Om Namah Shivaya Part 35

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''Brahmadev' l was thinking why Sage Kashyap & Aditi's son...''
...Suryadev became so cruel. Why he did'nt try to understand...
...the feelings of Devi Sangya.
Why he did'nt stop Devi Sangya when she was leaving Suryalok...
...and going? Now l also feel that Devi Sangya's complaint... true. Devarishi Narad condemned Devi Sangya's...
''...complaint with his cleverness' but there is truth in this.''
That means you Tridevs are also thinking that Suryadev...
...might get annoyed. -What are you saying?
l am telling the truth. Devi Sangya could'nt express...
...her complaint strongly. But it is true that due to the...
''...light of Suryadev' all you Gods are doing injustice to Sangya''
''This is a false blame' Devi. Suryadev is full of light and...''
...the world gets light from him. There is no doubt on that.
But blame that we're supporting his cruel action is false.
''Then' will you scold Suryadev for his cruel behaviour''
''No' l don't feel that Suryadev behaved cruelly with Sangya''
''Due to her own illusion' she has brought herself into this...''
...dilemma. She is only responsible for the mishap...
...which has happened to her. lt was not proper of Devi...
...Sangya to leave Suryalok and Surya.
l know that whatever you utter is the ultimate truth in the... and l accept it totally. But what will happen now!
Your son Narad has given the guidance to worship...
...Shri Hari to Devi Sangya Will He end her problems?
''Now' goddess of knowledge is not speaking but the lady who...'' in you. By seeing a lady in pain & insult of another lady...
...your womanhood has awakened. Do we Tridevs and you Tridevis... any work without agreeing with each other.
''This is not the answer to my question- lt is the answer' Devi''
''After mutual acceptance amongst the Tridevs' through...''
''...Narad' we have advised Devi Sangya to worship Shri Hari.''
That means Sangya will get relief and also respect...
...instead of insulting. -lf she worships Shri Hari with...
''...true dedication' she'll get relief. You are aware that...''
...we Tridevs & Tridevis never disappoint our true devotees.
''One who leaves his greed' jealous' desires and worships...''
''...God with a true heart' God gives him everything but still..''
...feels that He has given nothing. Be assured that Devi Sangya...
...will come out of her false illusions. She will immerse...
...herself in devotion of Shri Hari and will recognize the truth.
''On the other side' Suryadev will also think over all the events...''
''...and remember his duties' but... -But what? Whay did you stop?''
Your doubts are not correct. Whatever l've said will happen.
But before that many strange things will happen in Suryadev's
...and Sangya's life which will end with Sangya's true...
...worship of Shri Hari
''Mother' come back. Don't leave us and go like this.''
Sister Yami...
''Please come back' mother''
Brother Yamraj...
''Father Suryadev' Where is our mother' Sangya?''
''Yam' Yami...-You keep roaming in all the three worlds.''
Please tell us where our mother is.
We are very anxious to meet her. Tell us where is she
l won't tell lies to you. l know where your mother is.
Please tell us then -Both of us are very...
...much worried about this enemity between you & mother.
''We want both of you to be united again' father.''
Your mother Sangya has a strong mind & self respect
She is not going to be easily pacified by both of you.
l myself won't give you permission to go to your...
...mother and convince her to come to Suryalok.
''Will this argument never end? -No' not until Sangya herself...''
''...returns to Suryalok' as she went from Suryalok on her own''
May welfare come to both of you!
''Caretaker of the universe' Shri Hari' by seeing you...'' life has been blessed and my waiting has ended.
Your presence will end my troubles and will give me...
...the respect l deserve. Please end my problems & dilemma.
''Devi' your mind is only the reason for your dilemma.''
l have just come to break the illusions in your mind.
''Devi' it is true that l have come here to give you boons...''
...but before that you will have to answer my questions.
''You are only the answer to everything' Shri Hari''
l know what is in your mind but still want the answers to my...
...questions from your mouth.
Do you wish to unite with your husband Suryadev or not?
''Devi' l am not unaware of the fear of Suryadev in your mind''
But that fear has become very dangerous in your mind due...
'' your own imagination. With my divine powers' l...''
...will destroy that fear now. Then you will become eager... meet your husband. -lf you don't think otherwise...
'' curiosity is...- Definitely' ask your doubts. l have come...'' only to end your doubts. Please ask.
Will the misconceptions about me in my husband's heart also end...
...with your divine effect - Definitely. But for that... will have do different types or penance and wait...
''...for uniting with Suryadev again' Devi''
Please do whatever is right for a sad woman like me.
''As you got your form from Devi Sangya' the world will...''
...respect you in the form of Devi Chaya.
''What are the orders for me' Jagdeeshwar?''
''The present and future have lots of hopes from you' Devi''
''You have to perform lots of work. First of all' you have to...''
...go to Suryalok and satisfy the love of Suryadev.
''As you order' Jagdeeshwar''
''What sort of strange form have you given to me' Shri Hari.''
For what sin are you punishing me. Do l have to stay in the...
''...form of mare throughout my life like this' God.''
''ls this the fruit' l have to get for my Narayan worship''
You were only bound by your own illusions of mind and did...
...not do any sin. Do not worry as this mare form of yours... just my play for making you unite with Suryadev again.
Till how long?- Till your own form Chaya does'nt come back...
''...from Suryalok. Only after that' you will get your original form.''
Suryadev will accept you with respect for you in his mind
''You will also accept him whole-heartedly' Devi.''
l will accept your orders and this Leela as the fruit of my...
''...worship and surrender myself to this - Devi' till Suryadev...''
''...does'nt come to take you keep chanting ''Om Suryaya Namaha''.''
My welfare come to you!
Very beautiful ! What a cool atmosphere?
''You came back' Sangya''
''Swami' please call me as Chaya' as l am Sangya's shadow.''
l can't see any difference at all whether it is Sangya or Chaya
''There is difference. Due to Shri Vishnu's blessings' l've only...''
''...your love' devotion' dedication and total surrender for you...'' my heart. To forget the past differences and painful thoughts... call me by this name Chaya- Chaya...
''With our love' the atmosphere here will blossom a lot.''
Our love will create a new meaning to our life.
l am very happy to see the change in your behaviour -Swami
''l have got the love and submission' l was longing for.''
Fill my heart with your pure love.
The reflection of Sangya Chaya has made Suryadev...
...happy with her love. What will happen now?
The love will fill Suryalok and the whole world with lots...
...of happiness. Chaya will also become a mother of two...
...children after some time. With the arrival of Shanidev & Tapti...
...Suryalok will be filled with happiness. By the divine rule...
...of nature and by Lord Shiv's wish Shani & Tapti will attain...
...youth as soon as they are born.
Shanidev and Tapti come near me
''Salutations' mother''
''Son Shani' where do you keep roaming? You never come...''
...near your mother.
l stand in one corner of the sky and see the chariot of my...
...revered father which keeps roaming.
He gives light & strength to all the planets.
''Yes son' your father is an ideal for dedication towards his duty...''
...towards this world. You should also learn this lesson from him.
''No mother' l have to say with regret that my revered father...''
...ignores me a lot. -Meaning?
''When the time for showing light to Shanilok comes' father...''
...turns away his head for insulting me.
That is why there is darkness in Shanilok
Why does father behave like this with me?
''Brother is right' mother. ls this not injustice of father towards..'' l am aware of this but l can't understand the reason
Why does he ignore his own son?
This has happened with me too. Father has never given me...
...the love of a father to me.
l can't understand why in spite of being in the seat of head...
''...of planets' why does he not treat everyone equally?''
''That means' he is scared of my strength.''
''Shani' the reason for this is your nature.''
You dare to say that your glorious father is scared of you
You have no respect for anyone. Do you see Devraj lndra and...
...Devguru with respect. You are not friendly with your... You consider yourself as the most superior...
...valorous and strong. -Father...
''Don't get agitated by listening to the truth' Shani.''
''From birth' you are proud as well as impertinent.''
''ln spite of my repeated advice' you are not ready to be humble.''
''ln this situation' how can you expect me to behave with love.''
''To get something from someone' you should bow to them''
lt is not in my nature to bow to anyone.
''Then' to give light and power to you is also not my duty.''
''Swami' it is not right for you to insult Shanidev like this''
''l know very well' what is right and what is wrong''
Don't dare to teach me. -Father...
''By crossing the limits of your respect' you are provoking me...''
'' oppose you. You have never given true love to me' my sister..''
...or my mother Chaya. -Shani...
ls this not true that whenever mother Chaya expressed her...
'' to you' you remembered Yam & Yami's mother Sangya?''
This is a false complaint. You don't have a separate mother.
This is only Sangya and also Chaya.
Remove this illusion from your mind. This might become the...
...cause of your fall -You are hiding the truth.
This is a shameful fact that Suryadev who is giving light... the whole world is himself in darkess.
You are insulting your father and so you should be ashamed.
You are not fit to stay in Suryalok. l don't want to see...
...your face. lmmediately disappear from here.
''What are you saying' Swami? A son has rights over his...''
...father's property. -This sort of impertinent and arrogant sons...
...have no rights. - You are being unjust towards your son
''Such sons understand only that. -No need to beg to him' mother''
''Now' l also will not stay even for a moment & face the insult.''
To stay with him will be like falling in a pit of insult
But you won't get salvation without Surya's light
There is salvation in Shanilok.
Yes. you are fit to stay only in that darkness.
''Father' please hear this that l will also leave this Suryalok...''
...with brother.- l will only be grateful to you for that
The cruelty in your mind is also like Shani's
lf you are insulting my son and daughter and throwing them out...
