
A radio?
You'd like a radio?
"Pathé-Marconi Radio" "TelefunKen"
"Philco" "Condor"
"His master's Voice."
You want something else?
You want some perfume?
Oh yes, perfume!
You want something more still.
What is it you want?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I want everything that you've got.
Yes, I should have guessed.
No. Not tonight.
Yes. Tonight.
All of you say the same thing,
tonight or never.
No, as far as I'm concerned, I tell you: 'tonight and never.'
What's on your mind?
You're not alone.
Who is with you?
My fiancé.
since I am your fiancé.
My fiancé gives me gifts,
Let me see.
Is it gold?
It's authentic, too.
Where did you find it?
It was given to me by my fiancé.
And where is he, your famous fiancé?
Where, here?
What are you doing up, you, at this hour? Go to bed.
I never sleep, sir.
I see. And during the night, you steal.
Yes, Sir.
We're going to take a little walk to the police station, the two of us.
Why are you laughing?
Because you are very pale, sir.
Why am I white like this?
It's because of what is being lost.
I was frightened.
I thought for a moment that I had pissed on myself.
I told myself, 'Here it is. This is old age.'
Luckily, I haven't really pissed on myself.
You know, little guy,
you're really handy with a razor.
That's what they say.
So, you've come to clean me out.
- Yes, sir. - Yeah.
I don't think it will sit well with me,
the idea that I can be robbed.
I'd prefer to give it to you.
Take it all.
It's all yours. I particularly recommend these radios. They are excellent.
Tell me, little one...
behind the radio there, TelefunKen,
there is a rifle. Would you hand it to me?
Yes, sir.
I can't stand the idea of living castrated.
Make haste.
Day breaks.
Here is the Isle.
What's wrong?
What kind of 'nothing'?
I'm looking for a way to ditch you.
After everything I've done for you you would like to abandon me?
At least you could tell me why?
But you are my fiancé! No?
My family does not really like you, you know,
they've forbidden me to marry you.
Your family?
You killed your whole family.
You think?
I'm not sure of that. I don't remember.
But who are you?
Come back here!
Come back!
Come back!
Come back!
But where is he?
So many graveyards calling in his snivelling, boastful metronomy...
The bones, my daughter.
Let us consider him in his flight, outstanding and dazzlingly sulphurous.
God bless you.
"There are just a few weeks that you are among us and I have the impression yet
"that we've been friends all a life.
"And perhaps, so it happens, as I've always wanted to have a sister.
"I'm not sure what I embody for you but you may be sure, that you are..."
Who's there?
"what's most precious in the world to me.
"See you very, very soon, Carmella."
You must not take too seriously our dear little sister.
she's very shy. And most people who are shy
are terribly in need of affection.
Who are you?
You may call me Toby.
You look very well today.
Or at least, much better than yesterday.
You look one hundred times better than yesterday.
Much more lively.
Much more.
But what did I want to say...?
what did I forget to say...? what did I want to say...?
Ah, yes...
Mmm... you'd better take no heed of what the Colonel says.
The Colonel?
- The hand. - The Hand?
It's fine for you to act as if the faults of others didn't exist.
Yet, the Colonel finds this to be pure hypocrisy.
Me I must confess to you that I prefer you like this.
You are ten times better, one hundred times.
According to you, I have seen a Colonel?
That's funny. My mother says that you pretend not to see us.
She finds that so contemptible.
Myself, on the contrary, I find it charming,
although yesterday you went a bit too far.
I remember nothing.
Ah! That's the Isle. It's exactly that.
How did I come to be here?
In a way that impressed everyone, even the old man.
It must be said that he had bet his entire salary
that no one would be able to reach this side of the Isle.
And you've done it in spite of the waves and pitfalls.
For a woman, that's not too bad.
And Malo?
Where is Malo?
Is he here, too?
If you want my opinion, I see my mother isn't exaggerating at all.
You are full of lies, for the pure pleasure of lying.
- Oh my God! - Oh my God...
- My God, where am I? - Where am I where am I my god my god...
You shouldn't pay attention to what I say.
Big city hatred has made me strange.
I must tell you...
my sister and me, we are the only ones who like you.
All the others hate you.
And especially the old woman, if only...
to keep up appearances.
You must be found as you were left
before leaving.
