One Direction - Festival di Sanremo 2012 sub eng

Uploaded by SirLesGoGo on 18.02.2012

So, now...
the games are done
We have alredy told you about One Direction
it's a british boyband
that are in first place of most sold CDs in Italy (WOHOO)
we waited them
i have seen the kids/fan (?) today outside ARISTON
these things are trasmitted very fast now
by internet, twitter, bla bla
Their videos has even 54mil of views on Youtube
anyway, now will know them better, and they're here, they're coming
Grazie :DD <3
Good evening, boys!
Would you like say something to yours new (WTF) italian fans?
tell me the names of your friends (WUUUT)
I know that you met during a reality
and each of you rapresented himself like solist, and then you became friends
and you joined as a band
How do you feel be fist in this moment, in italy?
It's absolutely amazing
(???) be in italy, it's just a dream, we want to say thanks to all fans
Nice papillon (LOLOLOLOL)
we greet the ONE DIRECTION