''...of Suryalok' then how can you expect love & respect from me.''
''Mother' if you love both of us even a little' come out of this...''
...atmosphere filled with insult. -l had not come to pacify you...
'' return to Suryalok. lf you wish so' you can also go with...''
...these two arrogant ones. To stay with me unhappily...
...can be more sorrowful for you.
''Mother' on our oath' sacrifice this Suryalok.''
This is not Suryalok but an enemy world for us
''Come' mother. lt is impossible even to stay for a moment...'' this enemy world.
''Mother' don't cry at this auspicious moment.''
''By leaving the atmosphere with bindings' we are breathing...''
...freely now. We have been released from enemy's place.
''Shani' your father is not your enemy. He has only given U life''
He has only given you the freedom to life. Don't insult him.
''He only deserves insult' Devi Chaya.''
Nobody can be friendly with that proud Suryadev
He has some problems with everyone just like what...
''...happened with Shanidev. -Rahu' you at this time.''
l am in the world to come at the right place at the right moment.
l have seen the enemity your father Suryadev has shown...
''...towards you since birth. Shanidev' l knew that...''
...a presigious planet like you won't be able to stay with...
...Suryadev for a very long time. He was insulting you at...
''...every step. -Rahu' how can you dare to insult my great...''
...husband. He is the head of the planets and has the most...
...superior position.
By absorbing your great husband l will condemn his greatness.
''Am l great' or He is great? Say the truth' Shanidev''
''Do you also agree with your mother?- Never' Rahu''
''l know very well that due to my father only' Vishnu has cut your..''
...head with his Sudarshan Chakra when you were going... drink the nectar from the Churning of the Ocean.
l pity you for the way my father cheated you.
''From today' let us breathe in this free air and take oath...''
...that we are friends now. We will always help each other
...and defeat the efforts of the wicked Devatas
''l accept this friendship' Rahu''
lt is prestigious to have a friend who can condemn Sun's glory
Accept my congratulations for going against your proud father
''...and accept my friendship' Shanidev. May victory come to U''
''Don't cry' mother. Come and stay with me in Shanilok''
''Truth is that' only due to your love' l was staying till today...''
'' Suryalok without any wish. But now' three of us will...''
...stay in Shanilok which is isolated.
''Swami' the situation has again become the same.''
''Yes' history keeps repeating itself. Again Devi Chaya is...''
...facing the same situation which was before Sangya in the past.
But such result for Sangya's love and devotion.
''This is an insult to a lady' Swami''
''Seeing the current situation' your womanhood may call it injustice.''
''But when you will hear the full story' you won't find any...''
...injustice there. The events are taking place at such a fast...
...pace that they will end soon and permanent love will blossom.
''Then' you tell me till the end. When Chaya and Tapti reached..''
''...Shanilok alongwith Shanidev' what happened then.''
Shanilok was filled with strange sounds & calls for mercy.
Hail Shanidev -Ha...
lt is surprising that along with calls filled with suffering...
...your hailing sound can also be heard.
''Son Shani' whose voices are these' and why are they...''
...being tortured.
''Mother' you only tell me whose sounds these are.''
''Tapti' you only tell why this cruelty is being done''
''lf we knew' why would we ask you this question?''
We have never heard such suffering cries in our life.
''You only tell' brother.''
These cries of suffering are coming from those who are...
...facing the consequences of their bad deeds in my world.
''We did'nt understand' brother -Tapti' in this world created...''
'' me' every being has to spend some time and suffer.''
Every being means... -Every being covers all...
''...humans' living things' Devatas' demons and even Tridevs' mother''
But how long will they have to live the life of hell here.
Till the beings do not finish the punishment for their bad...
''...deeds' Dhaiya and Sadesathi will keep troubling them.''
l will introduce you to them. Dhaiya...Sadesathi
''One who punishes according to deeds' Shanidev' order us.''
Welcome my mother and sister
Hail Shanidev's mother and sister
Who are these Dhaiya and Sadesathi for you?
''These two are born just by my mere wish' mother''
This world knows them as Shanidev's servants.
Dear Daiya runs every being's life for two and half years...
...according to my wishes and Sadesathi does it for... and half years.
''But' your world is different from the Tridev's creations' son''
''Yes mother' this Shanilok is very different from the Tridev's world''
''Here' Tridevs or even the Suryadev's power can't interfere''
''Here' my rule and my justice only is effective.''
Why are you being cruel to them without reason?
That is not so. You don't know the reason for their wickedness
''What wickedness' son?- These beings stopped doing deeds....''
...when their life cycle came to my planet and started...
''...blaming Shanidev. -Why is it so' son?''
''Due to the fear of Shanidev' mother.''
These people think that when Shani enters their life-cycle...
...there will be total destruction.
''ls this the truth' brother? -lt is completely false.''
Shanidev is never angry with one who follow their...
...religion truly & reaches them to the zenith of success.
But this fool is not desirous of reaching such heights!
And that is why he has to face such heinous atrocities.
''No! l will not be able to stay in such an atmosphere. No'...''
...l will not be able to stay.
''Mother' please don't leave us and go!''
''No' l cannot!''
''Except for you we have no other support' mother. ''
''You do have the support of world teacher' Vishnu!''
''Mother' don't go leaving me' come back!''
''lmpossible' son! - Mother!''
''Mother' don't go leaving me!''
''Don't go leaving me' mother!''
Don't go leaving me!
You appear to have become agitated hearing...
...Shanidev's words against his father Suryadev.
Any one will get agitated hearing those words.
''But you are not any one. You are our human son' and Tridevs ...''
...special emissary. lt does not suit you to get agitated.
Pardon me. Please forgive me for getting so agitated.
''Narad' apology has that power which can take you to...''
...peak of achievement.
''One who knows how to bend' can stand up erectly thereafter. ''
''One who cannot bend with the storm' will get uprooted!''
''Supreme Father' may l be permitted to ask a question!''
Why one? You have made me happy with your devotion and...
''...humbleness. Whatever question you may ask' l will satisfy you''
l just have one question. ln the family of a simple and brilliant...
''...person like Suryadev' why was such a cruel and hard son born?''
''Your answer is one' but it raises several issues. ''
''Keeping the earth lit and bright' Suryadev did not devote much...''
...time to his family. That is why he had high tempered children...
'' Yam' Yami' Shani and Tapti.''
''But their anger has crossed beyond Suryadev's domain' and ...'' now having an adverse effect on other human beings.
Dont get too concerned! Shortly these same children will show...
...a new path of truth to the world.
''How is that' Supreme Father? ln the fear of death & Yam...''
...the human beings will be encouraged to pray and... good! Shanidev will accordingly bring all humans to...
''...follow the path of truth! Amongst the various paths'...''
...which has been spread so far this is different & reverse.
Will the world accept this path?
There would be opposition to this path in the beginning.
But ultimately they will have to accept this truth that the...
...Yamdev and Shanidev's path'll take them in the same path of
...truth and devotion like the other paths of religion.
Then their imminence will also be established in the world
''With their birth' their greatness was already established. ''
What is the future of Suryadev's family?
''ln the form of Ashwini' Lord Vishnu's orders are being...''
...implemented. Devi Sangya's worship will not go unrewarded.
lts effect will fill Suryadev's life with happiness of love.
''Forgiving this unfortunate' you have appeared before me. ''
l am indeed grateful.
l am happy seeing your meditation. Devi Sangya
You may ask for a boon!
''Besides your eternal love' l have no need of a boon. ''
''After such a long meditation' it is your right to get a boon. ''
''lf after such meditation' one doesn't get a boon' who will...'' such penance in future.
''For your welfare' you have to obtain a boon from me!''
''lf you wish to give me a boon' then from today let not this...''
...devotee of yours should ever be far from your feet!
From today you will always remain close to me in my heart!
''Thus' enemity of Shanidev against his father remained so''
Another reason for the enemity is Shanidev's occult powers.
''Pride' arrogance' anger etc' along with friendship with...''
...Rahu has made enemity a part of Shanidev's character.
But Bhahmadev? - ln front of Shanidev reluctance to ...
''...accept logic and truth' he cannot do anything. ''
''His own mother' Chaya is embodied in Sangya whom he...''
...considers as his adversary.
''Swami' may l ask you a question? -Certainly. ''
You are the creater of this world. You sustain all the... forms there. What you say is considered as absolute truth.
Then why don't you end this illusion from Shanidev's mind...
...and end this enemity between father and son.
lt is impossible
''From his childhood' his heart is filled with enemity...''
...towards his father.
''And vices like pride' arrogance & anger will never end...'' Shanidev's mind.
Then what about this enemity between father and son.
''This enemity of father and son will never end' Devi''
''Does it mean that till the last day of this creation' Shanidev...''
...will continue to harm everybody.
Your accusation against Shanidev is not correct. lt is wrong to...
...say that he harms everybody. Though he is the enemy of his...
''...father Suryadev' Shanidev is also a big friend of many. ''
''Like Daityaguru Shukarcharya' and Daityaguru General Rahu? ''
...get the grace of Shanidev
''There is no need to be surprised' Devi Saraswati. ''
''ln Lord Shiv's creation' the need for Shanidev is as necessary...'' that of his father Suryadev
''Does it mean' that this enemity of Shanidev and Surya has the...''
...blessings ot Tridev?
l can accept your point of view in this manner. Nothing can ...
...move or happen without the wish of Tridevs
''Before this session ends here' l wish to ask you a question. ''
''Today' you are asking Ganges to flow in the reverse direction. ''
You know the answer to all questions. Why to ask me?
This question is linked with this tale. l want that the Goddess...
''...of knowledge while replying to my question' should give a...''