For God's sake, you haven't seen the child?
The child, the famous child...
I'm the one who is responsible for him.
If you want us to be friends, you must not tell lies.
But we must search for him, we must search for Malo.
Listen, my dear, don't ever lie.
You came alone and we saw you come alone.
We know you stole the boat.
Of course,
we know that Pierre is going to come to fetch you tomorrow or the next day
with the police.
It will be necessary to keep you until they arrive.
Shut up flesh of my flesh,
wash my hands
and judge your remote joy atavistic and salvific.
I'm happy to hear you say so.
More tea?
Where am I?
It's more spacious, isn't it? More comfortable.
I need to speak with you but in secret.
Excuse me.
We can be friends, can't we?
Come here. The others must not hear us.
Talk to me.
Well, as I've said, I don't know how I got here.
It's a stupid story.
A love story, if you like.
It needs to be told from the beginning.
I am an orphan,
and when I was barely five years old, I was taken to an orphanage not far from here.
where I had a bad time, a miserable childhood.
Trying to find a way out, I escaped
to the city. I demeaned myself!
I fell very low, I confess.
But one night, the longest one I've known,
daylight appeared to me
in the most unexpected form.
A law student gave me help.
He wanted to pull me from the mud
but without getting his hands dirty, ...poor guy.
He wanted to marry me, then.
I thought I would be rescued, definitively happy.
But when bad times came, by surprise and unexpected...
A medical student I'd slept with one drunken night near the end of the year
during the unruly New Year's holidays, notoriously celebrated
in neighborhoods of the northern cities.
He recognized me during my wedding,
and found it fit to denounce me in front of everybody.
That very day, my fiancé gave himself to death.
After so much unhappiness, I spent some years seeking expiation
in a convent, not far from here.
I thought that I had found peace again.
But one day,
our spiritual director made me aware of his intention to leave the church,
and he urged me to join him.
I left with him
for a seaside village near here.
He got married soon after that; I stayed on in the house as a maid.
He and his wife adopted me.
I lived reasonably happy
until these last days.
- That's unbelievable! - Pardon?
It must be very interesting what's in there.
I am listening attentively.
Sure, it shows.
Besides, I must leave.
Sorry, miss, I did not mean to offend you.
Recount more.
No, it's too much.
Recount, recount.
The tea is getting cold.
Do you think she's sleeping? She's not sleeping, she's not sleeping.
Isidore, sleeping?
It's me, Carmella.
She's not sleeping, she's not sleeping.
That woman represents a real danger to our interests.
She'll bring about our ruin.
Let's not exaggerate, let's not.
- Ah, no? - Ah, no.
And the fruits?
Clean here.
Because of me,
it's thus.
Or rather:
the windowpane without glass.
- Work's done. - Oh, really?
As if it's the same thing.
Each time, the same thing.
Each time, the same thing!
Why not?
Why not? See?
What an idea.
Why not? See?
What an idea.
The story of the cow delivering during the night.
Oh, the pig!
A little more salt. Why not? And then?
Don't touch me!
Entirely satisfactory.
Finally. Finally, is she asleep, or no?
Is she asleep, or no?
Oh, the horror! Poor thing.
My life may not be recounted with words.
My life flows like honey.
My life is limited like a battery's charge,
like the avarice of the first Christians.
It is necessary to yield to the inevitable.
More sugar?
Today nothing is the same as in the past.
Universal gravitation poisons the spirits
and favors the parvenus.
Set free,
Free at last.
Who's there?
Who's there?
It's me.
What are you doing here?
I was left here.
I am completely paralyzed.
They've abandoned me, pure and simple.
Oh my God.
May I ask you a favor?
Yes, sir.
I may be a widow but I prefer to be called Miss.
What do you want from me, Miss.
Sing "I have two loves" to me. I love that song.
"I have two loves,
"my country and Paris."
I love it!
"I have two loves..."
Entirely satisfactory.
"I have two loves, my country and Paris."
Shit, oh shit, shit crap, shit.
Now, that's Carmella.
Now, it's Jeremy.
Toby again.
The Colonel.
The father?
What? What's wrong?
My God! Who is that?
What's going to happen? Ou-la-la-ai-ai-ai...
I'm paralyzed! I'm paralyzed! Help me!
