Europe's First 12-week Bod-e Challenge winners announced!

Uploaded by theVemmaEurope on 13.12.2012

Without question, I feel great. So much lighter.
Nothing worked as well as Vemma.
Yes, stay in the program, follow the Program, Bod-e Plan.
It was fantastic. I feel like a movie star.
Hi Everybody! I am Martin Nordstrom from Finland. I lost 14 kg and 18 cm from my waist on the Bod-e Program.
My name is Marion Klug. I come from Austria. I started the Bode Transformation Program in summer. As a result I lost 23 kilograms and 30 cm around the waist.
Hello! My name is Peter Ekstrom. I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I have lost 19 kilos now and I have lost 20 cm round the waist and I am so glad.
Hello, my name is Annie Regren from Sweden. I lost 14 kg and 17 cm.
Everybody was really excited about the shopping of course. It went actually smoothly. It was not stressful, it was fun.
Everybody was very supportive. The stylists are professionals so we just relaxed and drank Verve.
Oh! I used to only buy clothes for my kids before. But now my figure is so great that I go to buy clothes for myself. Normal sizes fits me, it is so great!
The best tips I can give you are three things: of course drink Bod-e Burn 2 times a day and eat 5 times a day like me
and exercise 20 minutes and you can change and sit here and have a makeover.
The big prize is a trip to Paris. I will go with my husband and my daughter.
We plan to go to Disneyland for 2 days and we are very excited! We will also have a look at the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. It will be a fantastic weekend!
I would like to tell everybody that's on the Bod-e product to really participate in the Bod-e Challenge also because
it is a way of stepping out of your comfort zone, to put yourself in the game, and with good luck, like me,
win the competition, come here to this makeover session and this photo shoot, it is an amazing opportunity.
I’ve changed completely. It means energy, wellbeing, quality of life and I can only recommend this Program to everybody!
It was fantastic! I met some wonderful people so it was really great!
Yes, it was very easy to stay on the Program. The app reminds me of the exercise, and reminds me to eat 5 times a day so it is very good.
Yes, I have used the Bod-e App, it has really helped me. It reminded me to eat and to drink and I can only recommend using this App to everybody who is taking part in the Program.
Try it. It works.