...lesson on this subject to the world
''lf the question is linked to the welfare of the world' l will ...''
''...certainly try and answer your question' Lord. ''
''l just want to ask you' from this story what do you wish to...''
...make the world understand?
''Only this much. Where there is love and submission' there ...''
...should be total renunciation of doubt and fear! A mother's mind..
...will effect the future of the children. A mother should...
''...always be filled with love and ideals' so that the character of...''
...coming generations & their culture endorse noble qualities
You are truly noble. By linking a concept of an ideal family &..
''...and mother to this story' you have shown your intelligence''
''l have full faith' that all women who hear and know this story...''
''...will understand what is good' and seek perfection in their role.''
''After listening to this moral story of father and son' ...''
...Devi Saraswati linked the tale to the idea of a model mother...
....and cautioned all the pregnant woman
''ln this creation of Lord Shiv' the thread of change.... ''
...from the past to the present and even the future is being...
''...updated to the present' it is going towards the future''
This story of Shiv has combined with many sub stories of Shiv... now giving birth to such a tale which encourages... welfare and moral upliftment. ln this atmosphere of..
''...change in heaven' three new characters are entering.''
''They are Devraj lndra and Devrani Shachi's son' Jayant'...''
''...daughter Jayanti' and Devguru Brahaspati's son' Kash''
''Look' Jayanti' Brihaspati Ashram has come. ''
''l will reach there first. - No' brother' l will reach there first''
Om Namah Shivaya!
''Guru Brihaspati' where are you? ''
Welcome Devraj!
You are welcomed wholeheartily to Brihaspati's Ashram.
''Jayant' Jayanti' what are you doing here? ''
''Jayant and Jayanti may not be found anywhere in heaven' but...'' will certainly find them here. Due to Jayant's friendship..
''...Jayanti is drawn here! -Yes' mother. There is no one...''
...else of my age in heaven
All are of father's age group. And Kash is also a dear friend.
We were all meditating Lord Shiv's name
''Like his father' our friend Kash is wise' clever and... ''
...competent. He too is a Shiv devotee. We love his company.
''Devraj' it is their large heartedness. Despite being...''
''...of such noble birth' they keep company of such simple people...''
'' me. Else' what am l? ''
You are not ordinary. You are our Devguru Brihaspati's son
Your character is indeed very attractive.
''What do you say' Devraj? ''
''Yes' you are telling the truth. But in the exemplary manner...''
''...Kash is following his father's footsteps' it is essential that..''
...U too follow esteemed father & become fit to be heaven's King
What are you saying Devraj?
''l'm telling the truth' Devi Shachi. Every man in this world' does...''
...not take birth with the same fate. Jayant is the son of ruler...
''...of heaven' lndra. There are always threats looming large... ''
...over heaven. lt is befitting for Jayant to increase his power...
...for stablility of heaven. Only then he will become fit to be...
...called as great as his father!
''Devraj' you are like my father. But what is the harm in being...''
...frank with you. Your words are filled with arrogance!
''l am speaking the truth' Devraj. Truth is always bitter. ''
''There is one more side to this. My friend Jayant' being a great...''
''...warrior' is capable of defeating any kind of problem''
''Kash' l have not come to take any lessons from you or to get...''
...any certificates of my son's abilities.
''lf you had not been Brihaspati's son' and Jayant's friend' you ...''
...would certainly have been punished for your insult.
You don't mistake me. lt was not my objective to disturb you
l was only trying to tell you the truth.
''Do not try to make untruth into truth' by mere repetition' Kash''
Or else the consequences will be very dreadful to you.
You will become the victim of my punishment and anger!
''All punishments in this world' are awarded as per the will..''
''...of Lord Shiva. lf in his eyes l have faulted' l will certainly...'' punished.
''Kash' you are making the mistake on not acknowledging...''
...the greatness of the Ruler of heaven!
''No' Devraj. l am just reminding you of the greatness of Lord...''
...Shiv's thoughts who has created this world
''Jayant! You used to say that your friend is clever' competent'''
...and wise. But he hasn't even been taught how to talk to his...
''...elders. lf you stay any longer with him' then like him' you...''
...too will become incompetent.
''Devraj' hearing you say so' l swear by my father' Brihaspati'...''
''...that should a contingency arise' we three will do our best to...''
''...defend heaven. lf required' we will even sacrifice our life.''
''Devraj' you have unnecessarily got involved with the children...''
...and also got angry.
''Kash' where is your father' Devguru Brihaspati? ''
Devarishi Narad came himself to give a message that Lord Shiv...
...has remembered him. That same moment father left for Kailash.
Where was the need of the Lord to seek advice from Brihaspati?
Pardon me again. Lord Shiv calls any one to give advice or order...
...not to give instructions!
''You are true' Kash. Devraj' in anger you use the wrong..''
...words and forget things. - Devi!
''Kash' can you guess why Lord Shiv has called Devguru''
l cannot say very clearly. However my guess is Lord Shiv... trying to find a permanent solution to end war between...
''...Devtas and demons. -This will be a great work' son''
Both of you are surprised to have come to Kailash together...
''...for the first time' but this was very necessary.''
The astonishment on your faces on hearing my words shows...
...that you have not understood the meaning of the auspicious...
...moment. - You are right. l can't say anything about the...
...brain of Daityaguru but l can't understand about how & when...
...this auspicious moment came. -l can only guess that you...
...are calling the present peaceful situation between Devtas and...
...Demons only as the auspicious moment.
You never guess wrong. -That is only due to your mercy
Can't both of you convert this peace between Devtas and...
...demons to become permanent. Can't you both try to do this?
Lord Shiv! - l know this is not an easy task.
But U two scholars who're also their teachers can only do this.
''By not agreeing to my wish' you have proved that enemity...''
...not only exists between Devtas & Demons but also both of you.
Can't this be called as unsuitable behaviour?
ls it not necessary to welcome any attempts to establish...
''...brotherhood in the world. Please tell' Guru Brihaspati.''
There is no question of refusing your wish. This whole creation... dependant on your mercy. Universal brotherhood can only...
''...bring about world welfare' but...- But what!''
Only my acceptance is not enough -State your words clearly.
You are not unaware of Devraj lndra's nature.
He is always filled with selfishness and doubts
To doubt everyone is his quality.
You are also aware of the demons and their demonic quality
Pride is their ornament. They accept me as their guru only...
...for their selfish motives. Their acceptance for peace...
...and friendship is not only tough but looks impossible to me.
But l will try to obey your orders completely.
''Like Daityaguru' l also promise that' l will try to teach about...''
...friendship and peace to the Devatas.
l have full belief in your qualities.
l also hope to get good results.
''Just by your mere wish' even the impossible can happen' Lord.''
Both of you embrace each other with your true heart for this...
...declaration of friendship. That is my dear wish.
''As you order' Lord Shiv''
The seeds of your friendship can take the form of building a...
...friendship tree amongst two completely diverse cultures.
Your friendship should become the cause for permanent...
...peace between Devtas and demons.
Hail Lord Shiv Shankar
''Gurudev' l could not come myself with Lord Shiv's message to...'' and ask for forgiveness for that.
''There is no place for forgiveness in pre-destined events' Narad.''
''l know that you could'nt reach Kailash' though you wished to.''
As l had to meet Daityaguru Shukracharya there.
That is why l am also surprised as to why Lord Shiv did not...
...permit me to be present in this meeting.
You can't avoid changing every situation with your fun-loving...
...attitude. Maybe Lord Shiv did not want you to do that there.
''Gurudev' you have only taught me to tell the truth boldly''
''Definitely' no need to hesitate to tell the truth.''
''But in such a situation' truth should be said with a proper...'' where your qualities are not very effective.
You have never tested your disciple's abilities like that.
''Now those opportunities have started' Narad.''
l will soon be seeing such abilities in you- Meaning?
Don't try to learn that by standing on the sky-route...
...between Kailash and Heaven. -l am very curious to learn...
...that- Lord Shiv also wants the result of this matter to be...
''...auspicious' but... -But what' Devguru?''
But l am doubtful about the result.
''Doubts after knowing Shiv's wish' Devguru' but whatever...''
...happens in this world is only according to Lord Shiv's wish.
''lnstead of calling it Lord Shiv's wish' call it His efforts.''
''You know very well that all our efforts don't succeed' Narad.''
''ln spite of knowing that' we should put in our complete ...''
...efforts to make it successful -But Shukracharya...
''Now l have full belief in him' that he will also try the same.''
ls it possible that Shukracharya who considers himself attached...
''...only with Daitya's rebirth' make efforts for unity between...''
...Daityas and Demons.
He always dreams only about victory of demons.
''Till today' it was like that. But today for the first time...''
...l saw peace in Shukracharya's eyes instead of anger.
''As a Shiv Devotee' he will only think it proper to go in the...''
...path shown by Lord Shiv -Only Lord Shiv can show us....
...the path towards world welfare and peace and...
...destroy injustice and terror in this world.
''There is no doubt in that' Narad''
l hope whole-heartedly that with the efforts of both of you...
...Lord Shiv's efforts for peace should succeed.
l hope everyone's heart is like yours and then how beautiful...
...and peaceful this world will look. -That day will surely come.
Your words should become true very soon.
Devguru and Narad expressed their views on peace between...
...Devtas and Demons and went about their ways.
ls friendship possible between two diverse creations Devtas...
''...and Demons. No' it is nature's law that this enemity won't...''
...finish so easily as one in this cycle Daitya king Namuchi's...
''...race' Mahasur is entering his Rajya Assembly.''
Hail Daitya king Mahasur
Wait and move away.