That afternoon, I recall, that the other world,
however close,
is evanescent and withered.
The tea grows colder.
My mother spoke of you with high esteem.
You have no idea how nice it is to hear that.
I should tell you that in my opinion, she exaggerates.
To be brief: you only get one mother.
Miss, please know that
your are our guest
and your are entitled to the royal bedroom.
A million thanks.
Miss, is it convenient for you to render me a great service?
Whatever you want.
My mother tells me that you sing extraordinarily well.
Would you sing something for me please?
If it's not too much trouble.
"I have two loves,
"my country and Paris.
"I have two loves..."
Good. Good.
As far as I'm concerned, I prefer that song to go:
"I have two loves,
"my country and Paris."
From my point of view, it is more melodious.
Don't think that I don't know that it's the same song.
But alas, I've ended by being mocked.
Good night, Miss.
There are afternoons,
when I dream of taking a sea journey
and leaving without any goal,
Come here!
and silently move away from any harbour,
while the day
Our lives are rivers flowing into the sea
and death.
But what are you doing?
It so happens that
I love impossible loves.
But you're a woman.
I love you, Isidore.
It's very well-known that, between women, love is impossible.
I know, I know that very well.
How queer I am!
But what are you doing?
You haven't understood?
I'll look for you later perhaps for dinner.
Oh, no, this is too much!
Oh, no, this is too much.
What do you mean by "too much"?
So that's the queen! Oh, no, this is too much.
Well, that's the queen. I give you the queen,
I love you...
...a little, ...very much,
...madly, ...not at all.
I love you...
...not at all.
Enough, I've had enough!
- I'd like to be alone with you. - So would I.
- So, is it true, what Jeremy said? - Yes.
- So you love me? - mmhmm.
- You're sure? - mm.
And no one will treat me like a maid anymore?
No one.
And you will be good to me?
And you'll allow me to walk freely in the castle.
My castle belongs to you, that is...
after the wedding.
In that case, I accept.
- My queen! - No, no queen, here.
- As you wish. - How about, "Mrs."?
Careful, mother,
the walls have ears.
Ah, I'm eager to hear the Angelus.
Don't say that.
It tickles me.
That's stardust.
More tea?
I'd like to show you something:
my secret garden.
My garden of allegories.
Each year, during the spring,
a naval skirmish erupts.
The ships of Philip II,
and here, that's the pirates who are attacking them.
The battle flares.
The pirates are on them,
Oh, ferociously!
Who is going to win?
Ah, it is not known.
This year, the pirates take the advantage.
You understand? This garden is very important.
Our whole destiny depends on this battle.
Have you understood, my queen?
Do you understand?
Yes, my love.
Kiss me.
Now we have become one.
I know that you will accept your destiny.
The absolute happiness of love.
My queen! My queen!
Now you can be happy
alongside your Prince Charming.
Bite my hand.
My mother...
ah, my mother.
Bite my skull.
my prudery.
Ah, my daughter...
I hardly recognize you anymore.
This is how you prefer me, isn't it?
Yes, my love.
In this case, tell me, who am I?
You are Toby.
And what do you think of Toby?
I think that he is timid.
He loves his family very much.
in the long run, with enough dedication, he'll be anything he wants.
I think he will ultimately reconcile with his mother,
but, unfortunately,
his tricycle has been taken away, and it will never be replaced.
And of me, What do you think?
You are very romantic.
You have so much to give.
The day is not far when you'll meet the very man who loves you
without knowing it yet.
Truly, you must be mistaken
since I hate men.
That is a way of loving them.
Since you are experiencing this unsettling feeling,
what others would call "hatred",
I call "tenderness."
It stems no doubt from the fact that when you were little
nobody provided you the strict upbringing that you needed.
In my opinion, Carmella may be assured she will remain an old maid.
I am quite sure that she's nothing but a whore.
After all,
have you noticed her expression when she pictures
sailors playing a game of football?
I cannot completely agree with you, Colonel.
If you are willing to let such harsh words slip out,
it is because deep inside you are in love with her.
What are you insinuating?
But why are you unable to accept this love?
Me, in love with Carmella?
Yes, Colonel.
Look at her, but not coldly
but with the lust expected from uncles coming back from the war.
