Rock Creek Gets New Computer Labs Thanks to the Bond

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 15.03.2010

Wow this is new.
What's going on guys?
We're just checking out the ARC Globe Software
this is one of our news labs for the campus.
Programming has required that
we need more labs for scheduling
and this is a new 30-station student lab for those classes that were misplaced by growth.
Is this part of the bond, Barbara? Yes, absolutely.
The bond paid for the computers and we helped coordinate to get the project together.
Worked with Craig and Kelly Marx, and Birgitte and Dave
to try to get something in Building 5
to repurpose one of our classrooms and where the greatest need was.
We are thrilled that its happening and we're watching in use on Monday nights,
it's active and all kinds of students are using it thanks to all the great folks here
at Rock Creek.
We have four classes running already and we're adding a fifth in spring term.
We have college survival;
we have several building construction technology classes;
we have a GIS class
and we are going to be adding a Landscape Technology class in the spring.
All in this room? All in this room.
It's been a real boom for faculty
because prior to this
they were constantly playing musical computer labs and getting displaced
and sometimes the classes weren't even able to be rescheduled at all.
So now that we have this it just adds so much for scheduling purposes.
It really makes it so much easier.
Well I know with the bond we are repurposing many rooms in this building
affectionately known as Building 5.
This is the first one I've seen just walking down the hall.
But what's next in store for Building 5?
We just got a bid in for the west side of Building 5
and we're really hoping that we can have those classrooms ready, three new full sized classrooms,
ready for summer term and we're really excited about that and a few other offices and things
and that was from people moving downtown and so we are back filling that space with much
needed classroom space.
And that again is with the bond that was recently passed? Yes.
Great, well with enrollment up twenty five percent this term alone
I'll take all the space you all can provide me with the bond money.
We're trying, we're trying.
But at the same time as you know Dave we are trying to plan long term as well.
Its what we can do now to help little bit alleviate now where we can with bond funds
even as we plan long term and that's really our goal.
And be very green and sustainable while we are doing it and so this represents that too.
Very nice.
Well anyway I'll let you guys get back at playing with this amazing software.
I think I'll go take a look at those other new rooms.
Sounds good.
Take care Dave.
Ah, pretty cool. I'll have to come back.