''Friend Pasur... -Order me' king.''
Do you know why the symbol of Daitya power fell from my hand.
l don't know this much but it is not auspicious
Fool ! good and bad lies in the hands of a brave one.
l am Mahabali and know how to convert bad signs to good.
''Forgive me' Demon king -No need to ask for that''
Tell me the reason for the slipping of sword.
Can anyone in this great assembly tell the reason?
Slipping of this sword from my hand shows one indication.
''What is it' king? ''
''Only that' our swords have not tasted the blood of our enemy...''
...Devtas for a long time and hence are restless.
''We are also restless' king -Reason for that is this...''
''...Vidrapasur. -Forgive me' king''
Why has'nt a great demon army been gathered from all over...
...the earth and netherworld yet.
Do you want to appease my restless sword with your blood?
A great demon army is waiting in the earth for you to come there.
Why did'nt you give this auspicious news to me before?
As l wanted to convey Shukracharya's message before...
...that- Our Guru's message will surely be for our welfare.
''Vidrupasur' convey that important message immediately''
He has invited you to his ashram for discussing about some...
...important plan
''What can be that?-Forgive me' he did'nt tell that.''
How many times you will ask for forgiveness?
See this fool has brought Guru's message but he himself is not...
...aware of that important message.
Daityaguru is always anxious to defeat our enemy Devtas
''Maybe' the reason behind calling you is also that.''
''Yes' then l will soon go to Daityaguru's ashram to get his...''
...blessings and attack earth and heaven at the same time.
My ambition is to establish Demon rule everywhere.
''Demon soldiers' time has come to punish our enemy Devatas''
We will prove that only who has strength will rule the world
''We will display our dangerous strength' King''
We will destroy the pride of those Devatas to pieces
''Enough' l have full belief that victory is certain.''
''Lord Shiv' please give me lot of self strength so that l can...''
...instruct the demons to have friendship with devatas and...
...obey your orders. My knowledge is telling me that this is a...
''...very difficult task' as Devtas have always been Demon enemies''
And this has become the law of nature.
''God' you have given me this task to test my knowledge...''
...and self-strength. Bless me to succeed in this mission.
Narad has been blessed to see Ur dedicated prayer to Lord Shiv
''l salute you' Daityaguru.''
l welcome you to Shukracharya's ashram.
''This is the first time' l am hearing this welcome here.''
''This is only practice' Narad. -Practice! l did'nt understand.''
''Demons don't use these formal words. But in future' as per...''
''...Shiv's wish' if the Demons and Devtas are bound by friendship...''
...then this Shukracharya Ashram will be open to Devtas.
That time this practice should'nt be difficult and hence have...
''...started practising it now. -Daityaguru' before finishing...''
''...the work' your declaration about its success shows...''
...your self-confidence and also destroys the doubts about...
...success of this work. -What are you saying?
''Have l declared the finishing of this work?-Yes' before me now''
How?- Just now you said you are practising whatever has to... said in the future. Future has become certain just like...
''...your divine sight. -No' even by joking about it' you can't...''
...end my dilemma. This effort is just a surrender to my revered...
...Lord Shiv. -You are very much respectable.
''After Lord Shiv's orders' your heart is filled with purity of...'' Your wish to defeat Devtas has gone from your heart
You wish for friendly relations between Devtas and Demons...
...with a true heart. This is a matter of great happiness.
''Devarishi' you are also a great Shiv Devotee. To accept His...''
...wish is only good for everyone. Feelings of enemity have gone...
...behind feelings of friendship as Daityas should not lag behind... extending friendship. History should not call Daityas as...
''...those who want war always. -Don't worry' Daityaguru. With...''
''...your & Devguru's efforts' new history will be born for sure...''
...and we will all be witness to that.
''ln the place of terror' abuse and enemity' feelings of...''
''...peace' love and friendship will flow which will make this...'' full of Shiv.
''Devarishi' how great this world will be when every living thing...''
...created by Shiv will realize his responsibility towards Him
This world believes that you bring auspicion & welfare
Now l have no dilemma or doubt regarding friendship between...
...Devtas and Demons.
Auspicion & welfare are not present in my presence but...
...due to Lord Shiv's wish and too much belief can...
''...bring obstacles in the work. -No' Devarishi Narad''
Daitya King Mahasur is going to come here in some time.
l fully believe that he will accept this friendship between Devtas...
...& Demons quite happily.
''Daityaguru' did you call me here for this insulting work?''
Friendship with wicked & coward Devtas. How did you even think... this? Only the one who has strength in his arms can...
...rule over all the three worlds.
l should'nt be present when you two are arguing. Permit me to go
He has gone or else l could have conveyed the message of war...
'' Devtas through him. -No' king' No!''
Stop this war and do some constructive work.
''Very Surprising! Lesson of peace' friendship and development'' me that too from Daityaguru Shukracharya
''Don't be surprised- For what' should'nt l show surprise' Guru?''
Shall l not show surprise on the powers you've got through Shiv...
...devotion or on deceit of Devtas?
''Or on the behaviour of Caretaker of world' Shri Hari Vishnu''
''For what should l not be surprised' Daityaguru?''
Lord Shiv has himself given the proposal of friendship between...
...Demon and Daityas. Just think a little.
How comfortable this world will be when all the enemity is...
...finished. - That time also inferior & superior will be there
Strong one will still dominate the weak ones.
''This proposal can become true if...'''
''lf what? Tell' Mahasur' l can even sacrifice my life for that.''
That is not needed. That wicked Devtas should go & stay in...
...Netherworld and just allow us to live in heaven. That is enough
''ls this possible? -lf this is impossible' peace is impossible''
Devtas are our only enemy. Their defeat is our only ambition.
Our good lies only in friendship. -lf you had to teach us about...
''...friendship' why did you instil this enemity in our blood from...''
...birth. Why did you teach repeatedly about the wicked...
...Devtas and show us dreams about comforts of heaven.
''This friendship is impossible now' Daityaguru''
We will soon attack the Devtas and prove our supremacy.
''Wait' Mahasur!''
Friendship with the terrorizing and unjust Demons.
''That is impossible' Devguru. Are you taking advantage of...''
...Lord Shiv's wishes and conspiring against Devtas.
Devraj! - Have you united with Shukracharya and planning...
...a new strategy against the Devtas in this new proposal
What are you saying?- l am telling the truth.
''ln this message of yours' l can see some conspiracy''
''Enough' Devraj! l have heardenough!''
How can a Devguru conspire against the Devtas and...
...dream of defeat of Devtas in this heaven?
''You have paid me back very well' Devraj''
Are you not ashamed even a little to blame me falsely?
''No' l am not at all ashamed as this blame is very small...''
...compared to the prestige and freedom of heaven.
You have lost the strength to accept the truth.
Your nature is to doubt everyone. Pride is your ornament.
''Yes' Devguru Brihaspati. ln spite of all that l am...''
...the king of heaven -Father...
Enough! After this moment don't ever bring this proposal of...
''...friendship with Daityas again in front of me' Devguru''
''Father' Devraj's nature is world famous. Even to consider what...''
'' said in his good' as conspiracy is his speciality.''
You stop this unnecessary effort of yours.
''lt looks as if by insulting Lord Shiv's wishes' Devraj is taking...''
...Devtas & heaven towards distress.
l feel very bad about father's bad behaviour towards you.
''More than that' my dilemma is how l will answer Lord Shiv.''
''Only tell the truth' Guru -No' daughter' l can't make...''
...Devraj to become the subject of His anger by telling the truth.
l will only say that l have failed in my efforts to bring about...
...friendship between Devtas and Demons.
''Please forgive me' Bholenath.''
''Devi' now-a-days Narad is not very eager to see his...''
''...mother Parvati. -Why such an unexpected question' Swami?''
''This question has come from your behaviour' Devi -Meaning?''
Curiosity is Narad's nature. For a mother to have son's nature and..
''...son to have mother's behaviour is natural' Devi.''
''But' now-a-days you run away from any discussion with me.''
''By mentioning about Narad' l want to know about this...''
...ignoring behaviour of yours. -l can't even think of...
''...ignoring you. Yes' l am worried about curiosity.''
''Worry! -Yes' swami' the proposal of friendship between...''
''...Dev & Demon' which you have started should not become...''
...a cause of worry in future. -Your worry is natural
''But for those who want peace in this world' it is my duty to try...'' estabish peace - Even after knowing that both the sides...
''...are filled with pride and bad feelings' you are trying...'' bring friendship amongst them.
''Yes' Devi' as only through friendship and good feelings...''
...there is a permanent solution to this problem.
Devguru and Daityaguru have agreed to readily co-operate...
''...with me. Hence' your worry about this is unnecessary.''
Will the efforts of Devguru and Daityaguru succeed?
May or may not succeed-Then what is the use of this...
''...auspicious effort' Swami? -After this' Devtaas & Demons...''
...will not come before me with their problems & will remember...
...that they have refused my proposal.
''Whatever you said' it is acceptable to me with all the...''
...arguments. l am equally responsible in all your works.
''Daityaguru' Devi Parvati was just discussing about the good...''
...efforts which you are taking.
Your behaviour shows that you have failed in teaching about...
...friendship to Daityas. No plan of yours could finish their...
...feelings of enemity -You are all-knowing
''Knowing the nature of the Daityas' you gave me this order''
l have whole heartedly tried to follow your orders and will... so in future also. But..-But what! Tell without hesitation
lt looks as if the war between Devs & Demons will never be...
'' over.- Daityaguru' for following my orders' you...''
...completely surrendered yourself. This is only a matter of...
...great satisfaction for me. Due to my anger because of your...