The Church is very strict in these matters,
but under exceptional circumstances, uncles can marry their nieces.
You're completely mistaken.
I cannot be married to myself.
Jeremy, what are you doing here?
Children must not interrupt grownups' conversations.
Yes, it had to be said; he's a spoiled child.
When he was two he had already refused to eat fish forever.
It must be said that, at that age, he already spoke our language.
That's why he had drawn the conclusion that he was God.
It's in such a case that a strict upbringing is required.
You're saying that he needs a hard beating?
If required.
You are an angel.
You're saying what I scarcely dare to imagine.
I see.
We could always use someone like you around here.
Thanks, papa.
I knew deep inside that you would finally accept me.
May I call you papa?
Call me whatever you like.
Thanks a million, grandmother.
Now that we're alone and about to get married,
do you prefer me shaved?
Yes, my love. It's only...
It's not very important, but
if you really wish to please me
- I'd really like... - What?
I would like it if you could change your clothes from time to time.
You must be completely blind!
One has to forgive him; he throws fits.
You know... uh... they tell me that... from now on,
we have to be extremely polite
with you... because... ....from now on,
You are free to come and go as you like
within the... walls of... the castle.
Thank you.
Come here!
Come here!!
In those remote times, everything seemed easier, Mama.
Isidore! Come back!
Hello, Isidore.
Oh my God. You're alive.
I saw you. You've been going all around the coast of the Isle.
You came straight to me.
Anyway, you couldn't do otherwise.
May I sit down?
You've got quite a set up here!
Thanks to the fishermen.
Like a cigarette? Or listen to the radio? A whisky? What do you want?
- This is paradise. - Something very like it.
What have you been doing all this time?
It's a story too long to tell.
I like long stories. So start from the beginning.
While I don't remember the beginning, I recall that I awoke in a place
not far from here. Later I was told it was a castle.
Yes, I didn't know that on this Isle there was a castle. It surprised me.
I remember that I spent two days and two nights in this place,
without eating or drinking.
Then, I escaped. I ran away.
And here I am.
Are you aware of what you're doing?
I--I'm trying to tell you my life story and this is all you can do:
read a newspaper!
That must be very interesting what's in there.
It's a crime story.
I adore crime stories.
Give it here.
This is your story!
- You think? - It's your crime, yes.
And this is a paper from ten years ago?
But then...
who was the child murderer?
I- sidor.
Have you already looked at yourself in my mirror?
It's not bad, you know.
Come, Isidore, come.
- Isi-dore - I'm coming.
I'm coming.
It's not true, there are days when everything becomes metallic.
Collusion of feelings.
And the purple of the scab, bloody and nocturnal,
sharpens the menstrual organisation of so many battles.
Such ideas the stars trigger in you, my mother.
Toby, my love!
Toby's not here.
He's at the burial of his sister.
What happened to Carmella?
She leapt from the tower's window.
She could not bear your absence.
And papa?
He's dead, too.
He wasn't able to overcome the death of his mother.
So, grandmother has died too?
That's not all.
The Colonel... Bang!
He was in love with you.
The poor man.
And Jeremy?
He crushed himself on the rocks.
Poor simpleton, he thought that he could fly.
What horror.
And mama?
She never existed.
Everyone acted as if she did.
It was a family joke.
At last...
some good news:
the pirates won the battle of the allegorical garden.
The defeat of Spain is inevitable.
And with that, the feast of blood begins.
if everyone is dead,
who are you?
I don't know.
Tell me the story of your life.
There is no story.
But I am sure you're expecting something from life.
What are you doing here? What provides a reason for living?
The questions you're asking makes no sense.
What are we doing together here? After all, we're together!
What are we doing?
My God, what are we going to do?
Who are you?
Thanks, Isidore. I'm dying.
I didn't want to kill you.
Adieu... Adieu.
But what are you doing here?
I was waiting.
You were waiting for me to kill Toby?
So are you happy now?
Oh, my God!
Now, you'll have to go.
I don't know what to do with my life.
Go away.
Ah! My God!
- Thanks. - Five seconds.
- Darling. - Mama!
Whatever has come between us,
Let nothing divide us more than what makes us close...
...the distance.
Then, you've forgiven me?
I have obtained the pardon from your father from beyond.
What a relief!
