How to Prepare Your Wedding Dance : Doing Turn Steps Together for a Wedding Dance

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

On behalf of Expert Village I'm Tony Meredith and I'm Melanie LaPatin we're here at Dance
Times Square in the heart of NYC to show you how to do your wedding dance. Now we're going
to put the underarm turn together so I'll take the lead take her into dance position
we have 1 2 3 steps so far on the next 4 5 6 I lead my lift my left hand up 4 5 6 which
actually guides the lady underneath my arm. Then I join together with her inside foot
to meet her 1 2 3 we finish off with a box turning 4 5 6 without hesitation we're going
to be going 1 2 3 lift my left hand 4 5 6 she goes under 1 I meet her complete the step
4 5 6. Now this is a little bit of a fancy step there's a lot of rehearsal and dance
steps that are taken into the steps. That's why you should give yourself enough time and
find the right instructor and get a good choreographer to make your wedding dance at your husband
and wife, so when you watch it 10 years from now you can say "wow we we're good".