''...greedy wishes' l had taken back the power of ...''
''...''Mrithasanjeevani'' (power to make the dead alive)''
But l am giving back that power to you as a prize for this work.
''You are great' Lord Shiv. By showing mercy to this...''
''...humble servant of yours' you have proved your name of...''
''...''Ashutosh''. Your gift will remain invaluable to me.''
''Salutations' Lord. l am still unable to teach Devraj lndra..''
...the lessons of friendship with the demons
Please forgive me. l am very much ashamed.
''Devguru' even Daityaguru is present here being sad...'' his failure like you -This effort had to fail...
''...anyway' Bholenath. -Meaning?''
''At the time of Creation' Brahmadev had' as per your...''
''...instructions created Devtaas' Demons & human with...''
...different elements. You also know this very well
''Despite this' you tried to bring about a friendship...''
...between Devtas & demons. l couldn't understand this
My aim was only to let happen what was destined to be so
But what will be its benefit? -This is not related to...
''...short term benefit' but a long-term one''
''Because of this effort' Devguru & Daityaguru won't have that...''
''...harshness in their relationship' which used to show guidance...'' clash between Devtas and demons
''This is indeed a great success. Now onwards' the clash...''
...between devs & demons will meet a different consequence...
...without the support of both of them
''Narad' what message have you brought?''
''Mother' demon king Mahasur has ordered his army...'' wage attack on Heaven. Devraj lndra also have reached...
...the battle ground with his army. Now the war between...
...devs & demons is absolute
Both of your duties have been determined now
Now both of you go back to your respective places...
...and take a decision as per your conscience
''Daityaguru' our friendship is like an infant at this moment''
But l can assure you from my side that l won't have any...
...feelings of enemity towards you in future
''l'll also give you the same assurance' Devguru''
''Hail demon king' Mahasur''
''Hail Heaven's king' Devraj lndra''
''Devraj' you are undoubtedly the king of Devataas. ''
''But in war tactics' you are really weak & coward''
''The warriors don't show war tactics' but their valour''
''Attack -Attack is not done by mere shouting' but by...''
...showing strength. You have won over us demons...
...with the help of your arguments & tactics
''By using the powers of Agnidev' Varundev & Vayudev...''
'' were able to give us pain only with fire' water & air''
Don't dare apply the same on me
''Come & fight with me with weapons' the way it would...''
''...suit a warrior to fight -Of course' Mahasur''
l will fight like a warrior -But beware! Only strength...
...will be applied in this fight and not any magic or miracles
Wicked Mahasur!
''Take this' Mahasur''
Have you seen the consequences of taking enemity to lndra?
Hail Heaven's King Devraj lndra
''Hail Mahasur Killer' Devraj lndra''
This is a matter of worry for us that many of our soldiers...
...were dead after being attacked by the demons
Matter of worry!!
''How can it be a matter of worry for us' Varundev''
All the soldiers of the demons are dead
Now the demons will never dare to wage war on Heaven
''Devraj -Devguru'''
You say this everytime after winning against the demons
But till now neither this has happened nor the ambition...
..of demons to reign over the throne of Heaven has...
...come to an end
''Devraj' every war gives birth to a new motive for revenge''
''Yes Father' and the revenge attitude never comes to a halt''
''Devraj' by giving up this cruel killings of demons...''
...please make up your mind to befriend the demons
''lt's impossible' Devguru''
We are celebrating our victory after defeating the demons...
...please don't interfere in our celebration
''Warrior demon king Mahasur'''
Have you seen the consequences of your stubbornness?
Have you seen the consequences of violating Shiv's order?
Your strong body is lying on earth covered with blood
l wish you listened to my advice
But now everything is finished
You have strangled the possibility of friendship with...
...Devtaas. lf you cared for your Guru's sentiment at least...
''lf you had thought for a while' how will l live after seeing...''
...the dead bodies of these demons
Such a defeat & destrction of the demon clan!!
What's the use of devta's dead body here?
Why is he lying here?
''What play of this is yours' Lord Shiv''
Don't waste time in useless cries
What are you looking at? l am your deed
''Go away from my sight -lf l go away' won't you be...''
...jobless? -You are not my deed but my ambition
''No' l am your deed only. And l have come to remind you of...''
''...your work at this time -No' please don't remind me...''
...of any such work which may put a blemish on my...
...Shiv devotion & result in violation of Shiv's order
Foolish Sukracharya! The death of the demon clan has...
...made you dull. Have you thought about Shiv's order...
...properly? -l can't think of anything now
Please tell me what does Shiv's order say?
''The Mrith Sanjivani Chanting' which Lord Shiv had taken...''
...back from you after being angry with you...
..why did he grant to you again.
You used to take great pride in your argumentative powers
Where has it vanished now? Don't waste time by sitting idle
Make the demon clan alive with the help of Mrit Sanjivani power
This is only your work now. Make them alive again
''No' it'll be like violating Lord Shiv's orders''
''Never! Had it been so' Lord Shiv wouldn't have given you...''
...the knowledge of Mrit Sanjivani Chanting to you earlier
Leave aside all your thoughts and make the demon clan alive
This is both Shiv's order as well as your work too
''lf l make the demons alive' they will become mad...''
...and Lord Shiv wouldn't permit me for the same
''The way you are seeing at Shiv's blessings' it shouldn't...''
...cause Shiv's anger on you
Foolish one! You are becoming jobless. Don't you know that...
...Shiv likes only those who are engaged in work
''Not just work' Shiv likes only those who do honest work''
lsn't it the honest work of Daityaguru to bring the demons...
...back to life?
''Won't the future rebuke you' if you don't make...''
...the demons alive despite having the power in you
Your work has been fixed as per Shiv's order.
Now the confusion doesn't suit you. Fulfil your duty immediately
And make these demons alive
Fulfil your duty
Jai Jai Mritunjay Mahadev
Hail Daityaguru Sukracharya
Have you seen? Daityaguru Sukracharya has made the...
...demons alive with the strength of Mrit Sanjivani Chanting
But he left our dead soldiers to remain the same way
''Shame on Devguru Brihaspati' who talks...''
...friendship between demons and devtaas
''You are great' Daityaguru. Now we will attack heaven again...''
''...and defeat the devtaas -Don't dare such' Mahasur''
This will be a violation of Shiv's order
Shouldn't we take revenge on them who tried to put an...
...end to demon powers from all ways
This is not a time of confusion but of delight
Because lndra doesn't have so much of soldiers left alive...
...who can face us. Now Heaven belongs to the demons
And it belongs to Daityaguru Sukracharya now
''Yes' Heaven is ours now''
''Mahasur' l haven't made you alive to make you depressed''
But wait for sometime -Wait?
Yes. Utilise this time in developing your strength
Make yourself so strong that the devtaas can't defeat you... future. -You are right. We will need some time to...
...reorganise the demon army. l'll reunite the Asura army... bringing together the Asuras spread over Earth & Netherworld
Then Heaven will be ours
Hail demon King Mahasur
''Shukracharya' appear in Kailash immediately''
''Shukracharya' you didn't stop taking the sides of demons...''
...after so much of my efforts to make you understand
You charged the demons with the feelings of waging war... making them alive with the power of Mrit Sanjivani Chanting
...and left the dead devtaas same way
l was struck in a confusion -What confusion?
The confusion of not doing my job
''Hadn't l made the demons alive' then -Shukracharya!''
You have mentioned about this example many times before too
These examples are the ways of my work
What will Daityaguru do if he doesn't work for the welfare...
...of demons. lt was absolutely your work. But after taking...
''...vow of friendship with Devguru' the new ways of...''
...your work were also defined. You have acted as unfaithful...
''...not only with Devguru' but also with me''
''Bholenath' -l am myself the witness of that friendship''
You had taken oath in my name of undestructive friendship... embracing Devguru
l have done a great crime. Please forgive me
l could have forgiven you for your unfaithfulness towards...
...your friendship and taking false oath in my name...
...but you have lost the right to be a Shiv devotee by...
...putting the Mrit Sanjivani Chanting into wrong use
Go back to your powerless Demons
Please don't take away the Mrit Sanjivani power from me...
...otherwise l'll be really left powerless
Weakness will suit more on an unfaithful like you
l have done the mistake unknowingly
''No' Shukracharya. You are the master of arguments & learned...''
...too. You haven't done this mistake unknowingly
''lnstead' you even prepared an example to cover your crime''
''Please have mercy on me -No' there is no possiblity of...''
...mercy for these mistake of yours.
''Lord' it's your nature to forgive. Please forgive my audacity...''
...for once. l am always a true Shiv devotee
l can't prove my words false. Still if there is any Shiv...
''...devotion left in you' then go & start Dhumratap''
You may have my mercy only after Dhumratap
The result of the message that you carried to Kailash... invisible form was already there in front of your eyes
ls there any other queries left?
My arrival became successful by securing your & mother's darshan
Please permit me to leave now
You have done the right thing. By taking away the Mrit Sanjivani...
''...power from Shukracharya' you have saved the demon powers...''
...from being destructive.
Om Namah Shivaya!
''l want to say something to you' Devguru''
Welcome Devarshi. You know it very well that all the problems...
...are removed by worshipping Lord Shiv
Please join us and have the delight of Shiv devotion
Every work has it's own time -There is no definite time...
...of Shiv devotion. lt's instead proper to keep one's heart...
...always busy in His devotion.
l was waiting for you in the assembly. As you didn't arrive...
...there l was compelled to come here
''Please tell me' -l haven't come here to tell you but to ask...'' whether you are aware of your bosom friend's deeds?