You've got two admirers who are eager to see you.
No, no... I don't want to see anyone.
See these two.
Yes, mama.
Good, I need to go.
I'll write you from Paris.
Maybe we'll see each other again?
We don't know you, but we owe you a few explanations.
You've come to escort me to the scaffold, haven't you?
We all have our calling in life. Right, Corporal?
It's the luck of the name.
We have obtained permission to be shot in uniform.
This is a great honor.
No doubt thanks to the intervention of the Virgin of Lourdes.
The Virgin of Lourdes doesn't exist.
She's only a manifestation of Don Sebastian's pure radiance.
Taken in again... The work of the devil.
Know this: this wonderful child who delivered you to the Isle of Pirates
is our prophet, Don Sebastian. He's known around the world.
In England, he's called Peter Pan,
in Denmark - Skallagrímsson.
in Russia - Michael Strogoff,
on Easter Island - Hotu Matu'a.
He reappears every 10 years.
He kills with joy his entire family.
He shows us how to die.
But, much more importantly, he shows us how to kill.
- Isn't that right Corporal? - Yes, my Lieutenant.
Do you know where Don Sebastian is?
No, I don't know.
He is on the Isle of Pirates,
and yet
he is already right there!
Here he is.
But why will you face the firing squad?
It's a misunderstanding.
We cut the throats of twenty-seven couples of lovers,
while they were making love.
It happened when we were off duty.
They have let us keep what's most important--our uniforms, all the same.
We will be gunned down next Sunday after midday mass.
It will be very beautiful.
How I wish the hour was already here.
We go sworn to serve:
We, soldiers of the great battle of the world: Nosotros, soldados de la gran batalla del mundo:
we swear prometemos
to die and to kill... morir y matar...
... in order to introduce the army of corpses, ...a fin de presentar el ejército de los cuerpos,
for the greater glory para mayor gloria
of our country, our cemetery. de nuestra patria o cemeterio.
We swear: Prometemos:
to be reincarnated and to have the honor of dying again, reencarnarnos y tener el honor de volver a morir,
for the greater glory of our fathers... para mayor gloria de nuestros padres...
of the country of worms. de la patria de los gusanos.
We promise Prometemos
to pursue our struggle proseguir nuestra lucha
for the triumph of Death por el triunfo de la muerte
in order to perpetuate our glory in no other things. A fin de perpetuar nuestra gloria en otras nadas.
Over there lives your father.
We'll go to see him tomorrow.
Come here, What are you doing?
Leave the ants alone.
My daughter,
it is not true that this country is only the tomb of a free people
and an improved copy of paradise.
my mother.
There's your father.
Goat crap!
Toad shit!
Rat! Rat!
Come back! Shit!
Rotten rat!
Here you are my pet!
delighted to see you again.
Excuse me for not shaking your hand.
But my every move unleashes catastrophe.
The simplest of gestures, for example,
triggers a Chilean earthquake.
Another one,
a civil war in Iraq.
How I pity you, poor crétin.
Are you prepared to die?
It's the only thing I'm waiting for.
So much joy!
Don't tell me that all these years you have missed me.
That I know.
Tell me at least that you find your son handsome.
But what is he doing, your son?
Why doesn't he kill me?
He doesn't even have arms.
Rotten spinal cord!
Rat of the graveyards, poisoned
by the foul and wicked rainwater
of the northern cities.
Rotten rat!
Cockroach's carcass, lost in a glass of milk.
Your hour has come!
Just about.
You're not going to leave me alive here.
You still have to kill your mother.
Where are you, Sebastian? Shit!
I hear your suitor coming.
I don't know anymore what to say
to make him leave forever.
He does not have the means, my daughter.
And what would he have said, your father?
I'll speak to him.
He'll understand that I don't love him anymore.
He'll never believe it.
He'll guess from my glance
or from my breath.
So much time to embody the solitude of paradise.
And so many efforts to capture the purity of this boredom.
How my carcass would have yawned, if so many things had not interfered!
Such a life.
Such a life.
My God,
just how long is this going to last?
Everything begins again.
There are days when I tell myself that childhood must be like this...
to live and to relive,
in spite of outrageous fortune.
Patience, mama.
Patience, daughter.
Everything begins again.
We are...
We are...
We are
We are here...
We are
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