Lorient : Arthur sur Groupama 4

Uploaded by franckcammas on 26.06.2012

One of our missions is to help sick children.
On several occasions,
we’ve benefited from the sponsorship, from Frank Cammas
and what he represents with his boat,
to realise the dreams of sick children,
who are fans of sailing
and fans of Franck Cammas and what he represents too.
Today, we have the pleasure of accompanying Arthur,
who is absolutely delighted to finally have the chance
to meet the skipper, Franck,
who he’s been following around the world
since the start in November.
The navigator sleeps on this bunk here.
Were you frightened on the last night at sea?
We were a bit frightened, yes!
Would you really like a boat like that?
What post would you have?
And what would you have to do to become a skipper,
as it was just explained to you?
You have to begin by sailing an Optimist.
Wouldn’t you be frightened to take the helm
of a big boat like that?
As I explained to Yann Riou when we met up earlier,
it was like a breath of fresh air for him everyday,
when we were shut away in hospital,
to be able to open the Internet page
and discover the adventures of the boat Groupama.
For us it was important and for Arthur it was as if he was there.
He was overawed, as he is now,
and all the nurses and doctors are aware of the exploits
of Groupama and what’s been happening too.
Arthur is beginning to get tired now…
He’s had a lot to take in today!
Is it something you’ll remember forever?
The message that he’s given us is a superbly positive one
and it’s thrilling to know how our time at sea
fires their imaginations,
and they are able to translate this enthusiasm through simple words.
We’re very happy to be able to inspire children
who aren’t necessarily in a favourable situation,
and take their minds elsewhere by sending them
beautiful images and tales of daring.
It warms the heart to feel that we’re also living
this adventure to bring happiness to people like Arthur,
to kids who can’t go outside everyday
and see the sky and the sea as we can.
Thanks to modern means,
we can now share our emotions and gather up
these emotions with real passion, which is great!