''My bosom friend? -Yes' and Devtaas grave enemy''
Are you refering to Daityaguru Sukracharya
lt's good that you have at least recognised your grave enemy
What has he done? -Ask me what he hasn't done
He has made the Demons alive with the help of Mrit Sanjivani...
...power and encouraged them with motives to wage war
Now the demons are willing to attack on Heaven again
Are you saying the truth? -No wonder that you'll doubt on me
As you have taken the oath of having friendship with demons... the cost of Devtaas' defeat
Devaraj... -You also had given me the same advice to...
...ignore the wickedness of demons & befriend them
Was your advice right? You had taken the oath of befriending...
...the demons in front of Lord Shiv himself
Wait for Lord Shiv's justice. -l don't have time to wait now
What are you going to in such a grave state?
l will crush those audacious beings who have dared...
'' raise their eyes at Heaven -No' Devarj'''
Why? Don't you have faith on Devtaas' victorious powers?
''lt's not a question of faith' but of repetition''
You are also going to do the same what Daityaguru did
l can't give you the permission to repeat the same mistake
Have faith on Bholenath's justice Everyone's welfare lies in...
...whatever he does. May be it's a part of his great play
Why are you shouting on top of your voice in front of your Guru?
l have started to doubt on your education seeing your behaviour
Please don't doubt on my education. l was the best...
...student in my class in the hermitage
l don't regard the teachings given in hermitages as complete... Because education received in the hermitage... not counted as wisdom -Do you mean that...
...the knowledge of wisdom can be learnt somewhere else too
Absolutely. As the education in the hermitage is just a...
...medium of getting knowledge. Because without the knowledge...
''...of language' Vedas & other scriptures can't be studied...''
''...properly. -You mean' the only education given in the hermitage...'' that of languages. Have you heard this new definition?
This definition is not new. You also listen to it carefully
May be it may bring some welfare to you
''Yes Devarj. To understand the knowledge of Vedas' Puranas...''
''...& other scriptures' the learning given in the hermitage is...''
''...considered as useful' but' -But what' Devarshi?''
But the level of wisdom is higher than this
There are just two ways to receive education
First is external and the next is internal
''l didn't get you' Devarshi''
''Kash' you are a student' so you'll understand very soon''
But Devaraj lndra may refuse to understand now
''Devraj' self-learning & good company are the external...''
...ways to get wisdom. Thinking & feelings are the internal...
...ways of getting wisdom
''Self-learning' good company' thinking & feeling?''
''Yes' Kash. But unfortunately Devraj lacks all four of them''
He doesn't have time for self-learning & while in good...
''' he starts shouting on the top of his voice''
''Devarshi! -Have you seen' Kash?''
He again reached the top of his voice after being in good...
'' Please don't be angry' Devraj''
You don't think of anything except plotting against yourself
And you'll feel only that which is inside you
Meaning? -Don't try to understand the meaning
''lt's quite bitter' you may not be able to hear it''
''lf not l' then at least they will be able to hear it''
They'll get some calmness from your sharp sarcastic arrows
There is no need to tell them anything. They are all familiar..
...with the ill feelings in your heart
''Coming to calmness' their hearts are always calm...''
...because of Shiv devotion
''lf you have finished with all sarcasm' then may l tell you...''
...the reason behind my shouting on top of my voice?
''There is no need for that' Devraj''
How can such an important matter become unnecessary?
''That's because' being angry at the daring of Daityaguru...''
...Lord Shiv has taken away all his powers of Mrit Sanjivani
''Devarshi' Daityaguru is a Shiv devotee. Has Lord Shiv...''
...taken away these powers from him for good?
The anger of Lord Shiv could have taken away all the powers..
''...for good' but as Daityaguru asked for forgiveness...''
...Lord Shiv advised him to do Dhumratap
''lf he successfully completes that' then Daityaguru will be able...'' secure Shiv's grace again
''What is Dhumratap' Gurudev? -Sukracharya will have to...''
...swallow the smoke from the Yagna place till Lord Shiv...
...gets pleased with him. This is regarded as the most difficult...
...Tap (meditation)
This is a great opportunity for us. We have got the...
...desired direction without any effort
We shouldn't allow this penance to be completed at any cost...... order to finish off the demons for good.
''What do you say' Devguru? Do you have any objection?''
Please give me some time to think.
Alright then. You keep on finding out the reason of...
...this objection and l'll find ways to break this meditation
lt's Shiv's injustice to you in taking away the Mrit Sanjivani...
''...powers from you. -No' Mahasur. Shiv never does any...''
...injustice to anybody. He is the embodiment of justice
But this is not justice. l am never going to accept that
''There is no other way but to accept Shiv's order' Mahasur''
Every way is secure in our shoulders. We'll oppose it
You'll have to halt your opposition till the moment...
...l finish my Dhumratap -lt is impossible!
Devtaas will call us as weak and lethargic
We can never stop our mission
''Don't get excited' Mahasur' else you'll be subjected to...''
...Shiv's anger -Why does Shiv always help the wicked devtaas?
Because they don't attack on Netherworld repeatedly like you
You inspire the feeling of violence by attacking Heaven...
...again & again. And Shiv doesn't like violence
He wishes for peace.
''Listen to me' Mahasur. Early in the morning tomorrow...''
...l'll start Dhumratap to please Lord Shiv. And you will all...
...remain calm till l finish my meditation
You will oppose nothing
This is both my faith & order too
''lf you don't obey this' then all of you will be destroyed''
''What are you saying' Devguru? How can you ask me to send...'' daughter Jayanti to break Shukracharya's meditation?
''Everybody's good lies in that only. -No' this proposal is...''
...destructive & insulting. l can't accept this
''Devraj' sometimes the matters which we regard as destructive...''
''...and insulting' are in reality associated to greater welfare...''
''...and religion. -Devguru' is there no other advice for me except...''
...those to make me sad?
l am not trying to make you sad -Ask a father to know how...
...sad it is to push his daughter in the face of the enemy
''Devraj' before being the father of Jayant & Jayanti' you are...''
...the king of Devtaas. For you all your subjects are same... Jayant & Jayanti. lt's necessary for a king to...
...sacrifice his private needs for greater welfare
''No' Devguru! This is impossible''
''Father' l am myself willing to make this impossible as possible''
No! l can't put your life into risk for my sake or Heaven's safety
My sacrifice accounts almost to nothing in view of Devtaas'...
''...welfare' security of Heaven & the welfare of the subjects''
These don't seem to be your words. lt seems Devguru...
...has already influenced over your mind
''You are convicting Gurudev without reason' who is always...''
...busy thinking about your welfare. He didn't say anything... me. l am telling you myself that you can be free from...
...the worries of Heaven after sending me
''l have already said 'no' to you' Jayanti''
l'll never send you to the enemy
''Are you able to understand my confusion' Devguru?''
What confusion? -My soul is asking me to go to Daityaguru...
...but my father is against this. Please tell me what should l do
''Daughter' every soul has a part of Lord Shiv. So one should...''
...always obey the call of the soul. l'm not a future-teller
But l can at least say that by grace of Lord Shiv... will have a relation with Daityaguru Shukracharya...
...l can't say anything more than this
Om Namah Shivaya!
Om Namah Shivaya!
''Devi' Shukracharya has started Dhumratap in obeying me''
But which lady's voice is this which is coming with...
...Shukracharya? -lt's Devaraj's daughter Jayanti's voice
''Jayanti's? -Yes' she has responded to the call of her...''
...soul and went to Sukracharya -But what will be the outcome...
...of this surprising incident? -The outcome will be in favour...
...of Jayanti. Jayanti has gone to disrupt Sukracharya's Dhumratap..
...for the welfare of Devtaas -Disrupting the Dhumratap?
But the voices are clearly indicating a combined worship
''Yes' after seeing undivided devotion of Daityaguru...''
...Jayanti has decided to become his life companion
lt means the clashes of devtaas & demons will come to an end...
...and it will pave the way for a new relationship
''This is a very auspicious news. Please forgive me' Bholenath...''
''...out of my curiosity' -You are always forgivable even with your''
...queries. You've done the right thing by coming to Kailash
l was just waiting for you
''l am blessed to have your grace on my mistake' Lord''
''Then were l right' Bholenath? Will the feeling of clashes...''
...between devtaas & demons come to an end?
This is a question of future. Let the future answer this question
''But to satisfy your curiosity' l can say only this much that...''
...the relationship between Sukracharya & Jayanti will... far reaching & effective The arrival of Devraj's...
...daughter will lessen the possibility of clashes...
...between Devtaas & demons
Om Namah Shivaya
Are you seeing this surprising sight? -We had sent Jayanti... disrupt Sukracharya's meditation after accepting the...
''...insulting situation. But' -Wasn't this insulting situation...''
...clear in front of Daityaguru?
Devguru!! l am starting to doubt his dedication towards devtaas
''But' -There is no need of any ifs & buts now. After seeing...''
''...this insulting situation' l have started to believe that he...''
''...can't attain any success himself' so he is having...''
...a consipracy against us by attaining success through...
...Daityaguru -Then definitely it's a matter of worry
And this worry also gives an indication -What indication?
That in future we will have to use our own strength...
...instead of looking forward to Devguru
Othewise this worry in the form of Devguru will take us... the burial grounds
lt doesn't suit you to use these kinds of words to Devguru...
...who is always concerned about the safety of Heaven
l am not against someone's having faith on his strength
But it's not proper to worry without reason
''lsn't it a matter of worry then? -No Devraj' when possibilities...''
''...of clashes are coming to an end' there shouldn't be any...''
...worries left. Lord Bholenath has himself said...
