Red Green Samples Reds and Cuisine of the Niagara Wine Festival

Uploaded by ONgov on 15.11.2012

Hey, Red Green here. Iím down in the Niagara region on a weekend
pass and Iím at the Niagara wine festival which runs from September twenty first to
September thirtieth. And right here with me is Chef Justin Downes
from the Vineland Estates Winery and heís going to show us how to cook and prepare game
and have wine to match with it. Now before we get into that Justin, I just
wanna tell ya Iím not totally unfamiliar with this but back in the days in the lodge
there we wouldÖI donít know if youíd call it gameÖit was road kill but it was automotively
grilledÖand what you would do with that wasÖwe felt that if you drank enough wine you could
eat anything, but I think youíve taken this up a notch or two and youíre going to show
us some special stuff here today, is that correct?
That is correct. Thanks Red Green. What weíre going to do is we are going to show you how
to pair some of the (inaudible) and some of the duck and some of the games with some great
wines. We have a wine from Vineland Estates Winery.
Oh, thereís a shocker! Now what was that word you said that had the word (inaudible)
in it? UhÖ (inaudible). So, we have some duck prosciutto.
We have some (inaudible) made of duck and venison. We have some venison pepperettes
and we have some elk summer sausage. Okay. Well venison and elk Iím familiar with
because of what I mentioned before, but itís very hard to get duck on road kill unless
youíre actually airborne in the vehicle. So, this is going to be a new treat for me.
So, do you wanna start with the duck? Shall, we try that?
Yeah sure, no problem. And now what do you do? You tell me how this
works. The best part of the (inaudible) is that you
use my fingers. You should be used to that! I am. No bandages today!
No bandages today. So, Iíll our you some wine.
Those are some fantastic wine glasses you have there. Did you make those yourself in
shop? Maybe grade nine? Grade nine shop class.
Was that the first year or would that have been the second year?
That would have been the first year. Alright, so one of these little babies here.
The salt cure will soften the tannins in the (inaudible) and you also get some berry notes
from some of the (inaudible). I love the way you talk, Justin, you know.
Berry notes. The wine is very nice on its own. You know
this duck would be good on a quacker. Thatís just a little lodge humour.
Alright, whatís next we got? Well next we have the duck confit. We cured
this in a sugar salt so itís got some sweetness and it goes beautifully with the cab merlot
from Vineland Estates. Okay, now tell me again what you call that
duck something or other? Duck confit. So, we cook the duck in its own
fat for about six hours so itís just going to be nice and fatty.
Oh, I have an aunt like that. But thatís a whole other thing. Those charges were dropped.
UhÖletís try the duck confit then. How are we gonnaÖyou canít pick that up.
But youÖyou can just pick it up on the bone. Just take a little bite.
Now that is delicious. It would go better with probably a napkin on my lap but you canít
have everything. Is all of this stuff available all of the
time? Itís the luck of the draw. But we have a
great tasting menu that we do every day. We feature different farmers, their products.
Cause Iím sure people will be interested in this stuff. I just want to make sure that
if they come out there, they will at least get a chance to see Ö
Yes they will. Alright what do we got over there with the
television antenna on top of it? This is our wild boar rack.
Wild boar rack. Itís crusted in a nice little peppery crust,
and thatís going to go great with Marynissen Bottoms Up we have here. Itís full body,
big flavour. Itís got nice earth tones to go with the nice (inaudible) that weíve paired
with this dish today. So, letís get some wine in these glasses
again. Now was that a running boar or is that a crashing
boar? Cause Iíve spent many a night with a crashing boar and they were not that tasty.
Bottoms up, huh? Well, we will have to see.
We will have to see. You could be saying Bottoms Up and just be reading the label.
Bottoms up! I grab this?
You grab one. Oh my gosh! Oh, that looks fantastic. This
is boar?! We do it real road kill.
This is great. Cheers! Letís try the wine. Oh yeah. Thatís a perfect
match. Fantastic.
My recommendation may actually work against you, so maybe I shouldnít say too much. This
is delicious. Thank you.
Well, best of luck to you at the Vineland Estates Fair and drop down to Niagara region.
The Niagara Wine Festival runs from September twenty first to September thirtieth and you
wonít have to bring your own boar. Thereís one here waitiní for ya!