...that the result of this incident will be auspicious
Daityaguru's meditation seems to be never ending. We are waiting...
...for the end of his meditation for last couple of years... the Netherworld. We can't have any more patience now
''Daitya King' have you forgotten Daityaguru's order?''
Are you also seeing the same which l am seeing?
''Yes' l am also seeing the same -Who is this lady?''
''Appear in your original form' Vrittasur''
''Vrittasur' -Please order' King''
l had appointed you as a spy in Daityaguru's hermitage
Don't you know who this beautiful lady is?
''l know' King. This lady is Devraj lndra's daughter Jayanti''
What is lndra's daughter doing here? -l don't know
She is also doing the Dhumratap the same way as Daityaguru...
...after joining him few years since he started
Why didn't you inform me about this?
''Forgive me' King' but l see no threat from the lady ...''
...either to Daityaguru or to the demons
''Fool' isn't the girl breaking Daityaguru's meditation?''
This is the reason that Daityaguru's meditation is...
...not getting completed for this long time
l'll punish this lady right now for her daring...
...then you'll become the subject of my anger
You have made us wait for so long by not informing us of this
''Halt' King. Before killing this lady' please give a thought...''
...about whether it is going to be proper or not
What's there to think? -Don't you remember what Daityaguru...
...once said to us that by Lord Shiv's grace no being becomes...
...dead in this hermitage -And this lady is anyway...
...doing Shiv's meditation alongwith Daityaguru itself
l have seen many ladies who come to disrupt someone's...
...meditation. But they don't indulge in meditation themselves
''You are perhaps right. But be careful' l should be informed...''
...about all the incidents happening in future
''As you order' Demon King''
Om Namah Shivaya
''Bholenath! -Salutations' Bholenath''
''l am blessed to secure your Darshan' Lord''
l am grateful to you for getting back my right to be your devotee
You are really a lover of your devotees
l am pleased with your unbroken & dedicated meditation
''Tell me' what is your wish''
''Bholenath' all my wishes came to an end after...'' showed your magical form to me
Please give the boon of your endless devotion to me
l am pleased with your justified answer
''Besides giving you the boons of Mrit Sanjivani Powers' l'm giving..''
'' the boons of Prajesh' Dhanesh and Avadhya...''
...and also give you my endless devotion
You will become an immortal embodiment as Daityaguru
May welfare come to you
l have submitted myself to you after seeing your dedicated...
...meditation. Please make me fortunate by accepting me... your servant
l am pleased with your dedicated feelings of submission
l accept you as my wife in the witness of Agni (fire)
''Lord Shiv' with your divine witness' l am accepting...''
...lndra's daughter Jayanti as my religious wife
''Lord Shiv' l accept Daityaguru Sukracharya as my husband''
Please bless us
''Salutations' Devguru''
''Welcome' Devraj''
Why did you take the pain of coming here? lf you had...
...sent a message l would have gone to the assembly myself
l have to discuss something with you in private -Please come
l can see that the fire inside you has not calmed down yet
How would it calm down? Did l bring up daughter Jayanti...
''...with love just to see this day' when she would marry the...''
...person who is the teacher of her father's grave enemies
''Devraj' Jayanti is equally dear to me the same way as yours''
But we are all helpless in the hands of Law & Destiny
''You can become helpless in the name of your friendship' not me''
l'll surely punish Sukracharya for his audacity
Daityaguru is now your son-in-law. You are more...
...close to him in terms of relationship than my friendship
Your daughter's fortune is attached with Daityaguru's...
...benefit only -l am not going to accept this relationship
The purity of this relationship is not going to be affected...
...even if you refuse to accept this
They have tied the nuptial knot with Agnidev as witness...
...and taking Lord Shiv's oath
Shukracharya has accepted Jayanti to provoke me
Why do you always see everything by attaching it... your selfishness only?
This subject is definitely related to my establishment
My heart is burning with the desire to take revenge
''Devraj' the fire of revenge is such a volcano...''
...where the person having it gets burnt himself at first
Please remove the revenge motive from your heart...
...and be firm about your resolve
l don't see any difference between revenge & resolve... both have the same aim of destroying the enemy
There is a great diffrenece between revenge & resolve
Revenge is reactionary while resolve is action oriented
''Revenge has the feelings of destruction in it' but there...'' the sense of duty in resolve -But what's the difference?
''Devraj' in being reactionary' revenge gets aimed at a person''
...or a group of persons. But in being action oriented...
...there comes a feeling of duty and greater welfare in resolve
l could not guess the reason behind your laugh
l had come to seek advice from you after burning with the fire...
...of revenge and making a plan on the basis of that.
But l can see that my plan is associated with your resolve
This is the reason behind my delight
What planning?-l have come to know from secret sources that...
...Shukracharya & Jayanti have left for a secret exile for an...
''...indefinite time -l already have that information' Devraj''
My planning is related to their secret exile only
Are you planning to create any trouble in the married life...
''...of Shukracharya & Jayanti? -Never' Devguru''
Those who are married as per religion and who live their...
'' lawfully' Lord Shiv takes care of those couples''
Please think over your plan
l am not planning to bring trouble to anyone's life
lnstead l am making such a plan which will result in...
''...everybody's welfare' and only you can make this plan...''
''...successful. -What is your plan' Devraj?''
''Devguru' in the absence of Daityaguru' you can take the...''
...guise of Shukracharya and can remove the feelings of...
...enemity & revenge from the minds of the demons
Give them such teachings on resolve & revenge that...
...the demons give up the wish to attack on Heaven for good
''Devraj' it's not suitable for us to make this deceiving plan''
''Then tell me clearly that despite being the Devguru' why are...'' not ready to help them in anyway
''Devraj' this job is not proper -Devguru' if the demons...''
...give up their demonic powers after listening to it...
...then what's wrong in it? This instead will result...
'' greater welfare. Please answer to me' Devguru...''
...will it be improper for the devtaas to take advantage...
...of this situation?
lsn't the feelings of greater welfare present in this?
Answer me
l have given my word to Lord Shiv that l'll try from every...
...possible way to bring an end to the fight between devtas...
...and demons. l don't have any objection in accepting your...
...proposal if it doesn't result in breaking my promise to Shiv
l don't have interest in your dilemma. ln my view this...
....plan is both lawful and as per religion. Tell me now
''Please wait for sometime. You'll get the answer' Devraj''
''Please forgive me for coming to you at this wrong time' Father''
''Son' my mind has sank into confusion after listening...''
'' Devraj's proposal. Please advise me' Kash''
''How can l advice you' Father? All the paths of my knowledge...''
''...start and come to an end with you only. But'''
But what? Tell me without hesitation.
You always give us the teaching that the solution even to the...
...toughest problem can be secured by surrendering to Shiv
Please submit yourself to him. He'll surely remove ur confusion
What's this? Why is Kailash calm & desolate today?
''Where are you' Bholenath?''
''Please bless me by appearing before me' Bholenath''
''Please bless me with your Darshan' Bholenath''
''Why are getting so excited' Narad? As this is not the first...''
...time that l've become invisible from Kailash
l have never seen Kailash so desolate as today
Please tell me as to what secret is there behind...
...this play of yours?
The secret behind this play is that the atmosphere of...
...Kailash should be calm & suitable for meditation
''Meaning? -Narad' those who secure Shivlok after their...''
''...salvation and continuous devotion for me' they should...''
...not be disturbed in their meditation because of our...
''...movements -What are you saying' Bholenath?''
How can your devotees' meditation be disturbed...
...because of your movements? What mystery is that?
God's duty is not only to give fruits of their devotion to...
...the devotees. lnstead we should also make the right atmosphere...
...for my devotees to help them in their meditation & worship
This is only the mystery behind Kailash being calm & desolate
lt means meditation done only in isolation gets successful
lt's not always true. But the meditation done in isolation...
...has less threat of getting diverted by other colours...
...and temptations of life. This is the reason that...
...the voice of someone's meditation done in isolation...
...reaches me early
lt means there is no value of the meditation done in the midst...
''...of colours in life -lt's not like that' Narad. There are many...''
...precious times to meditate me despite being amidst the...
''...colours of life. ln such a colourful atmosphere' if a...''
...devotee remembers me even for a moment by leaving alcohol...
''...non vegetable items and other addictions' he gets my devotion''
That is the reason that meditation done in...
...the family life is considered as the toughest of all
''But Bholenath' there is calmness even in the hermitage of...''
...Daityaguru Shukracharya too. ls it your play that he...
...has vanished from his hermitage?
Poor demons are searching for him everywhere around
You'll have to wait for a while to satisfy this query
''Please remove my confusion. Please guide me' Bholenath''
l know about your confusion. lf you try to bring the demons...
'' the right path by agreeing to Devraj lndra' it won't...''
...result in breaking your promise to me
But won't the future call it as deceit?
Won't it be called Brihaspati's crime against Shukracharya?
Please forgive me for telling this. But you yourself has given... the teaching that if one has to go down from his status...
'' bring some wicked one into the right path' then it is...''
...not regarded as a crime
''Narad' a teacher gets blessed to get a student like you...''
''...isn't it' Devguru? -Of course' Narad has the ability to...''
...preserve learning. At the same time l have understood your...
...indication after you praised Narad
''What indication' Devguru? -lt's that' the teaching which a...''
''...teacher gives by calling it as duty' the same teachings should...'' used by him in the testing times of life
My duties are determined. l am going to walk the path of... duty by forgetting the feelings of revenge & deceit.
''Please bless me' Bholenath''
''Your curiosity must have been satisfied by now' isn't it Narad?''
''Yes' Bholenath. -Now remove the mask of curiosity from...''
...your face for sometime now and go & help Devguru... his mission to bring the demons into right path
''As you wish' Lord. But please tell me what will be the...''
...result of your strange play?
You are not unaware of the fact that l had called Brihaspati...
...and Shukracharya to Kailash and ordered them to pave the...
...way to bring about a friendship between the demons & devtaas
This play will be proved as the initial part of the same
''Meaning' the incidents will follow in this direction only''
Narad is also going to put his part in this great work...
...of welfare. Please permit me to leave now
Om Namah Shivaya!
''Please forgive this crime of mine' Bholenath''
l am going to accept this job as a part of your play
''Please give me honesty' good conscience & your devotion''
''Please appear' Daityaguru Where are you?''
Where has Daityaguru vanished? Has he been eaten up by Earth...
...or the sky ate him?
Where is that illusory Vikatasur?
Appear Vikatasur
''Vikatasur' l had appointed you for spying over the hermitage''
But where were you? -l had gone to the Netherworld...
...with the information of the hermitage
But you were not there
Where is Daityaguru Shukracharya?
''Bholenath' if he tells everything then the friendship between...''
...demons & devtaas will remain a dream. Please do something
Speak up
''l saw that when the Dhumratap was finished'''
''When the Dhumratap was finished'''
Tell me without hesitation as to what did you see?
l am not able to remember anything
''l have forgotten everything' King''
lllusionary! You are trying to be clever with me
''You are great' Bholenath''
''Demon King' l think there is devtaas' hand behind...''
...our Daityaguru's kidnapping
''Not of devtaas'' but of lndra's daughter Jayanti''
She must have kidnapped Daityaguru
Both of you stopped me from killing her
Otherwise we need not have to wander like this
You both are eligible only to receive death
''Please forgive us' Demon King''
''No' you've put the demon clan in trouble with your wrong advice''
''What are you doing' Demon King?''
''You have come at the right time' Devarshi''
There is no place for forgiveness in demon culture
But by killing both of them you are trying to ignore Daityaguru's..
...order. -You appear anywhere without taking permission
And start giving advice without being asked for this
This is not proper
But it's not improper to give right advice on the right time
Daityaguru had himself given you orders to develop your strength
But aren't you going to make the demon army weaker by killing...
''...both of them? Anyway' l had come here with a different...''
...purpose -What was your purpose?
Are you also supporting the devtaas in the kidnapping of...
What are you saying? Kidnapping of Daityaguru?
''Yes' the wicked devtaas have dared to kidnap Daityaguru''
''You must be having some illusion' Demon King''
Daityaguru is eagerly waiting for you all in his hermitage
Are you saying the truth?
l have never told a lie throughout my life
lf you don't trust me then go & see for yourself
l forgive both of you after hearing this good news
Lets proceed towards Daityaguru's hermitage
Hail Demon King Mahasur
''Not mine' but hail for Daityaguru Shukracharya''
l salute your strong army
''Please accept our salutations' Daityaguru''
Where did you vanish? Did wicked lndra's daughter...
...Jayanti dare to kidnap you?
''By Shiv's grace' leave aside kidnapping me' no body even...''
...can stare at directly
Hail Daityaguru Shukracharya
l had vanished because of an important work. With the...
''...successful completion of Dhumratap' that work is...''
...also completed now
''Congratulations' Daityaguru''
''Greatly powerful Daityaguru' please order us on this...''
...auspicious occassion to attack the wicked devtaas
Do you know what important task Lord Shiv has bestowed on..
''' besides giving me the Mrit Sanjivani Power?''
l don't know. Please tell me
''Besides giving up your cruel and violent nature' l would also...''
...request you to be sympathetic & friendly to the beings... all the three worlds. This is only Lord Shiv's wish...
...and this is the mystery behind that important work
You must be surprised to hear my words. But after the...
''...completion of Dhumratap' the feelings of violence have...''
...gone away from my heart. lf you are ready to obey me...
...then tread the path of friendship instead of enemity
What are you saying? You had yourself told us that you'll...
...give us the permission to attack on Heaven after...
...the completion of Dhumratap
My feelings were that of violence before Dhumratap
But violence is the indispensable part of demons' lives
No my disciples. Violence can't be indispensable for any being
lnstead love & friendship are indespensable for any being
l am not able to understand anything
One who aspires for a good & longer life never makes...
...violence his ideal. -Meaning?
''ls your strength' your valour and violence suitable for...''
...your mother Diti? Do you expect me to make you alive...
...everytime with the help of Mrit Sanjivani Power after you...
...are killed by the enemy devtaas?
''No' this is very much unsuitable and insulting too''
Then lead a life full of respect.
''But how is it possible' Daityaguru?''
''ln this world of Lord Shiv' there is nothing impossible for anyone''
But violence is our nature. How can we shed it off?
For this you will have to follow three ways that l'll tell you
We are fed up of fighting & violence everyday
Even demon ladies are getting scared in the name of war now
''Please tell us the ways' Daityaguru''
There is nothing special that you will have to do
''ln shedding off your violent ways' you will have to give up...''
...the feelings of enemity towards anybody
''We accept' Daityaguru''
''ln the next step' you will have to start worshipping Lord Shiv...''
...after giving up the feelings of hatred and having the feelings...
...of befriending everyone -We accept
''ln the third step' you'll have to surrender your lives at...''
...Lord Shiv's feet after taking the vow of non-violence for life
''We accept' Daityaguru''
Then throw away your weapons to secure a good & longer life...
...and make your minds clean & calm by continuous...
...worshipping of Lord Shiv
''As you order. Let's move' Demon Soldiers''
''Not Demon Soldiers' but Demon Friends' Mahasur''
To regard everyone as friends is the main aim of non-violent lives
''Let's move' Demon Friends''
''Friends' now chant alongwith me' Om Namah Shivaya''
Devguru has attained great success by agreeing to me...
...and in Daityaguru's disguise made the demons give up...
...their demonic ways and leave violence
Today's incident will be written with golden letters in history
No one can dream what a great success Devguru has achieved
''Devraj' how honest these demons are looking in their appearance...'' sages!
l am so delighted today that l didn't feel so delighted even...
''...after defeating the demons ever. You are great' Daityaguru!''
lt's surely delighting to see the violent enemies turn to...
...non-violent ways. But l am eager to hear from you...
...the singing of praise for Daityaguru
''Daityaguru? -Yes' when there is no difference between...''
''...Daityaguru & Devguru' then why should you hesitate to...''
''...sing Daityaguru's praise? -You are great' Daityaguru''
lt's essential to embrace the laws of honesty & friendship...
...and devotion by giving up the feelings of...
''...fighting' hatred & violence''
''After taking the guise of Shukracharya' Devguru Brihaspati...''
...became active both mentally and physically to make the...
...demons leave their ways of violence & hatred and...
...make them tread the path of religion & non-violence...
...and the demons submitted themselves completely to...
...Daityaguru. They were engaged in continuos worship of...
...Lord Shiv and were desirous of their welfare
''ln the passage of time' Daityaguru Shukracharya and...''
...lndra's daughter Jayanti gave birth to a girl child Devyani...
...and she attained her youth
''Look at it mother' what a beautiful garland...''
...l have made -Has our daughter grown up so much that...
...she can make such a beautiful garland?
You always consider me as a small girl
''Devayani' parents always consider their children as small''
Where should l put it? -Put it on my hair
Come and have some food now -l already had my food
l'll just leave and make a garland for myself
''What's the matter' Swami? You seemed to be tensed...''
...from the morning itself.
Are you worried for our daughter Devyani?
l can have no worries for our eligible daughter Jayanti
''Swami' l never saw you so anxious. You must be hiding...''
...something from me.
''Jayanti' this is the realisation of duty -Duty?''
l realised about my duty after seeing Devyani putting the...
...garland on your hair this morning
This duty is of a father towards his daughter
lt's quite natural for you to be worried for your daughter
But there is no need for you to be worried for our daughter...
...Devyani so much. The most eligible of grooms will be...
...eager to marry Devyani
''At this time' l am not only thinking of Devyani' Jayanti''
What more worries do you have besides Devayani?
A long time has passed after l got married to you and...
...started living an isolated life. l almost forgot my duties... a Daityaguru after getting a wife like you and a daughter... Devyani. -But your duties for your family is also...
''...not unessential' Swami''
''No work in life is ever unessential' Jayanti''
Every work is indispensable and essential
l don't know where the demons will be wandering around...
...without my guidance. Now we should bring our secret-exile... an end and go back to our hermitage
Don't you agree that l should go back to my hermitage...
''...and start performing my duties again' Jayanti''
There can't be a question of my not willing before your wish
''Whatever you wish' l would also like it. But' -But what?''
l am worried for Devyani. How will she feel amidst the...
...demons in your hermitage who is habituated to roam around...
...freely here?
''What is this' Mother? l am waiting for you for so long''
''We were discussing about you only' Devyani''
What have l done that you are discussing about me?
How would you like to go to our hermitage?
Hermitage? Should l tell you the truth?
''Yes' daughter. Our decision to go back to the hermitage is...''
...dependent on your will -To tell you the truth...
...l am fed up of roaming around in this forest alone
l was thinking about this myself that l should tell you of anxiety -You will surely like the atmosphere...
'' our hermitage' Devayani''
Daityaguru Shukracharya decided to go back to his...
...hermitage after realising his duty. But what will happen...
...when Shukracharya & Devguru in Shukracharya's disguise...
...will meet each other? What will happen when the demons...
...come to know of this truth? Will the enemity between...
...the devtas and demon spring up again? Will the fight...
...between devtas & demons continue again?
...between devtas & demons continue again?